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Publication Order of Heaven Sent Books

Heaven Sent (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
Heaven Bound (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Heaven's Ghost (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sons of Heaven (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Ring of Death and Heaven's Power were re-published into Heaven's Ghost.

Well known worldwide for his well written and engaging Christian stories that not only resonate with people of faith, but with people of all backgrounds, the American writer Montre Bible is extremely highly regarded for his in-depth stories that draw the reader in and hold them there, keeping them hooked throughout. This is something that he’s been doing his whole life, dedicating himself to his craft, as he self-publishes his novels, making a name for himself as writer of modern contemporary fiction. Over the years this has seen him not only come to be popular with the general public, but with his many peers and contemporaries alike, having made a strong name for himself throughout the industry. Not only writing novels, but writing a number of articles too, he’s become a success story in the world of publishing, one that he’s manage to achieve all on his very own. This will ensure his success for years to come as well, as he puts out work at an ever rapid and consistent pace, maintaining a strong presence both online as well as off. It is under his name that he has created a large quantity of successful series too, with each installment being eagerly met with both anticipation and excitement. One particular series that he’s definitely well known for is that of his ‘Heaven Sent’ series, this being what has made up the majority of his writing career so far. Offering a clear insight into who he is as a writer and what he has to offer, this series has become a firm favorite within the world of Christian fiction. Not only that, but it has also been met with open arms outside of that circle too, as millions of readers globally of all beliefs have warmed to the series over time too. Using biblical references and ideas, this series follows the lead protagonist Andrew, as he finds himself gradually coming to terms with being the son of a human and a fallen half-angel. This then gives him powers that are initially beyond his understanding and, it soon transpires, that he must use his powers for good if he is to go by the grace of god. Trying to keep himself on the path of the righteous, he must ensure that he fights for the virtues of truth and justice, whilst trying to remain true to his faith. Faced with a series of difficulties, this is to be harder than he initially expected, with a constant barrage of test and challenges facing him. Dealing with Nephilim and all manner of biblical creatures and forces, this is fantasy series from a highly definitive viewpoint, and one that speak to many. Taking place over a number of books, it manages to create a saga that combines both character and story, playing them off of each other to thrilling effect. Clearly understanding his audience and what it is that he wants to ultimately want to say, Montre Bible has created a series that really draws the reader in and speaks to them directly. With room to expand on the series, this franchise ensures that Montre Bible is definitely a writer to watch in the following years to come.

Running for over four books so far and counting, this series started out in 2005 with the book ‘Heaven Sent’, which was the debut novel from Montre Bible himself. Later he would follow this up in 2007 with the sequel ‘Heaven Bound’, along with ‘The Ring of Death’ in 2011, and ‘Heaven’s Power’ that same year. A self-contained series, it manages to incorporate a number of different religious ideas, whilst also remaining highly entertaining in the process too.

Heaven Sent

Brought out through the ‘Walk Worthy Press’ publishing label, this would be the first book in the ‘Heaven Sent’ series. Originally published in 2005 on the 19th of April, it would work at establishing the story and the characters. Setting everything up it would build the ambiance and the tone, whilst also providing a clear message from the author.

Born as the descendant of a half-angel along with a human, Andrew must now contend with his legacy at a young age. Dealt with superpowers of his own, he must now go on a spiritual journey of his own, with his twin broth and long-lost father, in order to find out who he really is and what he’s truly capable of. That’s when his family is threatened with a set of dark forces that look set to consume not only those around him, but his entire soul too. Will he be able deal with this danger? Can he find who he really is? How will he cope with being heaven sent?

Heaven Bound

This time released through ‘Urban Books’, this book would pick-up from where the last left off. Carrying on in much the same vein as before, it would come out two years later in 2007 on the 1st of October to much acclaim. Developing the characters and the story, it would provide some exciting twists and turns along the way.

This time finding the journal of his mother, Andrea, the young Andrew must now contend with the truth that she was a Nephilim; a half-angel, half-human. Seen through her eyes whilst she was at college, he reads her final words to him, as she attempted to make her peace with the world, using her powers in the service of god. Facing a spiritual path much like his own, Andrew sees reflections of his own path in that of his mothers, whilst also finding out more on his real father; Dony El. Will he find out where his path really lies? Can he remain true? Is he heaven bound?

The Heaven Sent Series

A quality example of its genre, this is definitely a must for any fans of the Christian fiction, as well as newcomers too, with its universal appeal to people of all faiths and non-faiths alike. With something for everyone, there’s plenty here to keep the reader engaged, with its compelling narrative and finely tuned characters running throughout. Showing no signs of disappearing anytime soon, this series is one that will continue to live on for quite some time to come, with more and more readers discovering it every day.v

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