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Heather Dixon Wallwork is a young adult fantasy author that loves to describe herself as a Mary Poppins addict. Apart from her writings she is also an animation artist. She has been a story lead for Disney Interactive and a HarperCollins author for several years. She is also a storyboard artist and animation director. She believes that working as a storyboard artist and animator had been huge for her career in several ways. Dixon has collected tons of references in art when she has been drawing her pictures and this has translated to her fiction writing. When she started writing the manuscript for “Entwined,” her debut novel, she read so many books on princesses, Victorian dancing, Queen Victoria and Victoriana and it is form these that she found the style that she needed. Moreover, the fact that animation artists need to work with groups resulted in mentorship and collaboration processes that have made her more honest and self aware with regard to her work.

Like many creatives, Heather Dixon is a boring person that has said that she would forgo travel just to draw travel poster. She spends much of her day staring at her computer screen and sometimes wandering in and out of rooms forgetting what she had gone in there to do. Growing up in Provo surrounded by ten siblings, she surprisingly developed a love for stories and storytelling. She loved “The Twelve Dancing Princesses” and “Disney’s Cinderella” for their visuals. Dixon was always fascinated by how Cinderella’s clothes transformed into a beautiful outfit and would flip though the picture books of “The Twelve Dancing Princesses” to see the sparkling forests and beautiful dresses. She went to the Brigham Young University in 2007 and graduated with a bachelor in Animation. Since then, she has worked for more than a dozen years in the animation industry revising stories, drawing and writing. “Entwined” her debut novel was first published in 2011.

Heather Dixon was in college and in the midst of the animation and dance classes when she had an idea cross her mind that would not leave her alone. She had grown up with a ton of sisters and loved how fairy tales were so visual and incorporated aspects of dancing. Even though she had never written a novel before, she had penned storyboards and screenplays and thought it could not be that hard. Still, it took her more than five years to learn how to write a novel and she believes she is still in the learning process. “Entwined” did very well and she embarked on her writing career though she still does her drawing and animation as her writing cannot yet fulfill all her financial needs. When she is not drawing animations or writing her novels, she loves bullet journaling, playing the flute and piano, serving in her church and spending time with family. Creating storyboards and comics is also something she almost exclusively does during her free time.

“Entwined” by Heather Dixon tells the story of twelve princesses that just lost their mother and are now mourning with their father the King. The wear black outfits every day and keep the drapes closed to keep out the light. They also do not venture outside to dance, talk to suitors or do anything to lift their spirits. The king is utterly depressed and disheartened by the decease of his queen and beloved wife. He decides to go to war leaving behind the princesses. One of them had been born on the night of the death of the mother and is now saddened and bitter that he is leaving them without warning. While the king is out there fighting a war, the girls find an enchanted staircase that leads to a fascinating stage where they dance their hearts out every single night. They take an oath swearing never to tell anyone where they usually go on their nightly absences. But there is danger in their newly found magical world and they need to find a way to defeat the evil and find the love.

Heather Dixon’s “Illusionarium” is an Arthurian novel set at a time when the British Empire has become so advanced that residents travel by airship and cities float in the air. Jonathan Gouden is a seventeen year old boy who resides in one of the cities in the sky with his father a scientist, Hannah his feisty sister and his mother. He is looking forward to going to college where he intends to further his father’s legacy of scientific innovation though at the moment there is nothing going on in his life. But then Fata Morgana his home city is struck by Venen, a mysterious disease that kills everyone that gets it in less than a week. The epidemic soon claims the Queen and his sister and mother also fall sick. Meanwhile, his father is under pressure from the King to find a cure. The King has been told by Lady Florel one of his most prominent advisors that fantilium a hallucinogen is the best best antidote even if it produces marvelous hallucinations. Dr. Gouden risk death if he does not comply but he knows that the plant has terrible after effects soon after he follows Lady Florel to Nod’ol a looking glass version reminiscent of Arthurise. In that world, everyone is addicted to the drug and act like zombies.

In “The Enchanted Sonata” by Heather Dixon, the lead is introduced as Clara, a girl that is certain about what she wants in life. She believes she has made plans for everything until a mysterious present on the Eve of Christmas takes her to an enchanted land. She finds herself on a wild adventure playing with a life-size nutcracker and fighting rats. She has always prided herself on being very independent but knows that she will have to get help if she is not to miss the concert that will change her life. Will she be able to use the nutcracker to get out of the situation before it is too late and her dreams are lost forever? It is a bizarre but interesting story full of cries and laughter that tells the Nutcracker story from a very new and refreshing perspective.

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