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Publication Order of Hawk & Fisher Books

Hawk & Fisher / No Haven for the Guilty (1990)Description / Buy at Amazon
Winner Takes All / Devil Take the Hindmost (1991)Description / Buy at Amazon
The God Killer (1991)Description / Buy at Amazon
Wolf in the Fold / Vengeance for a Lonely Man (1991)Description / Buy at Amazon
Guard Against Dishonor (1991)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Bones of Haven / Two Kings in Haven (1992)Description / Buy at Amazon
Haven of Lost Souls (1999)Description / Buy at Amazon
Beyond the Blue Moon (2000)Description / Buy at Amazon

Hawk and Fisher are a married couple in this fantasy series of novels by Simon R. Green. The couple works for the City Guard, which is a lot like a modern day police force. The series is set in a world that mixes Industrial Revolution, Renaissance, and Medieval elements. They are the only City Guards that are not corrupt, as they are in a world called Haven (which is a corrupt city-state); they have never looked the other way or taken a bribe. They deal with everything, from destructive magic to pickpockets.

The series began in the year 1990, with the release of “Hawk and Fisher”. Four of the books were published in the year 1991. After “The Bones of Haven” was released in the year 1992, books were not published as frequently. The next book would not come out until 2000 (called “Beyond the Blue Moon”), and the next after that was released in 2014 (called “Once in a Blue Moon”).

Both this series and “The Forest Kingdom” series (which is also written by Green) are set in the same fictional world, and occasionally feature the same characters.

“Hawk and Fisher” is the first novel in the “Hawk and Fisher” series and was released in the year 1990. Hawk and Fisher have been scarred, fighting in the long waged urban war.

The merciless beat they have is the town, which was wrongly named Haven. It is a place that is dark and murderous; overrun with many thieves, spell casters, and demons. It will buy just about anything. Not justice, though. That will require a magical touch.

It is interesting to see a who dun it set in a fantasy world; Green really wears his influences on his sleeve here (Glen Cook and Agatha Christie). This is an engaging mystery that will surprise some readers with its ending. Fans of the novel found this to have strong writing, and all of the characters were well crafted. The town, too, was well crafted, and it was great to see such a corrupt place that plays such a vital role in the outcome of things. Some like that Green does not just cheat with his conclusion, with some kind of magical deus ex machina.

“Winner Takes All” is the second novel in the “Hawk and Fisher” series and was released in the year 1991. Hawk and Fisher, both captains for the City Guard of haven, have been tasked to serve as bodyguards during an election campaign for a Reform candidate. Enemies from all sides beset James Adamant from every side: political, supernatural, and personal.

Keeping him alive just long enough so that all of the ballots can be counted might just cost Hawk and Fisher their lives. And this is a deadly game, where winner will take all.

This is a series full of some pretty extraordinary books, and this one is no exception. Fans of the novel enjoyed this popcorn read that was full of action throughout. The novel has a bunch of swords and sorcery fantasy, quite a bit of noir, with the sardonic tone readers have come to expect from Simon R. Green. Green is quite the entertaining author, as a lot of his work will show; some just cannot get enough of the work he puts out.

“The God Killer” is the third novel in the “Hawk and Fisher” series and was released in the year 1991. The gods are being murdered on Haven’s Street of the Gods. Hawk and Fisher get assigned to work with a Swordsman, a Seer, and a Sorcerer, all part of a peacekeeping team that is called the God Squad.

Their task is to catch the killer and bring them to justice, all before the panic leads to a War of the Gods. If that happens, the city of Haven could face destruction.

Simon R. Green does a great job writing novels, and this was a great example of that. Some could hardly wait to get done with the things they had to get done so they could read some more of this. Fans of the novel found this one very good, and they enjoy anytime that Green takes them to Street of the Gods. These are fun murder mysteries with some nice plot twists to them. Some found this one to be the best of the series so far.

“Wolf in the Fold” is the fourth novel in the “Hawk and Fisher” series and was released in the year 1991. All families their black sheep, but MacNeils have a terrorist in their wealthy bloodline (emphasis on blood). Hawk and Fisher find out pretty quick that even parts of high society have its lowlifes too. They plan on going undercover so that they can find the criminal and expose them for who they are.

The skeletons they find in the MacNeil’s closet, could just be their own. They are tough cops in a town full of mayhem and magic. They are the perfect crime fighters, with their magic touch.

Some wish the books were longer, as they cannot get enough per book. Fans of the novel enjoyed the plot and the mystery, which they found to be wonderful. With this book, full of human characters, Simon proves that you do not need to write an incredibly long novel to create a powerful story, unique setting, and vivid characters. Some cannot get enough of these books and start another one, right after they have finished the one they were reading.

“Guard Against Dishonor” is the fifth novel in the “Hawk and Fisher” series and was released in the year 1991. There are some top level talks going on between the Outremer and the Low Kingdoms. At the same time, Haven’s streets are being messed up by the new drug. It brings out the vicious animal instincts of those that take the drug.

The people distributing the drug always seem to be one step ahead of the Guards. It could be that someone is leaking their plans before hand. Is it possible that Isobel Fisher could be the informant? Hawk and Fisher get pulled apart by circumstances, right when a political truce comes in jeopardy and the amount of dead bodies rises higher.

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