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Heir Chronicles Books In Order

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Publication Order of The Heir Chronicles Books

The Warrior Heir (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Wizard Heir (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Dragon Heir (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dead to Me (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Enchanter Heir (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Sorcerer Heir (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon

Heir Chronicles series

Heir of Chronicles is a series of Y.A fantasy books by Cinda Williams Chima. The Warrior Heir, the series debut novel published in 2006 was named one of YALSA’S popular books.

Upon release, the series garnered positive reviews from readers worldwide with the books receiving praise from the School Librarian and Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Book.

The Warrior Heir

The Warrior Heir is the debut novel in the Heir Chronicles with Jack as the main character. He is sixteen years old and have had heart surgery as a child he had a wide scar on top of his heart and had to take medicine on a daily basis to keep him alive. He appears to be an ordinary child living in an ordinary town of Ohio in Trinity with ordinary friends, and nobody knows that he is different from others until he almost killed another child as they played soccer.
He is a Weirlind, an underground community of magical people who live among us and was born a wizard but his stone which enables the gifted to express their powers was missing. Jack has never skipped taking medicine but on the day of soccer rehearsals, he forgets because he is rushing to get to school and from that day his life changes. He becomes fiercer, stronger and more confident than before. But unfortunately, he is not able to control his strength and almost kills his fellow soccer player during the tryouts; he sends his playmate Lobeck to the goal flying without even touching him into the soccer net. That magic gives those who were near him a signal and all are left in surprise because of what they have just witnessed

Jack meets wizard expert in warrior skills who saves his life by giving him the warrior stone and starts training him for the yearly tournament at Ravens Ghyll. The time Jack’s life was saved, his destiny transformed. As he gets stronger and powerful, it is time to face the warrior of the red rose in the magical competition hoping that he will not die during the war. Each of the two houses appoints one warrior to fight for them. Jack is from the group of warriors who fight during the competition and the two houses have requested him to represent them in the war. The house that wins the war controls the magical community. In that world full of warriors, wizards, sorcerers, and seers, Jack doesn’t have anyone to trust.

The Wizard Heir

The Wizard Heir is the second book in the Heir Chronicles series. Seph, the protagonist, since childhood his mother has never been there for him and has not seen her in his whole life. He has been shifting from one school to another and from town to town due to the troubles which followed him for the past three years. Weird things surround him- Birds attacking, fires, and explosions and then someone died. He wishes to find someone who can teach him how to control, harness and use his magic well before he destroys himself. After causing a fire at a party, he is expelled from that school and taken to the Havens, a boy’s school in the coast of Maine. Jason, his guardian, informed him that, Havens, his new school, was his last chance. Immediately after Seph entered the school, he knew there was something wrong. Gregory Leicester trained him, the headmaster in that school, to join the clan of the wizards where he would be tortured if he failed the test. Leicester, the headmaster, offers to train Seph magic and introduce him into his order of wizards but Seph declines after learning that it will come with a cost of his soul. Leicester’s agenda is to use the students’ power to accomplish his mysterious plans.

Seph was stuck in a place where he could not access the outside world. He survived when he met Jason who was a wizard too and knew how to escape the torture who later managed to escape before Seph. After discovering that Jason was missing, he had to find ways of escaping too. After failing to reach his guardian whom he had contacted severally, he sneaked into headmaster’s office and used the computer to write an email. He wrote to the Guardian that if no one came to his rescue, he would end his life. The Guardian this time got his message and came immediately to his rescue and removed him from the biggest nightmare in his life. After the rescue, he goes to meet his birth mother, Linda Downey. She apologized to him for not being there for him, but she informed him that he would not have been safe with her because she lived a perilous life mostly involved in the wizard politics. She then took Seph to see his sister and also see where warriors Jack and Ellen stayed. While there Seph, mastered his wizardry and recovered from the torture he went through at the school in Havens. The covenant that maintained peace in the Weir community had been stolen, and the sanctuary was unsafe.

Seph later realized that Jason had escaped to work for the Silver Dragon. He sneaked into the tightly guarded Raven Gyhll and discovered a very powerful weapon, the Dragon Heart, which could either save or destroy the world. Seph McCauley does all he could to save his loved ones. He was courageous enough to go to the island even though he knew that was a trap for him. He had to go there to see whether there was an opportunity of the new covenant being accepted when all seemed hopeless, where two most powerful wizards tricked him.

He stood and planned how to finish Leicester because if he did not, the world would suffer slavery under him. He risks his own life to save people he loves. Seph spends some of his time helping to clean the house and also spends some time with Madison Moss, his girlfriend whom he respect and cares for.

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