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Hayley Chill Thriller Books In Order

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Publication Order of Hayley Chill Thriller Books

Hayley Chill Thriller Series

Both a screenwriter and a novelist, the American author Chris Hauty is highly regarded within his field, with a name that’s respected throughout the industry. Writing a number of well received films as well, he’s also published a large number of thriller novels, becoming a true master of his craft. Creating a variety of series too, he’s also well known for his ongoing franchises and series, which have brought in readers from around the world. One series that he’s particularly well known for is his ‘Hayley Chill’ series of books, establishing an international following with each subsequent release.

Starting out back in 2020, Hauty would produce over three different novels in the ‘Hayley Chill’ thriller series and counting. These would come out in quick succession of one another, all featuring stand-alone mystery thriller narratives that were self-contained. Beginning with the novel ‘Deep State,’ he would then go on to publish ‘Savage Road’ in 2021, followed by ‘Storm Rising’ in 2022.

Operating in the Washington DC halls of power, Hayley Chill is an ex-military individual now working as an intern there. Young and intelligent, she’s in her mid-twenties, always ahead of the curve and looking to bring corrupted individuals in power to justice. This is something that takes place over the series of books, as each one looks at another mystery, with her characters continuing to develop.

Deep State

First released through the ‘Atria/Emily Bestler Books’ publishing imprint, this would originally come out on the 7th of January in 2020. Setting up the Hayley Chill series of novels, it would be the first one, introducing her to readers and establishing her character for them. It would also feature a fully self-contained thriller narrative, seeing her solve a mystery, in what is a taut and tension fuelled story.

At the center of Washington DC as it becomes ever more divisive, President Richard Monroe has only just been elected. A populist and controversial figure, his chief of staff has just been found dead in mysterious circumstances by the intern Hayley Chill. Young and ambitious, she has a past in the military, as she aims to get to the bottom of the case and solve the crime of who did it. This then leads her into a huge web of conspiracy and lies, as she attempts to uncover the truth behind it all, getting to the heart of the Deep State.

Delivering the core concept along with the character of Hayley Chill herself and what actually drives her, this provides a solid opening thriller to the series. It’s an engaging story featuring a well written character, as it takes the the premise and pushes it to its full potential and beyond. This makes for an extremely exciting thriller novel that keeps the reader constantly on the edge of their seat throughout.

Savage Road

Once again coming out through the ‘Atria/Emily Bestler Books’ publishing label, this was to be the second book in the Hayley Chill series. Initially published in 2021 on the 5th of January, this would follow on from the previous book, marking the a development overall in the series. With the world and the character of Chill herself already being firmly established, it gets straight into the action almost immediately.

A recent spate of cyber attacks against the United States lead those inside the NSA to consider whether it’s coming from Moscow. This then sees Hayley Chill tasked with locating the source of the attacks directly, finding out who exactly is responsible for them. Further complications seem to be steering the president himself as a potential double agent against the Russians, as they may be facing war. Not wanting World War III on her hands, Chill takes it upon herself to get to the bottom of the case, and stop the attacks, bringing those to justice before it’s too late.

With the characters and the world already being firmly established, this works as a sequel in that it gets straight into the action. Not just that though, but it also provides plenty of character development, allowing Hayley Chill to become more fully rounded as a protagonist. There’s also the world that she inhabits too, as this is also further developed, really making it fully immersive and wholly believable for the reader.

Storm Rising

This would be published in 2022 on the 3rd of May, and it would be the third book in the ‘Hayley Chill Thriller’ series of novels. Also published by the ‘Atria/Emily Bestler Books’ publishing house, it carries on in a similar vein as before, with more action and suspense. Further developing Chill’s character to, it continues to world-build, really taking it up a level and elevating it all in the process.

As another thriller novel with a huge sense of scope and scale, this sees Hayley Chill once again dealing with another case. Following on from the previous two books, it manages to capture much of the same tone as before, while also taking it in a new and interesting direction. Making the most of its subject matter, it continues to deliver, making for not just a compelling premise, but a well developed central character as well. Continuing many of the arcs that came before, it also develops the overall world of Chill, making it more detailed and nuanced.

There’s a lot here once again, as it carries on in a similar vein to before, while providing plenty of unique twists and turns of its own. This ensures that it constantly remains fresh and inventive as a franchise, pushing the action up a level even further. The story is immersive, really involving the reader yet again, and it provides plenty of opportunity for the series to grow in the future.

The Hayley Chill Thriller Series

As a collection of thrillers filled with both mystery and intrigue, this is a fun engaging franchise with a compelling premise. With a strong central protagonist it definitely has a lot going for it, as it keeps the reader hooked for every single step of the way. There’s plenty of room for it to continue indefinitely as well, as there’s plenty more material for it to carry on in the future.

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