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Publication Order of Haven Books

About The Haven Series:

B.V Larson was born in and has spent most of his life in California as well as Nevada, where he was married, and as a consequence of this most of his books are set on sunny beaches and in cities such as Las Vegas. B.V Larson met his wife in college and they now have 3 children. He is known for writing on subjects and topics that span various genres and styles, and he remarks that he has a talent for enjoying writing in many different flavours of fiction, as well as reading them. Due to this, Larson has enjoyed success as he has managed to attract a range of readers who can each find something they enjoy in his books. The genres of fiction that he has published works in span from science fiction, high fantasy, paranormal romance, and military science fiction with the majority of his works being purchased through electronic media sites such as e-books and audio books, and being distributed through sights such as Amazon and Kindle. He has worked at a college and has published books for college student as well as his fictional fantasy series.

The Series

In the world of The Haven series, humans do not possess any magical powers and are hunted for sport. But with the approaching war, a change is going to come. In the first book in the series Amber Magic, Larson introduces the reader to the world of Haven. The Sun Dragon gave birth to nine lesser dragons who devoured their parent in order to gain the power that the elder dragon possessed. They fought each other to get the most desired parts of the Sun Dragon, but each dragon was only able to manage a portion, and as a consequence, each dragon only gained certain powers. As time passed, heroes of old hunted down and slayed each foul creature. As the body decayed and rotted away; when none of it remained, the only thing that was left was the lens of each dragons left eye, known as jewels. The jewels that came from each dragon’s eye possessed a different power according to the part of the Sun Dragon, and formed the basis for all magic in the world. The Haven series follows the story of the nine Jewels of power, one the Red Jewel, known as Sang gives the bearer power over Blood Magic, another, The Blue Jewel, or Lavatis, can summon the rainbow and rules the Sky. Amber Magic is only a short novel of 200 pages introducing the epic series and the world of Haven.

Sky Magic

The second book of the series Sky Magic, continues the story line and arrives at a time when the pact between humans and the Faerie is broken after hundreds of years. The King Faerie Oberon after losing his sky jewel can longer command the marching rainbow in order to keep the peace. A new champion must be chosen, one who can defend the Haven, and one that can wield the legendary axe, Ambros; an axe that is powered by the amber jewel from the eye of the long dead golden dragon, and an axe that is difficult to master.

Shadow Magic

The third book of the series shows Herla of the Wild Hunt, the long dead king, making his first move towards collecting all the Jewels of Power, gaining the ability to wield unmatchable power. He is not the only one who shows plans to do so though, as several armies march to meet Brand and his allies and lock in fierce battle to gain control of the River Haven

Dragon Magic

In the 4th book of the Haven series, Brand is called upon for help by the Kindred as things have not been not quite as they should be in their kingdom in the shadow of Snowdon. Weeks have passed since Modi; who had been leading a treasure hunting expedition into the depths of the Everdark a place full or strange terrors, was meant to return, and Gudrin fears for the worst. Brand starts his journey beyond the magnesium bowels and discovers things that he thinks would have been better left as buried and undisturbed secrets.

Blood Magic

The 5th instalment of the series Blood Magic, with a total of 81000 words, is the longest of the series. After the Red Jewel is rediscovered, the jewel that gives the wielder the power of Blood Magic, a contest for ownership over the jewel breaks out. This discovery leads to the gathering of the elders who, unhappy over the humans and their possession of numerous jewels of power, seek to claim it for themselves. Brand leads an army consisting of the Wee folk an River folk to the Black Mountains in answer to the call for aid by the Kindred. Atop Snowdon, a mighty battle begins; the Gates of Snowdon are stormed, in a this new war which will remain in the memory of the people of Haven for times to come.

Death Magic

The tricks of the Fae, the rise of the dead, and the retreat of the Kindred are all challenges which Brand struggles to meet. This is the time when the Black Jewel is discovered, the jewel that holds the power of death. The Black, the Quicksilver and the Sunstone Jewels known as the Primal jewels have been lost for a long time, book 6 of the series follows their return the lands of Cymru. Marriages between the River Folk and the Fae result in a breed of offspring that have not been seen for centuries; King Arawan of the dead plots the raising of an army in order to attack the River Haven; the Kindred face a plague, Myrrdin cannot be found, and Oberon is again embroiled in new plans.

Dream Magic

Twice the length of any other book, and consisting of three appendices to explain the workings of the underlying world, the much anticipated final book of the series Dream Magic is released. Brand, though young no more, still wields the axe Ambros with a rich bank of experience stored. Myrrdin and Oberon finally resolve their differences to become reunited as father and son once more as a new, more terrifying power comes forth and threatens all that will come in its path. With shifting alliances; friends becoming enemies and enemies becoming friends, who can Brand trust as he wields the axe for justice.

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