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Hearts of the Lancaster Grand Hotel Books In Order

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Publication Order of Hearts of Lancaster Grand Hotel Books

A Hopeful Heart (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Mother's Secret (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Dream of Home (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Simple Prayer (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

Hearts of the Lancaster Grand Hotel is a best selling book series written by an acclaimed American author who is well known for writing Amish and Christian novels. The highly popular Amish novel series received wide critical acclaim from critics in America and all over the world due to its simplicity and the way it has shown the life of women who work at the prestigious Grand Hotel in the country of Lancaster. The book series contains four books depicting the story of four different characters and their struggle for happiness and joy along with their dreams. It unfolds the deep pain and heartaches they go through all their life with a little bit joy along the way. The book series has been written with utmost simplicity of the Amish lifestyle and their clash with the “English” way of living – and the consequences and decisions that follow. Hearts of the Lancaster Grand Hotel series let the readers encouraged by hope and faith of these women’s struggles with the understanding the importance of family.

There are four romantic drama titles under this brilliant series, which are as follows:

A hopeful heart

A hopeful heart is the first book in the series of this Amish novel, tells the story of Hannah Glick, an Amish woman who recently lost her husband with whom she has three children. The story shows her struggle in raising and supporting her children after she unexpectedly loses her husband. The community she lives in offers her great support and love, but she gets a new life when an English man, a non Amish man, comes into her life after the tragedy.

Joshua Glick, brother of her late husband and his business partner, offers her and her family a lifetime friendship and love with nothing in return from her. Trey Peterson, a rich businessman becomes very surprised by his growing affection towards the lady who has been working as a maid in the Grand Hotel. Both of them share a great bond of losing someone and always have been able to comfort each other in hard times. The story is filled with twists and turns as Hannah tries so hard to balance her life in the Amish community and her growing affection towards an outsider.

A mother’s secret

The second book in the Amish series shows the life of a woman who once dreamt of love marriage, but fails dramatically due to her youthful immatureness. Carolyn Lapp always wanted to have a normal and traditional Amish family; however she currently lives on with her brother’s farm along with his 15 year old son. She has always hidden the truth about the identity of Benjamin’s father and continued to live with shame and guilt of her past indiscretion. She is hated by her brother who later arranges her wedding with a widower named Saul with a daughter. But Carolyn refuses to marry him as she thinks he doesn’t love and him and only want a substitute for her wife to look after his daughter.

One day when Benjamin causes some trouble, she along with Joshua Glick, a horse breeder decides to teach him a lesson, but things got out of control when the two begin falling for each other. Joshua mistook Benjamin to be her brother instead, which she conceals so he won’t ask for her past and destroys their blossoming romance. After all these years of loneliness and disgrace, she now has two men showing her great affection. But who will be able to provide her with unconditional love and family she longed for?

A dream of Home

The third book in the series tells the story of Madeleine, who moves to Amish country to discover peace and healing. It wasn’t her original idea to move to Pennsylvania as she wanted to live in California and settle down with her pilot fiancé last year, but all her expectations and dream devastates when her fiancé dies unexpectedly. The former Air Force flight nurse then begins living in Paradise, Pennsylvania alone and work as a housekeeper at Lancaster Grand Hotel.

There she meets a widower named Saul, whose wife has left her long ago. His eleven year old girl, Emma, doesn’t know that her mother left his father and ran with another man, but she sure knows that her father is lonely. Madeleine soon befriends her and begins spending quality time with the innocent and optimistic girl. The more she knows the little girl, the higher her respect grows for the man who raised her all these years alone. The strange feeling she develops for this man now strikes her heart with more questions. Should she allow herself the love of another man in her life and live a life she always dreamed of?

A simple prayer

The last novel in the famous book series depicts the story of 32 year old Linda Zook, who works as a part time in Lancaster Grand Hotel. She is an orphan who lost her family in a buggy accident when she was only four. She always wanted to be loved by someone worthy, but the permanent effects of her injuries, along with her grumpy uncle who raised her, destroys her dream.

Aaron Ebersol left the Amish community 17 years ago as he couldn’t bear the restrictions and regular tension with this father. At the age of 32, he returns to the community after he was incapable of finding roots in his new home in Missouri. He received a letter from his mother, but becomes hesitant to get closer to the family, thus residing in the Lancaster Hotel where she encounters Linda and befriends her. Linda and Aaron must learn to forgive their family who has forsaken them and in the way, Aaron needs to show her that he is worthy of her love.

Hearts of the Lancaster Grand Hotel is one of the best works of Amy Clipston who has been writing as long as she can remember. Her book series has been listed in many Christian Fiction bestseller lists such as an Evangelical Christian Publishers Association (ECPA) and Christian Book Association (CBA).

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