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Heart of Montana Books In Order

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Publication Order of Heart Of Montana Books

By Proxy (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Midsummer Sweetheart (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Meeting Miss Mystic (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
What Were You Expecting? (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon

Heart of Montana is a book series that tells us the story of Sam who’s planning to fly to Livingston, Montana and take wedding vows on behalf of his favorite cousin, then return to Chicago as quickly as possible. However, things take a different turn when he has to spend an entire weekend with a woman called Jenny so as to fulfill his promise. Jenny is a prim and proper school teacher whose small town life seems like a step-down to him, but as he spends more time with her, he finds it harder to say goodbye to the small town country girl.

A city boy meets a country gal to attend a proxy wedding but they soon get an unexpected gift of true love. A small town country girl has spent all her life in Montana and only left to go to Great Falls to study in college. After graduation, she planned to stay in Great Falls and become a teacher but when her mother is taken ill and soon passes away, she returns to her home to be with her dad and three siblings. If you’re a believer in destiny, you’ll notice that fate conspired to bring Jenny back home so that she can eventually meet her soul mate.

As far as dating and romance goes, Jenny is a bit naïve and she has not had the chance to date. However, she is a tough woman who had to learn to fight for herself having grown up with three brothers. She was also the youngest and so this forced her to look out for herself. Her best friend is currently deployed in Germany while her fiancé is deployed in Afghanistan. The two of them want to get hitched and so they ask persons closest to them to become their proxies. Jenny had always thought that when she says the words “I Do”, she would do so at her wedding.

Since her best friend needs her assistance, Jenny is determined not to disappoint her and so she agrees to become her proxy. Little did she know that the love of her life was waiting just round the corner. We’re talking about Sam Kelly, who is the polar opposite of Jenny. An investment banker by profession, he lives life on the fast lane in Chicago. A fancy apartment is what he calls home and he goes to the hippest clubs and dates famous girls. Sam works hard but he also plays hard and his cousin has just requested him to go to Montana in order to be a proxy at his wedding.

Sam doesn’t hesitate because he’s very close to his cousin. When he flies out to Montana, he has no idea what to expect. So you can imagine his reaction when he meets Jenny for the first time. Things take a different twist when he’s late for the proxy wedding and the judge doesn’t give him a chance. He is therefore forced to remain in Montana for the entire weekend in order to fulfill the promise he made by taking vows on a Monday. When he meets Jenny, his first impression is of someone who is nagging and bitter. But that’s understandable because she was frustrated because he was late.

Having been forced to spend more time together, Sam soon realizes that his initial impression of Jenny was wrong. He soon starts to develop strong feelings for her, and he starts to see her as someone special. He is also forced to think hard about the life he is living in Chicago and re-evaluate what’s important to him. If Sam and Jenny were to become an item, could she move to Chicago with him? If you want to learn what happens next, you’d better get your copy of “By Proxy”, the first installment in the Heart of Montana series.

The second book in this series is called “The Christmas Wish” and this is the story of a waitress called Tess Branson. She has earned a bad reputation, and the nickname “Fast Tessie”, as a result of her poor judgment where men are concerned. From an early age, she learnt that men of every age were interested in only one thing. This made Tess not to trust men even though she was longing for love.

Enter Lucas Flynn, a cook who has been hired at the establishment where Tess is working. He’s out on parole after committing a very bad crime and then losing someone close to his heart. He is trying to get his life sorted out and the last thing he wants is to get entangled with the kind and pretty waitress with her own problems to deal with. One wintry night, Tess wishes upon a star but it is going to require a huge dose of Christmas miracle for her wish to come true.

Even though Tess has a bad reputation, she is not a bad person and all she really wants is to be accepted, have friendships and maybe fall in love. The only problem was that she was going about it in the wrong manner. She also doesn’t believe that wishes can come true, especially if they’re Christmas wishes. She has long since stopped believing in Christmas but things are just about to change for her. On the other hand we have Lucas Flynn who has been in jail. The circumstances of his incarceration stem from his desire to protect someone from an abusive relationship.

Things don’t go as planned and Flynn almost kills the man guilty of being an abusive partner. After getting employment as a cook, he tries to keep his distance from Tess because he doesn’t believe she could go out with an ex-con. Will Flynn gather enough courage to ask Tess out on a date? Will she agree to go out with him? What will happen when she learns that he’s an ex-con? If you want to get the answers to all these questions, you’d better grab yourself a copy of The Christmas Wish. If you’re a cynic, you might rediscover what made you fall in love with Christmas once more, and the promise of love to those of you who are looking for someone special.

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