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An American writer of Young Adult fiction in the science-fiction vein, the novelist Heather Hansen is well known for her unique brand of dystopic fiction aimed at a younger market which, whilst there are many currently residing within the genre, hers stands out thanks to its idiosyncratic take upon the genre, as she infuses it with her own voice and style, one which brings out a whole new side of the format that’s previously been unexplored. Largely known for creating the ‘Split City’ series of novels, she has come a long way in a relatively short amount of time, largely thanks to her use of atmosphere and ambiance that really allows the cityscape to come alive within the novel, evoking a sense of scale and grandeur for the reader. Her use of characters as well manages to capture the attention of the readers, as it brings them to life off the page, giving them a real sense of immediacy and urgency, making the novels fell extremely contemporary and relevant to the current times. With a background in writing mysteries as well, she knows how to engage the reader instantly, keeping the guessing throughout, whilst also lulling them into a false sense of security, one which, when unveiled, really capture them and the imagination. A genuinely unpredictable writer, she is highly regarded because of her devotion to both her world-building and that of the inhabitants, as her audience get an idea of what it’s really like in their mind’s eye. This is what has seen her quickly become one of the most successful authors currently working within her field to date, setting the template for many other up-and-coming aspiring writers to follow in her footsteps. Clearly putting forwards a distinctive voice and a sense of who she is as a writer, she manages to draw the reader in with her compelling and finely tuned narrative style.

Early and Personal Life

Born in California in the United States, Heather Hansen always dreamed of being a writer and, as the youngest child of five, she would write her first novel during the seventh grade. Creating a murder mystery novel she was initially intrigued by the writing of Agatha Christie, a style which would continue to stay with her throughout her life. Over years she would hone this skill as, writing that book, she could never figure out who the murderer was herself, opting instead to spend the majority of the book gruesomely killing her characters.

Over the course of her education she would refine this skill, becoming more versatile as a writer, along with attending California State University Fullerton, whereby she got a degree in English. Later traveling the world with her husband, a retired marine, she would most enjoy their time living in Okinawa in Japan, an experience which really helped to inspire her. Putting her time back into her writing she would go on to create some highly engrossing and successful novels, something which she continues to this present day, as there’s plenty more set to come yet.

Writing Career

It was in 2017 that she would bring out her first novel titled ‘The Breaking Light’, a title which would also be the first in her ongoing ‘Split City’ series of novels. This was quickly followed up with ‘The Stolen Sky’ later that year, as it continued directly on from the previous, using many of tropes of dystopian science-fiction and turning them on their head. This would then establish as a definite writer to watch, marking her as a firm favorite among both other writers and readers, as well as with the many critics as well.

With a clear eye for the look and feel of her future worlds, she also has a clear affection with her characters, as she uses romance to underpin the action. Featuring action alongside contemporary romance is something which she excels at, as she makes it her own, allowing neither to obstruct the overall story, keeping it both fresh and highly compelling in the process. Continuing to write full-time, it’s clear that she won’t be stopping any time soon, as she manages to create worlds and visions of the future that are unsurpassed by other writers, as it’s clear that there’s a lot more planned on the horizon.

The Breaking Light

Brought out in 2017 on the first of April, this was the first book to come out in the ‘Split City’ series of novels, as well as being the debut novel from Heather Hansen as an author. Released through the ‘Skyscape’ publishing platform, this would set the overall premise up, as well as introducing the characters for the first time too. Establishing the atmosphere and the tone, it would allow the reader to really gain a sense of what’s to come in the many novels that were set to follow from Hansen as an author, giving her a strong voice and presence in the Young Adult genre for a long time to come.

With sunlight being metered out to only those that are considered to be the elite of society, Arden is at the bottom rung living in the darkness of the Undercity. She has access to the city above, though, as her sister is the leader of a fearsome gang, granting her access. Whist up above she meets Dade, a young teenager like herself, but was born into a life of privilege, despite facing an upcoming arranged marriage. Will the two of them break away from it all? Can they overcome the upcoming class war? What will they do to make it towards the breaking light?

The Stolen Sky

It was not long after the first novel that this was brought out, as it sets up the second title in the ongoing ‘Split City’ franchise, following on directly from the previous title. Continuing in much the same vein as before, this was initially brought out in December on the 5th in 2017, as it was released only several months after the first. Using the ‘Skyscape’ publishing outlet once again, this would provide some exciting twists and turns all of its very own, not only developing the action and the characters, but keeping the readers guessing constantly throughout as well.

With the city burning around them Dade and Arden must escape those that are pursuing them. The ruling Solizen that operate in the city below have become a lot more calculating though. That’s when Dade and Arden find that they must infiltrate a facility of the Solizen if they ever hope to make it out alive. Will their love keep them safe? Can the make it alive? What will become of the stolen sky?

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