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Publication Order of Hayes Brothers Books

Hayes Brothers (Series by I.A. Dice)
Begin reading I. A. Dice’s bestselling series of stand alone romance novels, each one following a different Hayes brother.

“Too Much” is the first novel in the “Hayes Brothers” series and was released in 2022. You should only regret the things you have not done. The guest bedroom of Newport’s infamous heartbreaker or a cheap motel? Any sane person would just run the other way after they heard a ‘move in with me’ proposition just days after they met Theo Hayes. But not Thalia. After she escaped from a dark past and began again with just three suitcases, she is not guided by her pride, but her survival instinct.

Taking the plunge, she quickly finds that Theo’s magnetic pull is impossible to resist. She really should keep her secrets, build a new life for herself, and maintain her distance, however with Theo, she doesn’t want to have any regrets.

Theo has worn many labels throughout his life. Loaded, equipped, player, entitled, and arrogant. He has earned the majority of them however he regrets nothing. Life is much too short for regret and he lives his as if it’s going to end tomorrow, up until Thalia enters the bar. A Greek goddess with wit, confidence, and this unique charm which instantly draws him in.

Despite his best efforts to fight this attraction, the sizzling desire consumes them until they wind up naked and panting to catch their breath. However Thalia’s past contains some dark secrets which (once exposed) could change everything that they have built.

“Too Wrong” is the second novel in the “Hayes Brothers” series and was released in 2022. Everybody makes mistakes. Some we just brush away with time. While others live inside our minds rent free for much longer. Forever. Not many of us make mistakes which destroy our chance for a meaningful and real relationship Cassidy did. It was a mistake that should’ve never happened to somebody like her: a charity volunteer, a well behaved, obedient foster daughter, and scholar student. That mistake was none other than Theo Hayes. Cassidy has been paying the price ever since then, because just days later she met and fell in love with Logan, his older brother. Logan, who cut her loose the moment he learned that his brother had Cassidy first.

The heart wants what it wants. In this case, the brain, the one that’s in his pants. It wants Cassidy Annabelle Roberts. The pretty little blonde that he was falling for before he found out that she had hit his brother’s sheets only days earlier. That happened three years ago. They have bumped into one another a few times, however never talked, up until she almost died in his arms at his sister-in-law’s Birthday party. The emotions that ran through him as he tried to revive her knocked him off his feet and he couldn’t stay away, so he doesn’t. However it’s only physical.

Cassidy and Logan cannot happen on any other level for a number of reasons. They’ll never start, however she is good at keeping quiet about their dalliance, and he cannot quite shake her from his system fast enough. So maybe he’s got to fuck her out.

“Too Sweet” is the third novel in the “Hayes Brothers” series and was released in 2022. Nico heard Mia Harlow puke. The broad, tall, tattooed wall of muscles. The crudest and most intimidating out of all the Hayes brothers. Nico heard her ralphing in his guest bathroom. Since that evening, he has been on Mia’s mind every day. The man awoke desires and needs that she didn’t know existed, however no matter how strong the pull between them grows, he doesn’t want to want her. He just keeps her at arm’s length, so she defies all of her instincts and steals the first kiss.

Never touch your brother’s girl. All of Nico’s life, he has pursued women that made him feel like he was licking honey off a sharp knife’s edge. Those that seduce a man with a look. Bait, hook, and haul his ass to her table with a lick of her tongue across her blood red lips.

That’s where Mia Harlow comes in. Fragile, shy, delicate, feminine, five feet nothing. Blonde college girl in pink. Not his type by definition, however the electric stress between them both grows strong every time he sees her. He wants her, despite not understanding his fascination with her. He wants her but can’t have her. She isn’t his to have. She is Cody’s.

“Too Strong” is the fourth novel in the “Hayes Brothers” series and was released in 2023. Conor kissed her, and Vivienne slapped him, then told him to ask her out to dinner, just to cancel the date ten minutes later. After he watched his older brothers fall in love, he knew that it was just a matter of time before he would be the one mindlessly losing his mind over some girl, he just never expected it to happen this fast. He was supposed to get a job, buy a house, and spend the next few years enjoying his youth before he submitted to a single woman for the rest of his life.

Fate had different plans, however, sending him on this mission to pursue some girl that does not want to be pursued. It’s too bad that the past and fate get in our way. Right when he believes that he is winning, this well kept Hayes family secret turns both their lives upside down.

Vivienne told him to ask her out. Then she found out that he is a Hayes. Spoilt, rich, and entitled. She has steered clear of rich boys just like him her entire life. It isn’t that tough really. Once they realize that she works two jobs, lives at a trailer park, and drives a battered old car, they vanish faster than they showed up. Not Conor, he is relentless in his pursuit, rather awkward as well, with how he continues to play hot and cold, however the more that she gets to know the guy, the more that she realizes that not all rich boys fit in this same bag. Vivienne caves, and falls for him fast and hard. Then she crashes when some old truths come a knocking on their door, ripping them both apart.

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