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Publication Order of erilaR Books

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Publication Order of The Thrice Named Man Books

Hector Miller is an author of historical fiction best known for his Erila R. and Thrice Named Man book series. He quit his corporate world in 2016, where he worked as a detribalized Chartered Accountant. The author writes books he craves to read but has not found on the market.
He currently lives on the Garden Route in South Africa with his family. He loves reading historical novels, and when not reading or writing books, you will find him hiking and drinking wine.

Scythian is the debut novel in The Thrice Named Man series. The events in the story happen in 225 AD when the Roman Empire is on the edge of a precipice. Only a strong man can return things to normal by doing the impossible.

The author introduces the young man, Lucius Domitius Aurelianus, who has no idea of his heritage but has knowledge of the sword and bow. He was trained for years and put to the test after leaving Rome with his father. Lucius grows up in strange environments surrounded by brutal men.
Despite his coming from a humble home emerges, and everyone believes he is the person to change history. Lucius and his father, Nik, escape the enemies when their farm is raided. They find help in Rome among the Roxolani, the horse warriors living in the land of Scythia.
Nik shows his real identity and his major role in the fate of the empire. The Barbarians welcome the boy and accept him into their warrior lifestyle. However, they don’t know that a storm is coming to the tribes after the warlike goths swift to the west approaching Rome. Lucius is promoted to the distant Huns to make the tribal bonds stronger to fight the invaders.

Along the way, Lucius meets a mysterious stranger who later becomes his mentor and friend. He is a man determined to make the Empire succeed. To survive the brutal Huns and the onslaught of the Goths, the boy becomes a great warrior with the help of the gods. But will the half-barbarian boy succeed in saving his people, or might his destiny be in a different place?

Lucius is a great warrior, grasping each skill he’s taught while surviving the brutal training of barbarians. He not only gets trained by the Huns but also meets a Chinese warrior who teaches him the Dao and the warrior’s ways.
The story is breathtaking and engrossing from the beginning to the end. The pace is good with characters who make the reader flip pages with a lot of wit and dark humor.

Emperor Aurelian resisted the fall of the Empire and was credited with navigating the chaos of the third century. His short-term victory allowed Rome to shock for another century. Could a man from a humble background bring such a change? Aurelian was to rise past the ranks of the legions to the highest position in power.

Hector Miller does a fantastic job of showing the reader how he rose. The story is well-written, capturing the readers’ imagination and interest.

Legionary is the second novel in The Thrice Named Man series. In this installment, the story picks up from where the first one left as Lucius returns to Sirmium but this time as a warrior. He has become more confident and has sacrificed his birthright to save people from his motherland.
This time he’s wealthy, to a point no one can believe however, his life is incomplete, with no joy in joining the Roman legion as a poor foot soldier. This decision might have placed him in the ranks for 20 years with very little to no chance of advancement.
The decision is made because Lucius realizes that it’s only when he’s participating in a war that he’s happy. The Roman Legion is a realistic career even when he knows Rome has not been kind to his family.

Within a short period, Lucius is discovered that he’s not an ordinary soldier, allowing him to use his extraordinary skill to help the Romans save their borders.

He enrolls in legions stationed on the Danubian frontier and makes a name for himself as the barbarian tribes attack the border. His heritage and bravery make him a favorite of the barbaric emperor, Maximinus Thrax.

He is later sent to the Goths to plan for a peace paid for with gold, but unfortunately, he finds a new enemy who’s brutal than anything he had faced before. They are the wolf warriors of the Heruli. Soon he starts getting attracted to a Gothic princess whose brother is destined to become the bane of Rome. Lucius returns to more danger as the Empire goes into a cruel civil war, and he’s left with no chance but to flee and choose royalties; he risks everything precious in his life. Can he beat all odds and defy the might of the legions?
Hector Miller introduces the Roman provinces allowing readers to travel to different lands as Marcus does his military training. Legionary is an appealing story with excellent character development. The characters are flawed, which makes them more realistic.

The author uses strong secondary characters, setting in exciting venues. There are also exotic and believable cultures slightly different from those in the previous book. He also grasps the warfare in the late Roman era. There is also a good grasp of weapons, tactics, fighting styles, their matching strengths and weaknesses, and motivations.

Additionally, the period of Roman history was intriguing enough to keep readers engaged. The author explores new cultures, Vikings, and Goths, exposing Roman politics. The different tribes give exciting twists, especially regarding backstabbing and betrayal. The romantic angle is hinted at in a simple but effective way.

The series of God-inspired solutions Lucius gets takes jeopardy out of things. Characters are fleshed out nicely as new ones are introduced. The political rivalries and intrigues are somehow convincing, while the battle scenes are gruesome and visceral with bad guys who turn out evil. Miller’s writing style and dialog make Legionary an enjoyable and fast-paced tale.

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