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Publication Order of Heathcliff Lennox Books

Murder at Melrose Court (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Black Cat Murders (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Curse of Braeburn Castle (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Death in Damascus (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Monks Hood Murders (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
France 1918 (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Tomb of the Chatelaine (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Mystery of Montague Morgan (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Birdcage Murders (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Wreath of Red Roses (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder at Ashton Steeple (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Belvedere Murders (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Twelve Saints of Christmas (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon
Saint Valentine's Day Murder (2025)Description / Buy at Amazon

Heathcliff Lennox is a mystery series by Karen Baugh Menuhin. The mystery follows the adventures of Major Lennox in the English countryside in the 1920s. Lennox is a talented investigator, and this is evident when he solves mysteries that would escape anyone without a keen eye for detail. Aside from being highly gifted, Lennox is funny, and his approach to life is intriguing. This is a perfect series for fans of cozy mystery stories. Menuhin tells these stories flawlessly, and her descriptions are amazingly detailed. If you are looking to indulge in a series that will transport you to the past and introduce you to some interesting characters, this is a perfect choice for you.

Murder at Melrose Court

Murder at Melrose Court is the first book in the Heathcliff Lennox series. The book stars Major Lennox, a man suspected of two murders. Lennox is just getting up when his butler Greggs informs him that there is a body at his doorstep. This discovery dampens the Christmas mood, and before Lennox can come to terms with this bizarre event, he has to go to Uncle Charles for Christmas with family. Accompanied by his dog Mr. Fogg, Lennox sets on a journey to Melrose Court with the hope that being around people he loves would make him forget about his troubles.

In Melrose Court, another surprise awaits Lennox. Uncle Charles announces his engagement to Countess Sophia. This would have been great news, but the countess is imperious, and Lennox is sure that his elderly uncle is making a huge mistake. It is also strange that Sophia’s niece is engaged to cousin Edgar. Despite the surprises, the family is determined to have a great time. There is a house party, and Sir Peregrine Kingsley, uncle Charles’s lawyer, his son Adam and Wife Gertrude are in attendance. All is going on well until a murder happens in Melrose Court. To make things worse, the roads are covered with snow, so no one is leaving the house.

Lennox is implicated in this murder. After all, he is found standing over a body with a pistol in his hands. While everyone thinks he is guilty of manslaughter, Lennox knows that he did not shoot anyone. If only he could find the real killer and exonerate himself. Despite his many misfortunes, the snow seems to be working to his advantage. The police cannot get to Melrose Court, so Lennox has enough time to question all the guests at the party. Is there any link between this murder and the body that was put on Lennox’s doorstep? Why does it seem that someone wants Lennox to be crowned a murder? Can Lennox find the killer before he is jailed for a crime he did not commit?

Murder at Melrose Court is a captivating story that will draw you in from the first page. The narration is flawless, and the descriptions so vivid you will feel like you are in Melrose Court, witnessing all the drama therein. 1920 is a different time, but the Christmas feel is something we can all identify with. Follow Lennox on his journey in search of the truth. There will be many twists along the way, and the identity of the murder will come as a surprise. Are you looking for a cozy story you can curl up with on a lazy weekend? This book is a perfect choice.

The Black Cat Murders

The Black Cat Murders is the second book in the Heathcliff Lennox series. It is in 1921, and Lennox has been invited to a wedding in Bloxford Hall. Major Lennox was reluctant to go until he hears that an opera performance that was part of the wedding week has resulted in a murder. The police had ruled the death to be an accident, but Dr. Cyril Fletcher thinks that the death wasn’t accidental. Determined to uncover the truth, Lennox and his dog head to The Earl of Boxford’s estate. Amidst the festivities, Lennox must find out who murdered Sir Crispin Gibbons and why. First, he has to meet all the people present at the private function.

At the estate, Lennox is welcomed into a world or artworks, forgeries, and one priceless Bloxford Beauty. It doesn’t take Lennox long to discover that the art is somehow connected to the killing. Join the talented investigator as he works with unscrupulous artists, art dealers, and life-long friends to uncover the killer. By the time the truth is revealed, more people have died, and it is clear that the killer is careful to cover their tracks. Once again, Lennox gets to work with inspector Swift who is perplexed by this case, just like everyone else. Will still think of him as a killer, or is there enough trust between these two gentlemen now?

Join Lennox and Swift on another country house murder story with many unforeseen twists and turns. The setting and accents are characteristic of the 1920s era, and so is the social structure. This story comes with all the ingredients of a perfect post WWI story. There is a wedding, an ancient family who owns a rundown ancestral home, men in opera, and gentry classes. Join the quirky Lennox and swift and escape to the 1920s when life was rich, and people enjoyed the simple pleasures life has to offer. There are going to be many hilarious moments, and you can be sure that you will not regret any minute you spend reading this story.

This is another captivating murder mystery story with a relentless pace, intriguing cast, and unique storyline. Lennox is a likable hero who goes to extra lengths to uncover murderers who would otherwise have gotten away with their actions. Even though it is Swift who catches the killer this time around, Lennox’s input led him in the right direction. If you like a cozy mystery story without romance, foul language, and all the swearing, The Black Cat Murders is a perfect choice. The author’s narration is flawless, and the tension will keep you glued to the pages.

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  1. Fabiola: 6 months ago

    I have the first 10 of the Heathcliff Lennox series in Kindle and Audiobook formats, I would love to add them to my physical library but not all are available in hardcover or even paperback…at least, not on Amazon or B&N. Anywhere else I can locate physical books of this series? =(

  2. Bobbie: 2 years ago

    Recently I read all of the Heathcliff Lennox series, and while I wait until, I think, next year for the next one, I am having a time trying to find another similar to this series. Any suggestions? These novels are unique in the way the characters are portrayed, writing style, and the humor from Heathcliff “Don’t call me Heathcliff” Lennox.

    • Jennifer: 4 weeks ago

      I would also love to do e a series or books similar to the Heathcliff Lennox. I have so enjoyed the humor in this series.

  3. Esther Pinkerton: 3 years ago

    Love the series. Great writing and love the setting. Ordered the rest in the series and look forward to The Tomb of the Chatelaine


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