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A Moment of Bliss (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Date with Desire (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Taste of Temptation (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

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No One Like You (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Something Blue (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Second Chance at the Orchard Inn (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Describing herself as a mild mannered corporate employee during the day and a glamorous novelist by night, Heather McGovern is an American author who writes contemporary romance novels. She was born in Upstate, California where she spent most of her childhood. She moved Charlestone in her teenage years where she attended the College of Charlestone, graduating with a Bachelors of Science in Biology. Unlike many authors, Heather never grew up thinking that she wanted to become an author. All she ever wanted to do was slosh around swamps in gumboots as a herpetologist, capturing and studying frogs. It was not long before she decided that working in a laboratory or going back to university for eight years more of study held no appeal. She was soon back in Upstate from where she still lives and writes her contemporary romance novels. When she is not writing she can be found playing video games with her son, which she asserts, gives her the opportunity to be what she always wanted to be – Wonder Woman. She also loves to talk about men, makeup, fashion, fandoms, and books, all of which she blogs about at her Bad Girlz Write and the M Shelf Diaries blogs. She is also an active member of the Romance Writers of America.

Heather McGovern’s path to becoming a published author has been long and winding. She began writing professionally in 2009, but was forced to put a pause to it when she fell pregnant. She resumed work on a small paranormal series in 2011. In the meantime, she teamed up with a friend with whom she wrote a contemporary murder mystery just for fun, that they ended up submitting to a number of publishing houses. The novel was so good that all the publishers wanted to publish it. The paranormal contemporary novel was published under the pseudonym Sam Morgan. While she started out in the paranormal romance genre, she has been gravitating toward contemporary romance. The Honeywilde series of novels, which she published with Kensington, is the most popular of her series of novels. She gravitated towards romance mostly because of the happily ever after themes and the sex which she is fond of. For McGovern stories that deal with the realities of adulthood tend to be too much work as opposed to the warm fuzzy feelings of the romance novel. She stumbled into the writing of contemporary romance, which she normally read as an escape from the drudgery of everyday life. She soon realized that she could write the very same stories and make the lives of other people like her, even more enjoyable. With the legendary Nicole Resciniti of The Seymour Agency as her agent, she hopes to do some young adult fiction in the future; as she believes nothing is better than the sultry sex scenes and love of the YA.

Heather McGovern’s Honeywilde novels are set in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. While the novels have different characters, which mean they can be read as standalones, all of them happen at the Honeywilde Inn an old hotel on the slopes of the picturesque mountains. The novels are light hearted and entertaining romantic tales that will keep you turning the pages. While the novels follow the basic unexpected romantic meetings between a man and a woman who try to deny their attraction, McGovern makes it interesting by making the characters so different, thus giving each novel a unique twist. Hopping from love at first sight to the reigniting of an old flame, to tension filled dramatic escapades, Heather develops the chemistry between the lead characters with tactful precision that precipitates a delicious tension. The novels are fun and fast-paced romance stories packed with witty dialogue, humorous interactions, and engaging characters with buried pasts and long hidden secrets that surface to bring forth sweet romance. The vivid descriptions of the beautiful mountain resort make one long for the sounds and sights of the picturesque locale, which offer an excellent backdrop to the romance narratives.

A Moment of Bliss, the first novel of the A Honeywilde Romance novels introduces the Honeywilde Inn, a dream romantic getaway run by the squabbling Bradley siblings. No stranger to responsibility, Roark Bradley runs the inn just as he raised his younger siblings while his parents worked 16-hour days building the family business. Determined to restore the inn back to its former glories, he immediately takes up the chance to host the nuptials of a celebrity couple brought to him by an event planner. He knows the event that would thrust the inn back into the limelight, if only he was not interested in pursuing a no strings attached relationship with the event planner. Madison Kline is done with romance and weddings – she only plans them instead. She had made some grave mistakes in her younger days, which had made her swear off love and all it entailed. But as she works with the broad-shouldered and bold Roark to plan the celebrity couple’s big day, she cannot escape the tension between them. Could either of them sacrifice their workaholic ways and hard-won independence for a chance at love?

Date With Desire is the second novel of the Honeywilde romance series set in the Honeywilde Inn, North Carolina. The Honeywilde Inn has a no dating guest’s policy and no one should know this better than Devlin Bradley, the younger son of the Bradley family that owns the inn. But Devlin has always been known as the rebellious Bradley sibling, and the town’s most notorious troublemaker. That being said, the new guest from Atlanta seems to have captivated the imagination of the Black Sheep of the family, who true to nature seems destined to risk disappointing his family yet again. Anna Martel has visited the inn to find some relaxation away from the bustling city life. Her therapist has informed her that she needs to get some rest or else she would experience a spectacular breakdown from overwork. But staying away from her work, which she has unsurprisingly brought along, will not be easy unless she finds a distraction. Enter Devlin, a fine looking devil with a slow sexy smile that melts her heart even though her mind tells her that all he is a distraction. But will her heart reconcile itself to that fact?

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    I have not heard of Heather McGovern. However a friend lent me SECOND CHANCE AT THE ORCHARD INN.
    I really enjoy the book and went right away to Libby to find another. But not to be found. I hope this get remedied quickly.


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