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Healer of Kingdoms Books In Order

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Publication Order of Healer of Kingdoms Books

A Prince So Cruel (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Cage So Gilded (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Court So Dark (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Ingrid Seymour is an American best-selling published author.

She is constantly busy writing books but when she is not busy doing that, she can be found whipping up exotic recipes in the kitchen, spending time with her beloved family, and working out. In addition to being a writer, she also stays busy while employed as a software engineer.

Ingrid loves to write fiction for young adults and new adults in different genres. She has dabbled in everything from romance to horror to paranormal, urban fantasy, and science fiction. Some of her favorite things to do are to go to the bookstore or library and check out what’s available in the young adult section.

The author describes herself as being a fangirl of different books and says she is an avid reader. She also is a fighter and a dreamer. She thinks that if you stick to something and you work hard, you will be able to make all of your dreams come true.

Ingrid is married and has two kids with her husband. The family resides in Birmingham, Alabama along with their cat Ossie. She loves writing, pizza, gum, sushi, and Sunkist. She also believes witches and vampires are real, but zombies aren’t. She likes to daydream and write with loud music on. She loves writing and really loves hearing from readers and seeing what they think of her books!

Ingrid Seymour is the creator and the author of the Healer of Kingdoms series of fictional novels. This series first got started in 2022 with the publication of the first book in the series, A Prince So Cruel. The second book came out quickly after in 2023 and is titled A Cage So Gilded. The third book in the series came out the same year and is titled A Court So Dark.

A Prince So Cruel is the first book in the Healer of Kingdoms series by Ingrid Seymour. This debut in the fantasy romance series tells the story of a dark prince, a heroine with deep inner strength, and many other characters. This story of enemies that may turn to lovers is recommended for readers that are eighteen years and older due to content. If you love Jennifer L. Armentrout or Sarah J. Maas or just are looking for something new and interesting to read, check this book out!

Main character Daniella knows that the prince needs her to help him, but what she doesn’t know is whether the royal will be the reason she falls. She’s a human healer that has gotten caught up in the situation presented by this cursed Fae prince.

The prince is normal in the morning, a jerk by noon, and a beast by the time the night comes. His very blood has been cursed, and if the affliction is revealed it could end up destroying the kingdom. The sole person that is able to help him recover is the human Dani. Her healing abilities may be only average, but the Envoy has told the prince that this is the case, and the Envoy is always listened to.

With that in mind, Dani is the only hope for the prince. Kalyll of course chooses to send his upscale friends to kidnap her immediately. There she can set out with them for Mount Ruin, the only place in the kingdom where he will be able to be healed and thus save his kingdom. But Dani is not ready for a trip that is so dangerous and filled with risks. She’s also not ready to fall for the prince. That was the last thing that she was expecting.

As the group goes on, Dani is aware that she doesn’t know everything. There’s some part of the truth that is being kept from them, and the prince is hiding something form her. He’s also a bit out of line. Princes, especially Fae ones, aren’t supposed to be lusting after humans. She’s his prisoner, which makes it even more ridiculous.

But Dani is not supposed to be interested in him either. That doesn’t stop her from noticing the way that she is starting to react to the Fae prince. He’s well out of her league, even if he did decide to abduct her. She knows that the quest is dangerous, but at this point, she’s starting to worry more about the condition of her heart.

Kalyll has a darkness to him, but he’s also starting to feel something for this healer girl that he’s kidnapped. She’s strong and independent, and the Fae prince has noticed that the chemistry between the two of them is out of this world. Still, he can’t afford to be distracted on this quest to be healed. Will the prince be able to get what he wants and save the kingdom, or will falling for Dani put it all at risk? Read this first fantasy romance book in the Healer of Kingdoms series to find out!

A Cage So Gilded is the second novel in the Healer of Kingdoms series by Ingrid Seymour. If you loved the first book in the series and were all about Dani and Kalyll together, then see their story continue in this exciting second installment!

The dark Fae prince wanted to do everything he could to save his kingdom and heal himself. But of course the unpredictable guy would end up following what his heart tells him to do, and it takes him straight to her.

Kalyll let Dani go once the healer had saved him and his kingdom as well. He knew that his duty was too strong and he could not choose to pursue love. His death was fated, but Dani found a new way that was nearly impossible to pull his life force back and attach his soul to the living world.

But that wasn’t even enough to win him over. There’s a force within him that enables his darker nature. For the second time, the healer is made a prisoner and kidnapped. Now she’s in Elyndell, the Seelie capital, trapped in a high tower.

Now evil and good are fighting inside of him, and the prince’s heart and kingdom are vulnerable. Will he be able to fight it off? Can he and Dani ever truly be together? Find out by reading this spicy fantasy romance!

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