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Haylen Beck
Haylen Beck is the penname of acclaimed crime-fiction writer Stuart Neville. Neville’s work ranks high in many publications’ best-sellers list, which goes to show just how talented he is. This best-selling author’s debut novel under the Hayley Beck pseudonym is Here and Gone, followed by Lost You. The Northern Ireland born author is actively involved in running a multimedia design business where he works by day and retreats to write by night.

Here and Gone
Here and Gone tells the story of Audra Kinney, a woman who goes through a very traumatic experience when she attempts to change her life. Audra is fleeing from her abusive husband, and she plans to drive from New York to California. Her plans are thwarted when she is pulled over by a local sheriff when driving through Arizona. When the sheriff finds Marijuana in her car, Audra is taken to the station while another officer takes her children. The shocking thing is that the sheriff claims that Audra wasn’t accompanied by any children when she was arrested. This marks the beginning of Audra’s nightmare. Where are her children, and why would the Sherriff want to separate Audra from them?

The frenzied news about Audra’s kids’ disappearance travels fast, and a man across the country is pushed to act. While the law enforcement agencies work to look for the children, Audra feels alone and dejected. What she doesn’t know is that there is a man who went through a similar experience and is determined to ensure that Audra gets her children back. On the other end is Audra’s son, Sean, who is wise beyond his age. The eleven-year-old boy saw mischief in the sheriff’s eye and knew that he and his six-year-old sister Louise were in trouble. What could have happened to Audra’s children? Who is this stranger that wants to help, and what happened to him in the past?

This book is written from different points of view. Aside from Audra, we also hear from Sean. The story also comes with reports and emails between the chapters. Through Audra, it is easy to see how devastated a mother is at the thought of losing her children. It is clear that she loves them, and all Audra wants is a good future for her children. Will this dream turn into reality? Audra’s children care for each other, and it is sweet how Sean takes the big brother role and tries to stay calm for the sake of his little sister. Curious to know to what length Audra is willing to go to fight for her children? Read the book to get the answer to this and more.

Here and Gone is a tense and fast-paced story. From the beginning, you will sympathize with Audra and hope that she gets the peace she craves for. Audra’s battle with the accusations her ex-husband keeps on making against her can be draining, not to mention the constant interactions with law enforcement and child services. The tension in this story doesn’t ease up, and you are going to have a hard putting the book down. Fortunately, the book is just slightly over 300 pages so you can gobble it all in one sitting.

Lost You
Lost You is a provoking story that welcomes you into the murky world of motherhood and surrogacy. The story features Libby, a loving mother to a boy named Ethan. It has been a rough three years for Libby. After she and her husband split up, Libby struggled to take care of an infant alone while she launched her career. Things seem to be looking up as Libby has just sold her debut novel, meaning that she will soon become a published author. To celebrate this milestone, Libby decides to take a much-deserved vacation in an exclusive resort. Everything seems to be going well, but Libby keeps on looking over her shoulders and freaking out whenever Ethan is out of sight.

Three days later, Ethan wanders into an elevator and pushes a button for every floor, which makes it hard for his mother to find him. Even though she moves fast, Libby does not find her son when the elevator door opens. Libby goes to the hotel security in an effort to see where her son went after getting in the elevator. The footage shows a stranger leading the child away. The police get involved in what is now looking like an abduction case. Many hours later, a woman steps into an emergency exit accompanied by a child, and when the police track her down, she refuses to let go of Ethan, claiming that he is her child. What follows is a thrilling account of events that happened in the past as Libby’s biggest secret is revealed.

This is a tightly woven story with characters that you will love to hate or hate to love. Libby and Ann are complete opposites, but their only focus is a child. At different times, you will be confused about where to place your sympathy as more details about these two women’s lives are revealed. Follow this story and see what happens when Libby discovers that Anna is no stranger, just someone from her past that she hoped she would never meet again. The final revelations will come as a surprise, and they will change the way you feel about Libby and Anna.

Lost You is an unsettling, fast-paced thriller packed with surprising twists and turns. Let the author draw you into Libby and Anna’s world, where hard decisions lead to dark secrets that come to bite in the end. This story raises issues of motherhood, ethics, and the dark side of surrogacy. How far can a woman go to have a child in her life? What happens when one woman feels that her child is taken away from her? If you enjoy stories that come with sky-high tension and suspension, you are going to love this book. The narration is flawless with the author drawing you in from the first page, and this continues to the end.

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