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Publication Order of Hawkins Legacy Books

It's That Time of Year (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
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Christine Wenger is one of America’s well-established authors who has penned down several stories in the romance, cozy mystery and suspense genres as well. Wenger is widely known for the book series, A Comfort Food Mystery. Before she became an author, Christine Wenger used to serve in the Criminal Justice Department. Christine Wenger has spent so many years in the Criminal Justice Field that she has lost track of how many years she has been in the field. While she was studying for her Masters, Wenger was a full-time employee, which made her feel as if she has been attending school for such a long time. However, as time went by, Christine Wenger’s effort and hard work finally paid off when she was awarded a dual degree in Probation Studies and Parole as well as Sociology from the well-established Fordham University.

However, it did not take long before Christine Wenger came to the realization that all those years that she had spent in school did not in any way prepare her for what she loved doing, and that is penning Romance and Cozy mysteries. The first book that Christine Wenger ever penned down was a short story, which was based on a Western Historical theme. The short story was titled The Lady and the Cowboy, and the main target for the book was beginner adult readers. Author Christine Wenger managed to sell the draft to Laubach Literary Publishers. In 1998, Public Library Association Liaison Committee as one of the best books selected The Lady and the Cowboy for young adult readers. According to Christine Wenger, one of her biggest thrills in life was receiving a call from one Susan Litman who works for Harlequin Publishers ion 2004. During this period, Harlequin Publishers was known as Silhouette Publication. One year later, Christine Wenger penned down more than eight books for the same publishing house, Harlequin Publishers. Currently, Christine Wenger is still associated with the publishing house and is even expected to pen down more installments for the publishing house.

A majority of the books that Christine Wenger pens down are normally based on Southwest and Western Cowboys, which indicates that Wenger is fond of the Cowboys. Christine Wenger is exceedingly confident with her writing skills as well as her works. Thus she believes that any reader is going to fall in love with these characters in less than eight seconds of meeting them. Christine Wenger has also penned down several books that have been set in Adirondack Mountains of New York City. In 2003, Christine Wenger began working on a new book series which was known as Comfort Food. The Comfort Food book series has been set in the year 1950 in an exceedingly small town known as The Silver Bullet. Apart from writing books in the romance and mystery genres, Christine Wenger also loves to watch professional bull riding and rodeo with her husband, Jim. Christine Wenger considers Jim to be her most favorite cowboy. With her husband Jim, Christine Wenger loves to put on cowboy outfits and also travel to various events in Connecticut, Las Vegas, and numerous other states.

Due to the author’s frequent traveling nature, Christine Wenger had the chance of meeting with various polite, genuine and personable cowboys. This, in turn, served as her main source of inspiration for penning down Cowboy novels. As for Christine Wenger’s Comfort book series, the author has had to do immense research. While penning down the book, the author visited various dinner’s such as in Europe, the United States, Canada, and Asia as well. Christine Wenger understood the fact that it was exceedingly hard for her to do this, but she does it because she knows that her work and research eventually pays off because her novels have had immense success and positive responses throughout the years. Currently, the author resides in Cicero, New York City, together with her exceedingly supportive family. Throughout the years, Wenger has played a key role in the major events that are used to encourage the aspiring authors and also assist them in improving their writing modus operandi as well.

Hawkins Legacy Book Series

The Tycoon’s Perfect Match is the second book in the Hawkins Legacy book series. In this book, the reader, Christine Wenger introduces the readers to Marigold Sherwood. When she was sixteen years old, Marigold Sherwood had always believed that she was always going to love Brian forever. 12 years later and after several heartbreaks, the burnt out CEO has eventually returned to their home, to figure out, Marigold’s future. Once Brian arrived, he found out that he was not part of Marigold’s future. Brian had wanted nothing more than picking up things from where they had left off from. However after some time, the two fall in love once again. Despite having what he had come back for, Brian wanted to escape this small town. Will Marigold Sherwood convince him that love is not a place but rather a state of the heart?

Another excellent read in the Hawkins Legacy is Its That Time of the Year. In this book, the author, Christine Wenger introduces the readers to widow Melanie Bennet. The book begins as Melanie is still trying to understand the fact that her little boy is not going to have his Christmas wishes granted. Thus, she vows to give him one of the best Christmas Holidays. Giving her son the best Christmas holiday ever, in turn, means that she would have to stay away from the exceedingly handsome Sam LeDoux. Sam is a rescue worker whom Melanie holds responsible for their loss. However, when the two were visiting the Hawk’s Lake for their annual Snow Festival, Sam LeDoux was all over the place including lighting the Christmas Tree to coaching the ice hockey team. Sam was even given the role to play Santa for the town. Melanie’s son believed in Santa with all his heart.

Once the two met again, Sam asks Melanie to believe in his love towards her and even towards her son, Kyle. With that said, It’s That Time of the Year is an excellent read that will grab your attention from the first page to the last.

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