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Helen Bryan is a published author of fiction.

Helen was born in the United States. She ended up moving and residing in London. She qualified to be a barrister and practiced in England before eventually choosing to give it up so that she could write. She wanted to focus on her work on her biography of Martha Washington, a resident of Virginia. The book was published in 2002 in the United States by John Wiley and won some attention as well as awards.

Helen Bryan has done work in the non-fiction field, but would also move on to writing fiction. The novel that first made her an officially published fiction author in print was War Brides. It came out in 2007 in the United Kingdom and was published by way of Penguin Books. It is the story of five young war brides and is the story of romances during wartime and involves themes of rescue as well as delayed revenge. It is available digitally and in paperback form. The Sisterhood is the sequel to this novel.

Helen Bryan is the creator and author of the Valley series. The first book in the series came out in 2016 and is titled The Valley, the same name of the series. The sequel would come out two years later and is titled The Mountain. If you like reading stories that are set in unique times and places with engaging plots, then check out this series for yourself!

The Valley is the first book in Helen Bryan’s Valley series. Sophia Grafton is the orphaned daughter of a viscount that has found herself suddenly without a penny to her name. She is left with little choice but to try and start a new life for herself using the assets remaining to her.

Sophia goes over to the much talked about New World by way of a boat in order to go and legally claim her property, the only thing that she has in her name left in the world. It is located in colonial Virginia in the remote wilds, and it happens to be not raw land but a plantation that produces tobacco.

If Sophia can’t make this work, then she will have nothing to work with. She is determined to do what she can in order to try and make a life here so that she can survive. She is all the more guaranteed to succeed thanks to getting the help of a French spy. This handsome young man might have been enlisted thanks to the gun that she pointed at him, but any assistance is good assistance when you are in a situation like Sophia is.

The spy is handsome, but she doesn’t have time to think about that. Sophia also successfully is able to get together a group of slaves that have escaped and gathers indentured servants to add to the mix too. They are all in the new world together, looking for a place where they can live and be safe. Just like Sophia, they have been through a lot and just want a home of their own and to find shelter in what is realistically a harsh world.

What is coming down the line is guaranteed to test her boldness, resolve, strength, and her innate courage. Her companions are in for the same fate as she is as they all make their way down their journey that will take them through a wilderness that is unyielding in its hostility. They will eventually be able to make their own community of homes and in the end, the things that they go through as a group will end up forming bonds that go deep and maybe even unite the generations to come.

What starts as an unlikely adventure turns into a chance for many people to finally find a place that they can call home. This historical series is an interesting and unique tale that revolves around human emotions and the things that we can do when we rise to the occasion. Full of heartache, sadness, love, tenacity, struggle, and more, pick up a copy of The Valley for yourself and read it to the end to find out what happens!

The Mountain is the second novel in The Valley series by acclaimed author Helen Bryan, a story told from many different points of view. If you have read Bryan’s works before, read the debut novel, or just are interested in this series, check it out and see what you think of this saga of historical fiction!

This is a story that is about so many of the emotions and things that we go through today, except they are happening to people in the eighteenth century. From talented writer Helen Bryan comes a tale that is all about the bravery, unity, love, resilience, and more that the people that made up the foundation of a brand new world possessed.

The year is 1783 and the story starts up near the frontier close to what is then known as the commonwealth of the state of Virginia. Ever since the very first settlers got here, they were attempting to start their new lives. They came and built the foundation and others expanded on it. That was how the township of Grafton was formed.

Ever since its origin, Grafton was able to survive and thrive. The township flourished and prospered with its diverse community of Native Americans, European immigrants, former slaves, and indentured servants. It may be a unique combination but it is one that clearly works for this close community.

Together they enjoy a fellowship that much of the nation would not even be able to understand. They are all very tightly knit and care about their neighbors. Because they are all so different but committed to the town, it all works smoothly without any issue.

Time goes on and America is formed. The township finds itself caught up in the events of the outside world. Local Cherokees are being driven west. When the Civil War begins and new people arrive, everything is about to be tested in the face of history. Pick up this book to read everything and see how this interesting book ends for yourself!

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