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Publication Order of Heartbreakers Books

Once Upon a Real Good Time (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Once Upon a Sure Thing (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Once Upon a Wild Fling (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Once Upon a Red Hot Kiss (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

Heartbreakers is a series of novels by Lauren Blakely, a number one bestselling author on Audible, the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and the New York Times with more than three million of her books in print. Blakely is known for her witty, sexy, and sweet contemporary romances of which “Heartbreakers” is one of the best. She writes about heroes with fantastic funny bones and hearts of gold, and smart and strong heroines. She currently lives on the West Coast with her family that comprises her hilarious and smoking hot husband and two teenage children. Her family also includes four or maybe five dogs who she loves to walk whenever she gets the time. In fact, she has said that some of her best works were plotted while she was out walking the dogs. “Caught Up in Us” her very first novel was conceived during one of the her walks. Blakely has been described as a free spirited and lighthearted person that is always enthusiastic about life. In fact, friends said that she danced and kissed every one of her dogs when she learned that her novel had become a commercial success. She also has a winning wit and incorporates a lot of humor into her novels, as she says the only thing that beats family and love is laughter.

The Heartbreaker series of novels tells the stories of the members of the rock band the “Heartbreakers” that happen to be brothers. These men are utterly charming, swoon worthy and sexy heroes that are paired with cute, smart and witty heroines. A unique aspect of the novels is that the characters are all single parents who fall in love with each other and swirl into heady romances. “Once Upon a Real Good Time” is about Campbell a teacher, musician, singer and single dad. Despite being a former member of “Heartbreaker” band he is a humble and down to earth man though he is just as cocky about who he is, what he loves and putting his daughter first. His lover is Mackenzie, a single mum that loves her son more than anything and would do anything to protect him. She gets obsessed with Campbell, the gorgeous man that tells her the answer to a trivia question, and suddenly her dating life may not be on hold. Miller the second brother of the Heartbreaker band is a swoon worthy man with a love for music, a dirty mouth and a sense of humor. He loves music but has never found someone to sing with since his band broke up, until he learns that Ally has quite the singing voice. Ally had lost her sister recently and has adopted her niece who she loves unconditionally. She had always been friends with Miller until they discovered that their voices synced naturally. Now their natural ease has turned into something more powerful and passionate. Miles the youngest brother had been burned in love and hence decided to take care of Ben his six year old son rather than pursue love and romance. Roxie too has had bad luck in the love department and since she was getting on in years decided to get a child without a partner. She now runs a pet pampering business and is the quintessential modern woman. That is until she meets the adorable and dependable Miles who is determined to change her mind and rock her world.

“Once Upon a Real Good Time” the first novel of the Heartbreaker series is a fast paced narrative, with witty dialogue, playful banter and sexual innuendo. Campbell the rock artist turned music teacher and also single dad successfully woos Mackenzie with his good guy disposition and bad boy looks. She is a single parent who looks forward to dominating trivia night as the only form of fun. While letting down her hair is not something that she does often, the sexiness of the tattooed singer who helps her with an answer to a quiz has her abandoning her inhibitions. The chemistry is just too much that on the spur of the moment she agrees to a no strings attached relationship with him. She thinks that it would just be a harmless flirtation that she can indulge in to cure an itch. But then Mackenzie learns that the man she had agreed to have a relationship with is her son’s music teacher. This is sure to complicate things and since they love their children they agree to keep their relationship professional. Putting their kids first is admirable but it will prove difficult given their sizzling chemistry and the unadulterated passion they share. They simply cannot deny the potent sexual tension and succumb to the irresistible passion throwing all caution to the wind in the pursuit of happiness.

“Once Upon a Sure Thing” the second novel of the series is a story about Miller and Ally who have been friends for the past six years. Ally is an audio book voice over artist that specializes in Young adult novels while Miller’s Heartbreaker band just broke up leaving him without someone to sing with. When Ally’s cousin moves away, he leaves behind her niece who she treats as her own child. Miller has also been helping a kid through the Big Brothers organization though he still feels lost given that singing with his brothers meant a lot to him. His brother Campbell knowns that he lives for singing and encourages him to find a partner to sing with. When he shares the suggestion to Ally, she thinks she could be the best person for the duet but needs to show Miller that she has what it takes. They hold a trial session which just ends up complicating matters but not in the musical sense. Ally has the sultry voice that is just what Miller was looking for but he has discovered that she is such a beauty and he cannot stop thinking about her. Since their session, Ally has also come to see Miller in a different light from the man who has always been there as a friend. Feeling his masculine body next to her while they were making music made her wet her pants. They have equal part music and sexual chemistry, but will acting on this result in the death of the friendship they both value so much.

“Once Upon a Wild Fling” the third novel of the series is the romance story of sexy single father and musician Miles Hart, and Roxy Sterling, a strong willed and beautiful thirty one year old dog groomer. She had sworn off relationships since she was bad at them and moreover she needed to take care of her daughter. But Miles needed someone to take to his high school reunion and who better than the sister of his business manager and friend William Sterling. He thinks the unwritten rules of not dating your friend’s sister do not apply since he had been burned by love and had no interest in love, romance or relationships. But Roxy is tired of being single despite failing numerous times in the dating world and she falls for the Miles who she hopes will fall for her too. Furthermore, His dedication to his son is a turn on for Roxy who just cannot stop thinking about him once they come back from the reunion. While none of them were planning to have a relationship, the sizzling chemistry soon results in a friends with benefits that turns into a full brown romance.

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