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Heather Anastasiu is an American author that writes Young Adult novels. Heather’s second name often confuses people who like to readjust it into ‘Anastasia’. However, the name ‘Anastasiu’ is not erroneously spelled and actually has Romanian roots.

That fact is worth mentioning because Heather has admitted to receiving quite a few queries on the issue.


Heather Anastasiu was born in the Texas Hill Country. The author believes that she was as straight and perfect as a child could get. As an introvert, her personality simply did not permit her to lose herself in the wilder aspects of life.

For this reason, the author was more of a bookworm, immersing herself in young adult and even romance novels. Heather attributes her love for dystopian futures to books like ‘The Giver’ and movies like ‘Total Recall’ which introduced her to the romantic aspects of darker, grimmer stories.

For Heather, the dystopian genre of Young Adult fiction has always lent itself to immense thrills and excitement because it works with characters that are constantly in a state of danger, this not only raising the stakes of any story but making the entire reading experience a rollercoaster of fun and action.

Of course, it wasn’t always obvious that Heather Anastasiu would take the writing and publishing route. Even as a band geek and a bookworm, Heather saw publishing as a dream one aspired to, but not necessarily the sort of objective she would take concrete steps to achieve.

All that changed during the author’s college years. At the age of 19, Heather was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome. She spent the next year in a wheelchair. After a lifetime spent walking the narrow path, getting all A’s and even going to church, Heather realized that there was more to life than following the rules.

The Wheelchair was unavoidable. The author couldn’t have finished college without it. However, being stuck in her electric wheelchair for several months on end broke something inside of Heather. For once in her life, she got angry.

Her meek and quiet façade fell away and she found that she hated everything and everyone. While her friends went around running, partying and having fun, she was confined to her chair, too tired to do anything other than watch television.

That sense of self-pity which is so destructive in other people allowed Heather Anastasiu to grow a thicker skin. She grew tougher, gained a level of confidence she had never enjoyed. More importantly, Heather decided to enjoy her life to the fullest.

For the author, this included embracing her passion for the arts. While Heather loves art as a whole, she has a special interest in body art because it is the sort of thing one can carry with them and show off to others wherever they go.

And Heather wasted no time in throwing herself into her art, dying her hair pink, getting a few new tattoos and, most importantly, getting her writing started. It wasn’t enough for Heather to express her thoughts on paper for her own consumption. The author was determined to get published, and she eventually achieved her goal.

Though, it wasn’t an easy feat. Heather had to do a lot of writing and revising, and she had to contend with a lot of rejection before she finally drew the attention of Charlie Olsen from Inkwell Management and saw her Glitch series go into publication courtesy of St. Martin’s Press.

Heather understands that fear of rejection that paralyses aspiring authors more than most because she spent quite a few years reviewing books. She knows just how vicious readers and critics can be.

Heather had delivered her fair share of negative reviews for other authors’ books. She was no better prepared for the attacks that her first book got. In fact, the fact that her first negative review was accompanied by another glowing opinion of her work. However, that did not stop her from obsessing over the negative review and allowing it to ruin her mood.

Heather Anastasiu has since learnt to go with the flow of negative reviews, and to even shrug them off in a few cases; though, the author discourages aspiring writers from getting so caught up in their own perceived greatness that they reject all negative reviews as the work of worthless haters.

Heather believes that all good writers have to learn to accept criticism of their work; more importantly, they must learn to use criticism to make improvements to their craft. The only aspiring authors that fail are the ones who stick to their guns, certain that their work is perfection and any fault perceived by others is foolishness.

Even though Heather Anastasiu began her publishing life as a pantser, she has since come around to the benefits of being a plotter. While being a pantser often allowed her imagination to run wild, Heather soon found that she also wasted a lot of time and energy writing pages she eventually had to delete.

She now doesn’t understand authors who refuse to plot their books out first before writing.


When everyone in Zoe’s community was implanted with computer chips, the resulting removal of destructive emotions and thoughts finally eliminated war and pain. Their connection to the Link Network brought about seemingly unending peace.

Unfortunately for Zoe, she isn’t like other people. Zoe realized she was a malfunctioning when she began to have her own unique feelings, thoughts and a sense of identity. And then the uncontrollable telekinetic abilities began to manifest, and Zoe knew that others would seek to have her reported and repaired.

To remain hidden, Zoe must control her powers. For that, Zoe seeks out other glitchers, people who understand her plight and have the potential to help her.

Heather Anastasiu’s first book is pretty standard for a young adult novel. You have a girl living in a dystopian future who learns that she is special and must then fight an oppressive force even while struggling to choose between two boys.


Now that Zoe is free from the enslavement of her community, she joins Adrien at the Foundation where she will train to master her powers and fight for freedom with other glitchers.

Zoe and the rest of her team of superhuman warriors are determined to rescue every glitcher they can from oppression. However, mistrust and betrayal threaten everything she has built.

The second novel in the Glitch series is more action packed than the first. Now that Zoe is free, Heather throws her headlong into battle against those that might seek to control her.

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