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Heirs of Montana Books In Order

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Publication Order of Heirs of Montana Books

Land of My Heart (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Coming Storm (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
To Dream Anew (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Hope Within (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon

Heirs of Montana Series
Heirs of Montana is a historical fiction series by Tracie Peterson. The series follows Chadwick’s family journey from Missouri to Montana. This was a common pilgrimage as the vast lands attracted many in Montana. Also, the fighting in Missouri was getting intense. The author highlights many historically accurate facts and events that happened during the period covered in the series. There is also an element of religion as the characters have a deep faith in God. While the period covered in the series was challenging, the people endured them all gracefully, thanks to their faith.

Land of My Heart
Land of My Heart is the first book in the Heirs of Montana series. The book documents the lives of people who migrated from the west in the 1860s. Driven by the longing for adventure and wide-open spaces, many families choose to move the west. The Chadwick’s are among those people. The woman moves her family to the west, where the uncle owns a ranch. It comes as a surprise that life in the west is not as idyllic as she expected.
This story starts in 1864 in Missouri. It is Spring, and the fighting between the states is affecting many families. Dianne Chadwick’s family is among those affected. Dianne’s father, Ephraim, is killed in a crossfire when a shootout occurs right in front of the store he owned. Young Dianne urges her mother, Susannah, to join the wagon train headed to Idaho, where the family can start life anew. After holding a family discussion, the family decides that moving is the ideal step to take, given the circumstances. The plan is for the family to Dianne’s uncle Bram. Dianne’s elder brother Trent chooses to stay behind and join the Rebel army.

The perilous journey to Idaho starts right after Dianne’s mum discovers that she is pregnant. This discovery, coupled with the unimaginable loss pushes Susannah to the wall. Over time, she begins to lose grip on reality. Susannah becomes addicted to laudanum, and Dianne is forced to take responsibility for her family. She is now the family head responsible for making hard decisions on behalf of her mother. Along the journey, Dianne befriends a freed slave who becomes more like a family. When Dianne and the family get to the uncle’s place, he is reluctant to help them. He is sure that his sister’s strong prejudices will bring the conflict in his family.

During the journey, we see a somewhat odd relationship between Dianne and Cole, the wagon master’s assistant. A relationship builds during the trip, and even though Cole is a loner, he comes to Dianne’s rescue a few times. Back at home, Trent engages in a few misadventures that leave his worrying about his family. Will he ever be able to see them again?

Land of my Heart is an emotional story of a family that goes through one traumatic experience after another. Here nothing goes as planned, and there will be a lot of hard decisions to be made. Will the family ever find the peace and stability they seek? How does Suzanne’s pregnancy go? Get all the answers in this intriguing book. The pace is consistent, the narration is perfect, and the building tension will keep you turning the pages.

The Coming Storm
The Coming Storm is the second book in the Heir of Montana series. It is 1870, and ranching life is proving to be a task for Dianne Chadwick. Cole is set for his return trip to the east, and without him around, Dianne is not sure she can manage the ranch alone. However, over time, she becomes very good at it. Even when her uncle is attacked, everything at the farm continues running smoothly. It is admirable that Dianne also thinks about the future. The young lady incorporates changes that will ensure the ranch’s growth over time.

Just like in the first book, the characters here undergo a lot of turmoil. There are numerous profoundly moving moments, and it’s heartbreaking what the different characters had to go through. There is also an element of romance even though this is more distance here when compared to the first book. The storylines focus on patience and the importance of trusting God for provisions. While it may be beyond humans to understand the reason why some things happen, it pays to believe in God entirely. A deep faith can help people overcome challenges they never thought possible.

The author does a perfect job of outlining the pioneer life, and some of those scenes will make you appreciate the modern conveniences. You may be surprised to read on families that could go up to a whole year without communicating, but that was the reality a century ago. The cast is diverse and well developed. Dianne and Cole are lovable, and it is a joy to interact with them and see them through their lives’ journeys. The community at the ranch is beautiful. Despite the many challenges, people are willing to stand by each other.

While a lot is going here, the narration is flawless, so it is easy to follow the story from beginning to end. So, what does the future hold for Dianne now that her life seems a bit settled? How about Moran, Trenton, and Zane? As Dianne’s family story continues, the author also brings Montana and history to life. The tension between native Americans continues to rise, and the new settlers seem to only bring misery with them. This was among the most challenging times in history, and Americans endured a lot of hardships in the 1800s.

The Coming Storm is a perfect sequel in the Heirs of Montana series. This book delves deeper into the history of Montana and the challenges encountered at the family level. The author painted a perfect picture of ranch life in a period when telephones were unheard of, and a regular trip took weeks to complete. Just what awaits Dianne’s family in Montana? Will the family get to enjoy a break from the trying time they have encountered in the past?

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