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Heather Walter
Author Heather Walter has been telling stories for as long as she can recall. She is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin with both Information Science and English degrees, books are (and always will be) a definitive aspect of her life.

She is a native Southerner that hates the heat. She is a former English teacher and a librarian. Possibly it is because she is surrounded by all those stories all day long that she started to sit down and write them herself. She can be found plotting, at any given moment.

Heather, as an author, loves writing about flawed protagonists, what-ifs, and re-imagined history. Her favorite characters are usually the villains of a story. She likes the villains the most because they represent pieces of ourselves that we sometimes do not like admitting are there. They follow paths that we may wish we could take, and love them for it.

When she isn’t busy writing, you can find her reading (obviously), bingeing television, knitting, and planning out her next travel adventure.

She notices one thing in many of the classic fairy tales like “Sleeping Beauty” or any one of those Grimm stories, is there’s usually a resounding message. This message is for female readers to wait. Wait to be told what to do, and wait for your man/prince to come to you. Wait to be rescued, but in the meantime clean the house while you do it. This is a message that is alive and well today, as Heather never started questioning the roles of female characters in these stories until her mid-twenties which says a lot.

With “Malice”, Heather was hoping to create a cast of female characters that were not waiting around to be told what to do. Whether their actions are “bad” or “good”, these characters own them. Her message with the book is: not to wait. Take your own fate into your hands rather than just pin it onto somebody else.

She was also wondering about why the dark fairy would lock a total stranger in a tower for a hundred years. And the only plausible answer she was able to come up with was that the princess was no stranger to her whatsoever. The one thing that could instigate such an extreme reaction was love.

Heather’s debut novel, called “Malice”, was released in the year 2021. Her work is from the fantasy genre.

“Malice” is the first novel in the “Malice Duology” series and was released in the year 2021. The princess is not supposed to fall for some evil sorceress. However in this darkly magical retelling of “Sleeping Beauty”, true love is much more complex than just a simple fairy tale.

Once upon a time, there was this wicked fairy that cursed a line of princesses to die, and could just be broken by true love’s kiss. Everyone’s heard this one before, right? The handsome prince. And the happily-ever-after. Total nonsense. For one thing, nobody actually cares about what happens to these princesses. Alyce thought she did not care, either. Not until she met her, anyway.

Princess Aurora, the final heir to the throne. The future queen that her realm needs. One that is not bothered that Alyce is the Dark Grace, feared and abhorred for the mysterious dark magic which runs through her veins. Aurora says Alyce should be proud of her gifts, and that she cares for Alyce. Even though it was a power like hers that was responsible for Aurora getting cursed.

However with less than a year until that curse will kill her, any future that Alyce may see with Aurora is quickly disintegrating, and she cannot stand to kiss even one more insipid prince. Alyce wants to help her out. If it was her power that started Aurora’s curse, possibly it’s what can lift it, too. Possibly, together, they could forge a new world. That’s just more nonsense, because everybody knows how this story ends, right? Aurora is the gorgeous, while Alyce… she’s the villain of this story.

This is a clever and truly original retelling of a classic story which had some fans racing to the very end of the story, which is one that is sure to make you to never look at “Sleeping Beauty” the same way again. She’s turned this classic fairy tale inside out, revealing some hidden layers of emotion, history, and meaning.

This is a book to savor with its tempting sapphic romance, some lively characters, and a richly built world. Heather delivers readers the wicked and dark heart of a fairy tale which has been carved into a novel, one that is vicious, magic, and beautiful.

With every turn, this story grows deliciously darker, and fairy tales of all ages are sure to be thrilled with this one.

“Misrule” is the second novel in the “Malice Duology” and was released in the year 2022. Did they break the curse, or start one? Sleeping Beauty’s dark sorceress reclaims her story in this sequel.

The Dark Grace is dead now. Despised and feared for the sinister in her veins, Alyce has spent a century wreaking her revenge on the kingdom that went and made her an outcast. Once a realm of beauty and decadence, Briar’s now wholly Alyce’s wicked domain. Nobody escapes the consequences of her wrath. Not even the single person that holds her heart.

Princess Aurora was able to see right through Alyce’s thorny facade, and earning a love which promised the dawn of a new age. However this love came with a rather heavy price: Aurora sleeps under this curse which even Alyce’s own vast powers can’t seem to break through, and their dream of the world they would’ve built together is now nothing but a pile of ash.

Alyce makes a vow to do anything she can to wake the woman that she loves, even if this means descending into the monster that Briar believed she was. However could Aurora ever actually love the villain Alyce has turned into? Or is true love just for fairy tales?

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