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Publication Order of Haven Point Books

Snow Angel Cove (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Redemption Bay (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Evergreen Springs (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Riverbend Road (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Snowfall on Haven Point (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Serenity Harbor (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sugar Pine Trail (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Cottages on Silver Beach (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Season of Wonder (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Coming Home for Christmas (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Haven Point Beginning (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Summer at Lake Haven (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Haven Point Beginning is a prequel novella in the Haven Point series.

The Haven Point book series is a wonderful series of chick-lit, contemporary romance, adult fiction, women’s fiction, and general romance stories. It is written by a mind-blowing American writer named RaeAnne Thayne. The series started in 2014 and is still going on with more than ten titles already added to it. RaeAnne is planning to extend the series and make it a long-running one. Each and every book of this series revolves around a different group of essential characters, who are seen indulging in passionate romance and overcoming all obstacles to cherish the love of their lovers. Some of the primary characters created by RaeAnne Thayne for this series include Josh Bailey, Gemma Summerhill, Aiden Caine, Eliza Hayward, Ben Kilpatrick, MacKenzie Shaw, Devin Shaw, Cole Barrett, Cade Emmett, Wyn Bailey, Marshall Bailey, Andrea Montgomery, Katrina Bailey, Bowie Callahan, Milo, Julia Winston, Jamie Caine, Elliot Bailey, Megan Hamilton, Dr. Morales, Dni Capelli, Ruben, Cassie, Luke, Elizabeth, Ian Somerhill, Samantha Fremont, etc.

The books mainly feature small-town romances and show the kind of difficulties people have to face before they can achieve and own their love. RaeAnne Thayne has set the stories of all the novels primarily in the town of Haven Point. Hence, the series gets its name from its setting. Every novel has managed to gain success in the places that they have been released. There has been a huge increase in the fan-following of the books since the release of the first few books. Readers from across the globe have become fans of author Thayne’s writing skills and storytelling abilities. They have liked and appreciated every book that she has written and published as a part of this series. Now, they are expecting more from her and RaeAnne Thayne has made-up her mind to fulfill their wishes.

Many noteworthy critics have spoken their minds for this series and have given excellent reviews on numerous literary platforms. This has helped the books and the series greatly. Even the fellow writers of Thayne have praised her work and hailed her efforts in writing such mind-blowing stories. RaeAnne takes great pride in knowing that this series has entertained readers in huge numbers, both nationally and internationally. She hopes to continue to entertain readers with her work in the years to come and gain their love and support as she always has. Even her fans hope that she gives them exciting stories to read every time.

The debut book of the Haven Point series written by author RaeAnne Thayne is entitled ‘Snow Angel Cove’. It was released in 2014 by the HQN publication. This novel features the central characters in the roles of Eliza Hayward and Aidan Caine. Initially, it is depicted that Christmas is near and Eliza Hayward’s problems are not getting over at all. The job that she had dreamed about and achieved with great efforts has gone out of her hands. Now, she is left with absolutely nothing in a small, unfamiliar town. She has a young daughter, who is sick. And Eliza does not get a helping hand soon, she will find herself in a very bad situation. The helping hand comes in her life, but in a way that she had not imagined.

Aidan Caine is introduced as a tech genius. The first time he meets Eliza, he almost hits her with his car. After sensing that she is some kind of financial trouble, he instinctively gives the renovation job of his lakeside guesthouse under her command. Soon after, Aidan begins to fall for Eliza’s beauty and innocence. He had spent all his life focusing on business alone and never realized what he was missing in life until he came across Eliza and her little daughter. When he shows a willingness to take in Eliza and her girl as his family, they are more than happy to join him. Aidan promises to look after them and never let them worry about anything in life. The second volume of this fantastic series is known as ‘Redemption Bay’. It was also published by HQN in 2015. The lead characters of this book include Ben Kilpatrick and McKenzie Shaw. This novel opens by showing that McKenzie Shaw grew up in Haven Point and is more than willing to do anything to benefit her beloved hometown.

No matter how small the town has been, it has never let McKenzie down and she is forever grateful to it for that. As much as she loves Haven Point, she hates Ben Kilpatrick even more. Despite seeing him as a gorgeous and charming man, McKenzie wants to destroy him and leave him with nothing. She used to see him as a hero since her childhood, but when he decided to close McKenzie’s family factory, he became a villain in her eyes. The town was doing well till the factory was running. Shutting it down has brought economic disasters to the beautiful town. Upon realizing his mistake, Ben thinks of starting a local facility and help the town in some way. McKenzie appreciates Ben’s new offer for the sake of her hometown, but doesn’t wish to play nice with him on personal levels.

Ben Kilpatrick thinks that Haven Point has only given him painful memories. It was the sole reason why he had left years ago. But, when McKenzie Shaw, the new mayor, makes him understand that he must do something for the town to help it get back on its feet, he comes up with a plan. But first, Ben wants to get rid of the animosity between him and McKenzie. By coming up with the new business plan, Ben Kilpatrick starts to think that he has found the perfect place to find healing and build ties, a place where love is found when it is least expected.

RaeAnne Thayne is a noteworthy writer of romance stories, hailing from The United States. She loves to read a lot and has been doing it since she was small. Thayne says that she knew from an early age that she wanted to become a writer. Thayne completed her graduation in journalism and began working for a local newspaper. She was so excited about this job that she liked to experience its diversity and face everyday challenges. One thing that Thayne particularly liked about working for the daily newspaper was that she was interviewing a scientist one day and the next day, it was a country music rockstar. And with time, she progressed from being a reporter to an editor. Thayne never stopped writing stories in her head. She loved developing characters and showing them in unusual circumstances, indulging in romance. Now, Thayne has settled down as a full-time writer and looks after her children in her free time. She exclaims with pride that she cannot imagine her life in any other way than being a romance writer.

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