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Publication Order of Heather Wells Books

Size 12 Is Not Fat (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
Size 14 Is Not Fat Either (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
Big Boned / Size Doesn't Matter (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Size 12 and Ready to Rock (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Bride Wore Size 12 / Size 12 is the New Black (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon

Meg Cabot is a well-established novelist who hails from Bloomington, Indiana. As one of the most successive writers, Cabot has penned down over 5 highly successful novel series in the Romance, Young Adult, Fiction and Literature genres. A majority of Cabot’s book series have been featured in several bestsellers list such as the New York Times, which in turn has increased Meg Cabot’s popularity. Meg Cabot was born in the year 1967 as Meggin Patricia Cabot. Due to the fact that Meg Cabot was born in the Chinese Firehorse Astrological year, she was considered to be unlucky by other people. However, very few people were aware of Meg Cabot’s stigma until she became a young teenager. The bad luck that is associated with the Chinese Firehorse year began to show itself when Meg Cabot failed twice in her algebra examination.

Cabot spent more than six years taking her undergraduate course at the renowned Indiana University. She later on moved to the city of New York, where she began working as an illustrator. Since luck was not on her side, Meg Cabot failed miserably at her new job as well. During her early years at the University, Meg Cabot used to spend her majority of her time, writing stories. It did not take long before Meg Cabot decided to give writing a try after she notices that she was failing miserably at everything that she was doing. During the initial stages of her career, Meg Cabot had an exceedingly difficult time, since she was not only struggling to pay her rent but also earn a living as well. To raise her rent, Meg Cabot had to worked on numerous jobs such as the assistant manager for one of the dormitories at the renowned New York University that consisted of more than 700 beds.

As one of the most successful authors, Meg Cabot has penned down more than 50 books for adults as well as teenagers. Cabot’s books have sold more than 15 million copies throughout the world. Furthermore, the books have also been featured in numerous bestsellers list. Meg Cabot has written using several pseudonyms such as Patricia Cabot, Jenny Carol and Meggin Cabot as well. One of the most famous books that Meg Cabot has ever penned down is The Princess Diaries, which became exceedingly popular throughout the world and has been published in more than 30 countries. These novels have been adapted into screenplay by Disney Motion pictures.

Heather Wells Series

Size 12 is not Fat is the first book in the Heather Wells book series. In this book, the author Meg Cabot introduces the readers to Heather Wells, an ex-teen rocker, who has fallen down due to tough times. Heather has not only lost a recording contract but she has also lost her boyfriend. Furthermore, her maternal mother has disappeared without any trace with Heather’s lifetime savings. Her mother has fled to another country and Heather has also added a little bit of weight, thereby making her a size 12. Heather in turn decides to change her life forever and now she is residing in the top floor. The price that heather has to pay is to do, the detective agency’s books for the agency that belongs to his ex-boyfriend’s brother. Heather on the other is pursuing a bachelor’s degree, which she funds, by working as an assistant Dorm Director at one of the city’s top college.

However, when one of the students dies in one of the dormitories that she is in charge of, Heather cannot easily understand why the death occurred as the others do. Heather not only knows the kids but she also knows that the elevator surfing is done by both girls and guys as well. Eventually, another body is found and Heather decides that if not one is going to listen to her explanation, she is going to conduct her very own investigation. Heather begins her investigation by asking lots of questions and it does not take long before she begins assembling her own theory of the same. The only challenge is that will knowing who the killer is place, Heather’s life in danger? With that said, Heather is quite an engaging protagonist. The author, Meg Cabot has used a hilarious narrative style and her unique take on the world in turn makes this instalment quite an exceptional debut.

Big Boned is the third book in the Heather Wells book series. In this book, life has been reasonably rosy for the ex-pop star. Her ex-con dad has finally decided that he is relocating to another place. Heather is still attracted to her good-looking proprietor, Cooper Cartwright. However, her rebound relationship with vegan math professor is quite satisfactory. As luck would have it, no one has died recently in what came to be known as Death Dorm. Death Dorm is the nickname that heather’s dormitory was given. However, as it is expected, every silver lining usually has some black cloud attached somewhere. It does not take long before another death body clusters her jurisdiction. As it turned out, the body belonged to her unlovable boss.

This time around, Heather finds herself on the list of the prime suspects of the murder together with the boyfriend of the student’s assistant. Another prime suspect in this investigation is the exceedingly young campus minister who has been accused of taking liberties with specific girls who are part of the school choir. With that said, despite the fact that this is an easy read, the author, Meg Cabot has still managed to weave an exceedingly clever mystery into the book, such as the answers are not going to leap from the page to the reader. There is so much that takes place in Big Boned such that the mystery does not overshadow the precedent of the story.

If you are a fan of chic lit books and if you also love books that are full of humour, good-looking roommates and the scatty heroines who work in creepy environments, then you should definitely read big boned. Overall, the characterisation in this book is exceedingly great as the book is full of both lovable and unlovable characters. The characters are real and the reader is definitely going to fall in love with them. If you have read the previous books in the Heather Wells book series, then you are definitely going to fall in love with Big Boned as well.

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