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Publication Order of Heart of the World Books

The Heart of the World series is a successful novel series written by a popular novelist from Ireland named Col Buchanan. This series is comprised of 4 books in total, which were released between the years 2010 and 2017. All the books in this series are based on the fantasy genre and are quite popular throughout the world. The books contain the main characters in the role of Ash and Sasheen. Col Buchanan has introduced Ash as one of the members of an assassin sect called as Roshun. This group of assassins offers to protect with the help of vendetta threat. Sasheen is described as the Holy Matriarh of the Mann Empire. Another very important character described by author Buchanan in the series’ books is Nico. He is shown as a street urchin, who lives in the Bar-Khos city at a time when Bar-Khos gets beseieged by the Holy Mann Empire. All the novels are very well received by the audiences from across the world, which has also helped author Col Buchanan to receive many praises from one and all. His success as a novelist of fantasy books as increased tremendously after the release of all 4 books and this has given him a lot of motivation to produce many books like them in the future. As per some critics, the series can best be described in one line as a land in conflict.

The debut book of the Heart of the World novel series is entitled ‘Farlander’. It was released by the Tor Books publication in the year 2011. Col Buchanan has set the plot of this book in a fictional city called Bar-Khos. The important characters introduced into the plot include Sasheen, Nico, and Ash. At the start of the book, Mann is a Holy Empire and is a religion and empire that has been derived from a highly nihilistic cult from the urban region. For around 50 years, this Holy Empire has been involved in conquering the nearby nations one after the other. Over the course of all these years, the rulers of Mann have not stopped in their conquest. Sasheen is the leader of the empire, who is regarded as the Holy Matriarch. She is very ruthless in nature and maintains her control over the empire with the help her ruthlessness. Sasheen controls the day to day affairs of her empire through the Diplomats, who are the priests that have been trained to be subtle predators. In the next part of the story, Col Buchanan has given the description of an elite assassin group by the name of the Roshun. This group has a member in the role of Ash. The assassin sect take the help of vendetta to offer protection to anyone who needs it and asks for it from them. After a while, Ash health begins to take a toll due to which he is not able to work as efficiently as before. Therefore, he is forced to take in an apprentice. Ash sees none better than Nico. He is a young and active man living in Bar-Khos. His city is under the siege which makes Nico more than willing to work for Ash against the ruthless forces of the Mann Empire. Nico seems quite desperate, hungry, and lonely in his city and cannot see it getting destroyed at the hands of Sasheen. Later, Nico comes to know that a woman who was under the Roshun’s protection has been killed by the son of the Holy Matriarch. The news makes him force the group to seek revenge of the woman’s murder. Nico joins Ash and the two set out on a journey to carry out the necessary deed. The journey takes the young apprentice and his master into bloodshed that has arisen due to the strife between the Free Ports and the Empire.

Another famous book written and released by Col Buchanan is called as ‘The Black Dream’. It was also released by the Tor UK publication in 2015. The important characters described in this novel include Ash, Sasheen, Coya Zezike, Nico, etc. At the beginning of this story, the ruthless Mann Empire threatens to enslave all the nations of the world. It succeeds in enslaving most of them in the past 50 years, but one island does not wish to give up and puts up a fight against slavery by the empire. This island is the Free Ports of democras. For 10 years, the island has prevented itself from getting enslaved. It has frustrated the empire so much so that the rulers have decided to draw even tighter noose over them. The island rallies its defense with the aid of the members of the secretive network called as the ‘Few’. A dedicated member among them is the troubleshooter and cripple Coya Zezike. He hopes to enlist the forest contrare to help the beseiged Bar-Khos city. Coya Zezike is joined by Shard, who is a lady having the capability to manipulate the strange Black Dreams dimensions or the waking reality. In the end, the Roshun assassins also engage in the conflict. However, the ailing farlander, Ash, seems to have some other urgent business that he has to overcome. He faces a skyship journey through the Great Hush and then further voyaging to the Sky Isles’s fabled regions.

Ash hopes to bring Nico become alive again as his death has saddened him very much. Later, it appears that Ash’s journey into the regions of the unknown may end up saving many more lives than just Nico’s. He might also end up saving the Free Ports. This book, just like all the others in the fantasy series, is set in an altogether different world than what the humans live in. However, Col Buchanan has kept a lot of similarities in both the world with respect to the geographical and social respects. The backdrop is more or less like the Mediterranean region. This story’s main strength lies in its word building. The way Col Buchanan has written the plot, it gives the feeling of a completely believable story. Author Buchanan has also done a great job in developing the battle and action scenes. This made the readers believe the overall plot. As the number of readers who read and liked the book kept on increasing, it eventually made the book become successful. The success also helped Buchanan establish himself as a noteworthy novelist of the genre and then went on to write a few more books in his writing career.

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