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No Bad Deed (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Blood Will Tell / Night of the Accident (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Before She Finds Me (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
What We'll Burn Last (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Heather Chavez is an American published author of fiction.

She first pursued her career in writing in college. Chavez enrolled as a student at the University of California at Berkeley, studying writing and literature as part of the program in English literature offered there. She successfully graduated with her degree.

Since that time, Chavez has had a variety of jobs. She has been employed not just as a reporter for the newspaper but also a contributing member and editor of blogs focused on mystery and television. Chavez works for a large health care organization in the field of public affairs. There she composes stories on human interest.

Chavez resides in Santa Rosa, California, along with her family.

Chavez’s big debut in fiction came in 2020 with the release of her highly anticipated fictional novel, titled No Bad Deed. The thriller debuted to high praise from a variety of individuals. Lee Child called the debut ‘sensational’, noting that the book is full of suspense that makes the novel compelling. Linwood Barclay also praised the book, saying that the page-turner will have people that want to be a Good Samaritan reconsidering their decision the next time the opportunity presents itself. Lisa Gardner also had positive words for the book, saying that the thriller is jet-fueled and will have readers abandoning everything to get to the end.

No Bad Deed is the debut fictional novel from Heather Chavez. This is a thriller that is guaranteed to get your heart rate up and keep you turning the page until you find out happens next. The electrifying tale is the story about a mother that is searching to find out what is going on with a spouse that is missing and the horrible revelation of a stalker with ill intentions that appears to already know way too much about her family past. Dark secrets make for a stunning suspense tale that will have fans on Lisa Gardner, Harlan Coben, and Gone Girl’s Gillian Flynn desperate to find out what happens next.

In this novel, readers will meet the main character of Cassie Larkin. She’s an average American woman in every way and has a job and a family. Together they all share an ordinary life in the suburbs. But all of that may be about to change with one fateful night.

It’s night time, and Cassie Larkin is driving through the rain in order to get home. Usually this happens without event, but this night is different. While she is driving, she spots a woman and a man on the road side that are clearly fighting. So she does what she assumes is the best move and calls 911 to get emergency services to come to the scene.

Cassie is a veterinarian for a living and her empathetic nature allows her to care for animals. It’s not that large a jump to think that she would be concerned about these people too. However, witnessing the fight, she makes a decision in the heat of the moment that is about to send everything in high gear and change everything– including her calm life in the suburbs.

She decides that she’s going to get out of the car. It’s not a good idea, but in the split second that she acts, it’s too late to take it back. She exits the minivan and proceeds to chase the man causing the violence so that she can help the woman that he has hurt. She even tries to stop the man physically. That is when he turns to her and says something that chills her to the very bone. He tells Cassie that if she lets the woman die, then he will let her live.

The threat comes out of nowhere, and she’s initially stunned. But her career as a vet and healing others just won’t let her walk away. She can’t abandon this woman, who is not looking like she is in good condition at all. Cassie goes over to the victim of his violence to examine her and see what her injuries are. But in that time, the man jumps in her minivan and steals it.

This is a bad turn of events, but when the vet realizes what is inside, she is horrified. The man already has been violent, and now he has access to everything. He knows her name, and where she lives. He likely has found out that she has kids. This is the worst case scenario. When the police come, they do their best to reassure the shaken vet.

They do tell her that she should be careful. She also finds out the name of the man, who is called Carver Sweet. They tell her that she shouldn’t worry because the man won’t be able to come near her. Even though she wants to believe what they are telling her, Cassie is anything but certain that this is the case. Still, she goes back home and tries not to worry too much about what is clearly an ongoing situation that her gut tells her has not been resolved yet.

The day after the incident happens to be Halloween. Cassie knows that her husband is taking their daughter out. She’s just six years old, and this is a normal trick-or-treat event. Why disrupt ritual for her own fears? However, it appears that her fears are founded when her spouse disappears.

This all seems like a bad dream. The incidents keep piling up, and Cassie is nearly out of her mind with worry. She has no idea what caused her husband to disappear. Was it the actions of Carver Sweet? He has been distant lately, so could it have been an attempt to bow out of their marriage because he’s seeing someone else?

Cassie has no idea if her spouse’s disappearance is the result of the roadside incident or something else entirely. She’s left with nothing but questions. In all of the chaos, she has no idea who to trust. But with her husband missing and possibly in danger, she’s got to find out something. Cassie is on a quest for answers. Is this all connected? Can she find and protect her family? Read No Bad Deed by Heather Chavez to find out!

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