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Publication Order of Hector Cross Books

The name ‘Hector Cross’ refers to a series of action-adventure thriller novels written by Wilbur Smith. The books follow the exploits of a former SAS officer who is drawn into the rivalries surrounding a wealthy family.

+The Story
Hector Cross made quite a name for himself in the SAS. And after a lifetime of mayhem and death, rather than seeking out peace as a civilian, Hector saw fit to put his skills to good use by starting Cross Bow, a security firm whose job it is to protect the rich and famous from those deadly elements that might seek to bring them harm.

Hector’s world takes a turn for the worst when he meets Hazel Bannock. When they are first introduced to one another in ‘Those in Peril’, the first of the Hector Cross novels, Hazel is a wealthy woman and the heir to the Bannock Oil Fortune.

The Bannock Oil Corporation was founded by Henry Bannock. Before Henry wedded Hazel, he was married to Marlena. At that time, Marlena had a son called Carl by way of a German Gestapo Officer.

When Henry married Marlena, he adopted Carl as his own, eventually elevating him to the position of company director of Bannock Oil Corporation. By the time Hector meets Hazel, she has since become a widow.

Hector has no knowledge of the drama that unfolded behind the curtains of the Bannock family household. He doesn’t know that Carl was certified a genius from fairly early on.

He is certainly unaware of the cruel tendencies the boy manifested at a young age, not to mention the years he spent sexually abusing his sisters to the point of driving them to insanity.

Hector is ignorant of the hate and the rage that has been stewing within Carl’s heart ever since the truth of his sexual perversions was brought to light and he lost everything: his reputation, his place in the company, the adoration of his peers and his freedom.

As such, he is unable to prepare for the train of vengeance and fury that descends on his head. By the time the hero meets Hazel, he is a little too preoccupied with the widow’s missing daughter.

The pair is drawn into one another’s company when Somali pirates take Cayla Bannock and demand a hefty sum of 20 billion dollars. Fortunately for Hazel, her company had already contracted Cross Bow Security, which meant that she had the time, money, and resources of Hector Cross at her disposal.

The Hector Cross series essentially explores the drama that unfolds once Hector and Hazel stumble into one another’s circles. Hector is immediately attracted to Hazel. Strong, feisty and independent, the widow is unlike any woman he has ever met, more than capable of standing up to the former SAS operative and challenging his every decision.

On her part, Hazel finds Hector absolutely alluring. The alpha male has a unique strength about him, a power that makes her feel safe. And the fact that he isn’t afraid to cross the line to do the right thing assures her that she can rely on him.

What starts out as a simple business contract between a wealthy widow and her security man as they attempt to rescue her daughter evolves into a fiery romance of epic proportions which, in turn, places Hector Cross in the line of fire for all the Bannock family drama he inadvertently inherits when he marries Hazel.

The Hector Cross books are the most unpopular Wilbur Smith has ever written. The series has been described as a gross, over-exaggerated mess. His most severe critics believe that the author spends too much time describing sex in the Cross series.

If that wasn’t bad enough, the author goes to great lengths to delve into the most deviant sexual perversions literary fiction has ever produced. The rape scenes abound and for no other reasons than to shock.

The villains are over the top and their objectives, plans, and intentions require a suspension of disbelief. The protagonists are fairly typical for Wilbur Smith fiction. The heroes are strong, extraordinarily handsome alpha males with all the physical and mental prowess in the world. The women are gorgeous, strong, and witty.

And as tends to happen in most Wilbur Smith books, things in the Hector Cross series get really dark; though, even the most enthusiastic fans of the author will tell you that Wilbur Smith goes the extra mile to make his stories truly bleak this time around.

Whenever positive opinions about this series arise, they mention the rapid pace, well-defined characters and larger than life villains.

+The Author
Wilbur Smith was born in South Africa in 1933. He lived a varied life in Africa during which he witnessed the best and the worst the continent had to offer. Initially determined to pursue journalism, Smith was convinced by his father to become an accountant because the profession was the more practical option.

When the author finally tried his hand at fiction, he found that he had plenty of stories to tell about Africa.

+Those in Peril
Hazel Bannock never truly appreciated the dangers that came with being heir to an oil corporation. But then her daughter was taken from her by Somali pirates and now she must contemplate parting with 20 Billion dollars to get her back.

She doesn’t even know for sure that paying the ransom will grant Cayla Bannock her freedom. It is for that reason that Hazel turns to Hector Cross, the founder of Cross Bow Security.

Hazel puts her hopes in the former SAS’s hands, hoping that the fighting man has what it takes to do what the major international powers have failed.

+Vicious Cycle
Hector Cross was happy to put his fighting days behind him when he married Hazel Bannock, a wealthy heiress. He thought he had finally found the happiness so many sought but never truly acquired.

So when a tragedy throws his life into disarray, Hector does not hesitate to rain hell down upon the heads of those responsible. Gathering a team of formidable operatives, Hector begins a journey that will see him hunt down the men looking to threaten the well-being of his daughter.

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