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Hearts of Middlefield Books In Order

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Publication Order of Hearts Of Middlefield Books

A Man of His Word (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
An Honest Love (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Hand to Hold (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon

Hearts of Middlefield is a series of popular novels written by Kathleen Fuller. The books are romance novels focusing on the Amish community. The Hearts of Middlefield series was a dream for Kathleen who always wanted to write Christian fiction but never knew how to engage with that particular field of literature.

+The Story

The Hearts of Middlefield series is the work of Kathleen Fuller who is a renowned author that writes Christian fiction. The books focus on romance in the Amish community. Kathleen is hardly the first person to write fiction set in the Amish community.

The Amish community might not seem like the most conducive environment for romance but there have been many a novel and series of novels written over the years revolving around romance amongst the Amish.

Kathleen Fuller has been commended by fans of many such books because she tends to give more life and dynamism to her characters.

The Hearts of Middlefield series doesn’t technically differ that drastically from the average romance novel. Each novel follows the exploits of a couple as they fall in love and struggle with everything that comes after they begin to understand their feelings for the object of their crush.

As with most romance novels, the couples in the Hearts of Middlefield series must overcome obstacles to be together. There’s always something that’s working to keep them apart. And they must step out courageously and risk everything in order to get their happy ending.

However, even though the Hearts of Middlefield series seems so similar to other romance novels, there are also very stark differences, the most notable being the impact the Amish faith has on the romantic aspects.

While these books revolve around the journeys undertaken by couples as they fall for one another and engage in relationships, their Christian beliefs are a driving factor in everything they do. As such, it comes as no surprise that the Hearts of Middlefield books are very clean.

One doesn’t need to worry about stumbling across strong languages, sex or even notable sexual innuendos. In that regard, it could be argued that these books alienate readers looking for hot and steamy romance tales to obsess over.

And that argument isn’t wrong, primarily because Kathleen’s goal isn’t to stimulate her readers with the electricity flowing between her characters. These books tend to emphasize the emotional and the spiritual over the physical.

The characters in these books are not always in the best place emotionally. They have been hurt and they have grown hesitant in the arena of relationships. As such, what they are looking for isn’t a sexy encounter with a gorgeous partner but, rather, a deep connection that can deliver healing.

The couplings that Kathleen delivers in the Hearts of Middlefield series are designed to bring wholeness to the individuals involved. The men and women of these books must learn to accept one another’s faults, of which there are typically many, as they undertake a journey that will see them grow.

And this is where the Christian aspect of the books comes into play. Many of the stories Kathleen Fuller tells in this series revolve around characters who must first find peace with God before engaging in healthy relationships with their partner of choice.

That approach sometimes throws readers of conventional romance off. They are accustomed to reading stories where the man and the woman contend with each other until they come to some sort of understanding. They haven’t really come across romance novels where the woman must first contend with God and hopefully receive healing in the process before she can begin her relationship with the man.

This is the reason these books are referred to as being wholesome. Kathleen aims to tell stories in this series where her characters achieve a full and satisfactory life, where their new relationship is accompanied by a strong bond with their God and their friends and family.

Kathleen’s strongest aspect in these books is the manner in which she describes the men. Most Amish romance fiction in the world tends to represent the men as the silent, stoic, emotionless types. Kathleen gives her men plenty of emotion.

While their Amish roots are present for all to see, they are also quite normal. And that sets her romance novels in the Amish setting apart. The stories she tells sound more relatable because she endeavors to paint a more positive picture of the Amish culture.

The Amish in the Hearts of Middlefield series do not feel like foreign objects living in an unfamiliar world. They are written to be relatively normal people with understandable issues and problems.

+The Author

Kathleen Fuller is an American author of Amish Romance fiction. She has also written historical and contemporary romance. Basically, Kathleen loves romance and she uses different genres to tell her love stories.

Kathleen was born in 1967. A child of Louisiana, Kathleen was a stay at home mom when she began to write. She started out by experimenting with short stories. She moved on to novellas and eventually delivered her first novel.

The author has a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education, not to mention a Master’s Degree in Special Education. Her qualifications empower Kathleen to work with the blind. A wife and mother of three, Kathleen grew to love Christian fiction while she was caring for her children. Her first big break came when Thomas Nelson Publishers reached out to her.

+A Man of His Word

Moriah was a pregnant and newlywed when her husband abandoned her and the Amish faith. Moriah’s heart broke, though she took comfort in her community which rallied to help her in her time of need

One person that made it his mission to assist Moriah whenever the need arose was Gabriel, her husband’s twin brother who loves her. Gabriel knows that his dream of marrying Moriah is impossible. So he steps back and accepts her offer of friendship.

Moriah learns to go on with her life, growing in her faith and learning to trust in God’s grander plan.

+An Honest Love

Anna and her mother moved to Middlefield, Ohio because she had been hurt deeply by her loved one and her only recourse was to escape. While Anna seeks a fresh new start, she’s now averse to risk, which is why she casts all thoughts of love aside.

However, when Anna meets Lukas, she cannot fight her attraction for him. But a secret from her past threatens to destroy their love before it can even take hold.

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