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Hazel Beck is a paranormal romance fiction novelist who is two people. Nicole Helm and Megan Crane are two friends who spent a bizarre day together in the Missouri town of St Charles.

The spooky day would become their inspiration, resulting in an idea that they decided they would collaborate on in writing a novel under the pseudonym Hazel Beck. Nicole and Megan love to call Hazel Beck the magical partnership of an earth witch and a river witch.

Between them, they have two husbands, five degrees, two children, three familiars, and more than 200 books published.

They published “Small Town, Big Magic” their debut novel and the first of the “Witchlore” series of novels in 2022. Hazel Beck has now become known for writing novels with emotional romance, breathtaking magic, and witch stories you can never forget.

Megan Crane who is one half of Hazel Beck writes under many names including Hazel Beck, M.M. Crane, Caitlin Crews, and Megan Crane. She was just twelve years old when she discovered her first romance fiction work which she got from a bargain bin.
The story came with swashbuckling pirates who go on some interesting adventures in the sea, while accompanied by a sassy and independent-minded heroine and a masterful hero who captures her heart.

Megan was immediately smitten with everything romance and spent years trying to read just about any romance fiction work she could get her hands on.

Crane had grand plans to become a thespian on Broadway just like Patti LuPone on Evita. Nonetheless, she could not wow audiences given her terrible singing voice and hence she decided to find an alternative career.

She tried out academics but since she was more given to reading books and lounging about rather than dissecting them, this was not a good fit. However, it allowed her to live in England for about five years and she cannot complain about that.
Ultimately, she published her first novel and this was a huge relief as she still believes the greatest thrill she ever had in her life was publishing that work. Megan now has more than 100 published works but has not stopped plotting her debut on Broadway.

Nicole Helm the other half of Hazel Beck is a bestselling novelist of romantic suspense for down-to-earth contemporary romance and Harlequin Intrigue. Many of her works have been on the bestseller lists in Publishers Weekly, and her contemporary romances have earned starred reviews on PW.

Nicole writes under many pseudonyms including Hazel Beck and Lorraine Hall. As the former, she had been known for writing upmarket paranormal fiction novels in the “Witchlore” series alongside Megan Crane. It was in 2023 that she began writing under the pseudonym Lorraine Hall, publishing under Harlequin Presents.

She currently makes her home in Missouri, where she lives with her husband and two kids who are obsessed with sports. When she is not writing her novels, she can be found hiking with her family, watching baseball games that involve the Cardinals, and doing genealogy research.

Hazel Beck’s “Small Town, Big Magic” introduces Emerson Wilde whose civic pride exceeds that of just about anyone. She owns a local indie bookstore and made history as the youngest-ever president of the Chamber of Commerce. She will also do anything for St. Cyprian, Missouri her hometown which she has always loved.

She is a descendant of a witch who was killed during the “Salem Witch Trials” in 1692, but that is in the past or is it?

Prepping the Main Street as the annual festival approaches, she notices that there have been some bizarre things happening around St. Cyprian that culminate in a showdown with Mayor Skip Simon, her long-term arch-rival.

She may be a witch as she has sent some paranormal creatures after Emerson but the latter dispatches them with ease.

Even though she failed a coming to age test at 18, she is a witch who is coming into her powers in her adulthood. However, she does not have much time to learn her new powers or the fledgling relationship developing with Jacob North, a gorgeous but cranky local farmer who was her friend from childhood.

The biggest concern she has is that an ancient evil is once again alive in St Cyprian, and it is up to Emerson and her friend to come to the rescue of the town and everything she loves.

“Big Little Spells” by Hazel Beck is an entertaining combination of romantic comedy and paranormal romance set in St. Cyprian Missouri. This work picks off from where the first left off.

Rebekah Wilde left St Cyprian when she was just eighteen and was officially banished from home and stripped of her paranormal powers. A decade later, she has to come back to deal with the Joywood Coven who are in charge not only of St. Cyprian but also the entire magical world.

She is happy to be reunited with her sister and friends but the consequences of her return are more dangerous and darker than she could ever have imagined. The coven is determined to show that Rebekah and her friends are a threat to them and they may be sentenced to death if they cannot prove otherwise.

Rebekah needs to find help from Nicholas Frost a ruthless immortal who is the only person that can stop the coven. Years ago, he had secretly tutored her in magic and she had developed an impossible crush on him. But the man is as arrogant and remote as ever and it is not so easy to tell if he feels anything for witch kind or Rebekah.

Hazel Beck’s novel “Truly Madly Magically” is a fascinating work of fiction that tells the story of Ellowyn Good.

She is a witch who was cursed to always tell the truth by her mother. She is a half-witch and never deemed herself a full member of the Riverwood Coven. However, things change when she is targeted by the evil ruling coven who wants her gone even though she does not understand why.

To survive, she will have to work with her newly formed coven which will include dealing with past wreckage, her first love, and an interesting complication she never saw coming. Their fates hang in the balance and she will be forced to learn to trust Zander if she is not to repeat the mistakes of the past.

But first, they will have to survive the latest bid by the Joywood Coven who are going for absolute power over the world of witches.

The author strikes a perfect balance between romance, long-standing friendship, and the politics of a small town full of magic.

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