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Publication Order of Dewberry Beach Books

The Shore House (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Girl I Used to Be (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Inlet Beach Books

The Inheritance (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Light In The Window (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Lowcountry Books

Things We Surrender (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Things We Keep (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

Heidi Hostetter is an American author.

Like so many authors, she has always had a strong sense of appreciation for books. Heidi thinks that there is something magical about the way that a story can unfold. Heidi recollects making her way to the library when she was a kid, riding her bike there and browsing all the books inside. She would browse through the many tomes available, taking anything that looked good and placing it in her basket to check out. She would get everything from fairy tales to mysteries and detective stories and take them all back home with her to sit down and read for hours on end.

Heidi Hostetter is known for writing cozy novels that are great reads no matter where you go. She is known for writing the series of Inlet Beach, which takes place on the coast of Oregon in a small town. The first novel is titled The Inheritance and was published in 2015. It is about family and three sisters in particular who have been estranged for quite some time. Then they come into an inheritance that they don’t expect from a relative that the sisters don’t altogether recall. However, this relative has apparently decided to leave a beach house to the sisters.

The sisters are not all that interested in the house once they hear of it, but once they see it, they talk and think that keeping the residence might be a good idea. They can always sell it, after all. Little do the siblings know that the people of the town have their own ideas about what they should do. Can the sisters live in this home or turn it into a charming retreat or even a business for themselves? The adventure continues with another visit to the location of Inlet Bach with the publication of the holiday novella, which goes by the title A Light in the Window. If you love stories that lift you up and make you feel good and are all about family, then read this book!

Heidi has a family and they all live together in the Pacific Northwest area. They share their happy home with their Labradoodle, who has tons of energy and always keeps her company when she is writing. His name is Emmett. The dog likes to sleep in the author’s office comfortably curled up beneath the window enjoying the fresh air streaming in when it is opened. While he is very friendly to the family, Emmett has unfortunately nor warmed u pas much to the various delivery people that come to the house.

Her favorite types of stories always have characters that are very strong, going through circumstances that are unique to them, a sense of a bonded family and a dynamic there, and usually a bit of humor. She also enjoys when stories are set at the beach, which makes them all the better in her opinion.

Heidi Hostetter is the creator and the author of her debut novel The Inheritance and the follow up novel, A Light in the Window. The books are the first two novels in the Inlet Beach series. If you love stories involving families and the beach, this is the perfect read for you! It’s a great book to enjoy if you have some free time, if you enjoy reading light fiction, or are heading on vacation or to the beach or pool to read about three sisters and their journey to bond and deal with an inheritance that they never saw coming.

The Inheritance is the first novel in the Inlet Beach series by author Heidi Hostetter. If you love stories that involve families, beaches, and strong characters doing their best to overcome their struggles and succeed in the end, then check out this book for yourself!

Three sisters have become distant from each other over the years, but a small beach town with a tight-knit community may just have the ability to bring them all together again. When the siblings discover that some relative that they are not at all familiar with has left them something of an inheritance, they’re shocked. Still, they’re not entirely willing to turn down the inheritance just because they don’t recall meeting the relative, so they show up and accept what turns out to be a house.

The house is located in a small, calm beach town, and it’s the oldest one there. Initially the sisters talk about selling it off, but they wonder if there might be something more to this house than first meets the eye, and consider keeping it. But when each sister turns out to want something else from the inheritance, can they settle their disagreements in this unusual but interesting town? Will it turn out to be a second chance, or the wedge that drives them all apart for a second time? Read this book to find out!

A Light in the Window is the second installment of the Inlet Beach series of fictional novels written by Heidi Hostetter. If you enjoyed the events of the first novel, check out this fun sequel and see what these sisters are up to now.

Inlet Beach is a place like no other. The stores there have a way of coming alive when the holiday season draws near. The fronts of the stores are decorated to mark the season with festive garlands carefully arranged and fairy lights strung with care. You can feel the magic of the holidays approaching as evergreens and sea stars alike adorn this beach town’s storefronts and the excitement builds as residents shop busily and get food and gifts and get ready to spend time with family and friends.

As the tree lighting ceremony grows near, the cops discover a runaway that needs help. The community’s citizens try to come together to see if they can offer assistance, but discovering the truth of the boy’s past is difficult and complications quickly make everything harder. Can they help this young boy and have a perfect Pacific Northwest Christmas with a happy ending? Read this book to find out!

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