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The Bone Garden (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Forest of Stars (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Plentiful Darkness (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Heather Kassner is a published author that specializes in writing children’s fiction.

Heather is a big fan of many things, including books, hummingbirds, and thunderstorms. She is married to her husband and together they reside in the United States in Arizona. There they constantly seem to be waiting around for the rain to come.

She first realized that she loved books and writing when she was younger as her grandmother always read her Grimm fairy tales. Her grandmother was a school librarian and something about those magical and sometimes dark stories fueled Heather’s love of both writing and reading. Today another of her hobbies is taking photographs of hummingbirds in addition to reading stories and writing a few strange ones of her own sometimes. The author also loves cats, sleeping, dreaming, eating Mexican food, traveling, spending time with family, and hanging out at home.

Heather Kassner is the author of her first novel, The Bone Garden. The novel was released first for readers to enjoy in 2019. While it would not be the first book written by this author, it did have the distinct honor of being the first one that she ever finished! Heather came up with the idea for the book with the inception of the first sentence and the world grew from there. She would follow that up with her second fictional novel, titled The Forest of Stars. That was followed by her third novel, The Plentiful Darkness. Her advice to writers is to put pen to paper and write down any ideas as quickly as you can once you have them. That way you will never forget them.

The Bone Garden is the debut novel from the author Heather Kassner. If you love fantasy books with a touch of the spooky and full of adventure, check this novel out!

This is the story about a girl that is made out of imagination, bone, and dust, and she’s looking for the truth regarding why she was brought to life and he magic that did it. Readers get to meet the enchantingly brave girl for the first time in this debut. Her name is Irreelle.

The one think that Irreelle is scared about is the idea that she might not be real. That’s because it’s vaguely true. When it comes to life, only the finest of all the magical threads keeps her tied there and close to Miss Vesper. She was created by this woman, who is cruel by her nature to this girl that she has made. She tries to make her happy, but it seems that nothing she does ever comes close to satisfying her.

Meanwhile, pleasing her creator is also the least of her problems as she knows that the thread is coming lose. She can tell by the way that she does things. When she goes to get bone dust, she notes that she is overly forgetful. She comes back from the cemetery’s dark passages but does so slowly. She has crooked bones, but doesn’t mind them. Things are slowly but surely starting to fall apart.

Then she commits a mistake that may eventually be unforgivable. A creature that had been brought to life just recently may have been scary, but she destroyed it, making a huge error. Her creator says that she’s going to consider imagining Irreelle away and make the act complete. That’s when she decides that she’s going to stand up to her creator and leave, fleeing to the graveyard’s underside and going on her own adventure.

Can Irreelle discover the magic that is able to make bones come to life? Will she go back to dust and cease to exist? Find out by picking up a copy of this magical and mysterious novel! If you’re a fan of works by Neil Gaiman, Holly Black, Katherine Arden, or Jonathan Auxier, and Grimm fairy tales or other fantasy stories, check out this imaginative debut work from Heather Kassner and see what you think.

The Forest of Stars is the second fantasy book to come out from Heather Kassner in a story that others say dazzles! The story also features illustrations done by artist Iz Ptica.

This is the story of a girl who is able to float with the stars that is at a carnival looking for her father. Louisa LaRoche was left to her own devices when her mother died, and didn’t have the benefit of having two parents to watch over her. So every night she turns to the sky to look for her father.

A long time ago, a strong wind came through the town ad stole him on his untamed magic, and his daughter has the same magic within her to this day. It feels that she is made out of light bones that are hollow and has air inside of her and she finds that when she’s flying, her feet just don’t seem to be on the ground the same way.

Louisa continues to watch the skies, but doesn’t see her father up there so far. But when she is walking along the street one day, she spots an invitation made out of black and gold design. Could this invitation be a stroke of good luck? She can hardly believe it when she looks closer and finds out that it is a ticket that will let her into the Carnival Beneath the Stars.

Louisa is very excited because she thinks that if there is one place that her father could be, this might be it. Maybe if she goes there and searches among the crowds of people, she will be able to discover him at last. There among the feats being done he may be one of those people in the crowd, waiting for her to find him.

But once she gets there, things quickly start going wrong. An act on a tightrope ends horribly, and suspicions are running high. Does she want to step into that open role and become a performer? Does she trust this carnival that seems to have darkness attached to it? Find out what she does by picking up a copy of this book!

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