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Publication Order of Shadow Players Books

For a Muse of Fire (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Kingdom for a Stage (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
On This Unworthy Scaffold (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of The Girl from Everywhere Books

The Girl from Everywhere (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Ship Beyond Time (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Anthologies

Unbroken(2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Vampires Never Get Old(2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Growing up in Hawaii, the writer to be Heidi Heilig would be raised with a strong affinity for the written word, something that she would nurture throughout the years, as she would come to write historical and fantasy fiction, as well as Young Adult fiction too, all of which would work towards defining her in the years to follow, as she would also travel extensively, gaining a large amount of world experience, all of which would shape and define her outlook, giving her an ever unique perspective. This would allow her to write with an even greater degree of insight in the years to come, as she would create in-depth story-lines, along with imaginative well drawn characters that would resonate with readers worldwide. Moving all across the world, she would come to be one of the foremost figures working within her field, thanks to her vivid and highly detailed portrayals of life and how people actually interact with one another in their day-to-day lives. Utilizing an almost magical realist style, she has been lauded all across the world because of her extremely magical portrayals of very real and down-to-earth issues and emotions that resonate on a universal level, with audiences from all across the world gravitating towards her work. Her travels have also been incorporated into her books as well, along with her own idiosyncratic personality, something which is definitely proving to be a draw for many that feel as if they can easily relate. Flowing like music, her style moves along almost effortlessly, at a pace that slowly brings the reader in invisibly guiding them, intoxicating them with her words. This is something that has appealed to readers both young and old, as her stories are timeless in their nature and appeal, allowing them to come alive for the reader in the process.

Early and Personal Life

Starting out in Hawaii, Heidi Heilig would grow up in and around nature, surrounded by all the beauty that the island had to offer, including raising peacocks, as well as riding horses. Another passion she held onto strongly throughout her upbringing was that of literature, as she would read voraciously, immersing herself in exciting and imaginative worlds. This, when coupled with her love of writing as well, would lead on to her later career as a fully fledged author of fantasy and historical fiction, as her background can be seen heavily reflected within her work.

Getting an MFA in Musical Theater Writing from New York University, something which would help provide her work and material with a much needed performative boost, taking it forwards in new and exciting directions. She would later back this up through traveling extensively, going to places such as Morocco, whereby she would see a vast number of sights that would help to shape her outlook. Later settling down in New York City, she continues to write to this very day, something she will carry on doing for quite some time to come, as there are plenty more titles planned on the horizon.

Writing Career

Bringing out her first debut novel in 2016, she made her entry onto the literary scene with the title ‘The Girl from Everywhere’, a book which would not only kick-start her career, but would also start the ongoing ‘Girl from Everywhere’ series. She would follow this up with another book one year later titled ‘The Ship Beyond Time’, which was also the sequel to the first, it being the second in the ‘Girl from Everywhere’ series. Making her mark on the industry, these books would establish her as definitely one to watch, as the critics quickly sat up and took note of her achievements, along with scores of readers worldwide.

Creating books as well as lyrics for shows too, such as ‘The Time Traveler’s Convention’, there’s no end to the range of talents she has to offer, as she has proven to be a highly versatile author. With other shows such as ‘The Hole’ and ‘Under Construction’, she has constantly and continually managed to put out work of the highest caliber that is met by audiences with rapture and acclaim. Now living with her husband in New York City, they currently live in Brooklyn with their pet snake, whereby she continues to write, something which she wont be stopping doing any time soon.

The Girl from Everywhere

Initially brought out in 2016, this was first released on the 16th of February to much acclaim, as it would set-up the highly popular ‘Girl from Everywhere’ series. Published through the ‘Greenwillow Books’ publishing label, it would set-up the much loved series, establishing both the overall tone and atmosphere of the series. It would also work at introducing the characters for the first time as well, along with the initial premise, thus giving readers a clear idea of what to expect in the many books to come.

Spending her entire life upon the open seas, Nix has traveled throughout the centuries and throughout time, as her father has a ship that can take them anywhere and it’s all that she’s ever known. That’s when her father acquires a map of Honolulu 1868, the time and place where he believes that his once lost true love is thought to be; the mother of Nix. The only problem is that finding her may wipe Nix from existence herself, something which starts to dawn on them both as they approach their potentially final destination. Will she disappear forever? Is Nix’s mother there? What will become of the girl from everywhere?

The Ship Beyond Time

This book was brought out in 2017 just one year after the first on the 28th of February. Also released through the ‘Greenwillow Books’ publishing label it followed on directly from the last. It would also further establish many of the characters as well, developing the world and the story.

Facing the same fate as her father, Nix now has the helm of the time traveling ship under her control, but the possibility of a broken heart also awaits her. Not wanting to lose her friend and love Kashmir, she heads off to a land that’s said to contain paradise, whereby she can meet a man who will show her how to manipulate time and space itself. This may allow her to take charge of her own destiny and lead the life that she wants to lead, or it could mean that time is finally running out for her. Will she be able to take control? Can she hold on to her love? Where will she head in the ship beyond time?

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