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Publication Order of Queen of Coin and Whispers Books

Queen of Coin and Whispers (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Daughter of Winter and Twilight (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Anthologies

Fight Like a Girl(2013)Description / Buy at Amazon

About Helen Corcoran
The Irish author Helen Corcoran is well known for her successful brand of Young Adult fantasy novels, filled with escapist excitement. Her books have been turning a lot of heads, with her interesting take on the genre, as she pushes it in a new and exciting direction. Infusing her work with a positive and progressive LGBTQ stance, she really is making waves within and throughout the industry.

Reaching a worldwide audience, her first novel would land with a powerful impact, as it resonated with readers from all over. This would prove to be hugely successful too, as both her characters and stories were well written and plotted, with them leaping off the page. Drawing her audience in, she manages to capture the imagination, allowing it to really come alive, giving her work plenty of depth and insight.

Her characters are strong, with their fully three-dimensional portrayals, which really set them apart from the rest in the genre. Speaking directly to the reader, Corcoran writes in an almost intimate style quite unlike any other, as it definitely feels personal and honest. Creating fully immersive worlds for years to come, there’s plenty more set on the horizon for Helen Corcoran as an author.

Early and Personal Life:
Born and raised in Cork, Ireland, Helen Corcoran grew up with a keen passion for the written word, something which would stick with her throughout her life. Over the years she would develop this, showing a particular interest in fantasy and dynasties, with their ongoing power struggles. Building upon this, she would come to find her own voice as a writer, setting her apart from the rest in a realm of her own creation.

Attending Trinity College in Dublin, she would soon graduate, having developed herself and her writing through her studies. This would continue over the next ten years as she worked as a bookseller in Dublin, completely immersing herself in literature. In time this would lead to her writing a book for herself, giving her the writing career that she currently enjoys today.

It’s also the case that she would spend a lot of time in coffee shops where she would continue to pursue her love of literature and writing. All the while she would be taking in ideas and inspiration too, allowing it to feed back into her work, creating something new and interesting in the process. Bringing in LGBT themes as well, she’d take it all in her own direction, bringing a different and fresh perspective to the genre of fantasy. There’s a lot more in the future, and she always has further stories to tell, as she continues to write on a regular basis.

Writing Career:
The first book to come from Helen Corcoran would be a fantasy novel titled ‘Queen of Coin and Whispers’ in 2020, with it being set in an alternative world. It’s characters would reflect real people though, along with its themes and ideas, as it would be grounded in a sense of reality. Using monarchies as its basis, the ideas are authentic and very much down-to-earth, allowing the reader to relate to the story in manner quite unlike any other.
Very much a fantasy author, Corcoran definitely knows and understands the genre that she’s working within. It’s a Young Adult audience she’s directing it at, but it’s accessible to everyone of all ages, regardless of their background, or where they come from. This is largely due to the universality of her material, and how open it is, despite being set in a fantasy world setting.

Her first novel would also pave the way for a series of the same name, as more books were planned to continue in the franchise. Following on in much the same vein, she’d work on building the world of the novels, along with the characters and their arcs. This would also be seen in her free online novella of prequel stories to the first book, released just a few months afterwards.

World-building is something that seems to come natural to Corcoran as a writer, as she expands upon it with ease it feels. Flowing off the page, it’s easy to get lost in her words, feeling as if you’re really there, and immersing yourself fully within it. Her literary credentials are unsurpassed too, as they speak for themselves, as she’s clearly a gifted and highly talented author.

Receiving a lot of acclaim for her work, she continues to reach an audience from all around the world, with both the critics and the general public singing her praises. Based in Dublin, she continues to write, and there’s more expected to follow in her series, as it has plenty of room to continue. With a lot more planned, her writing career will grow from strength-to-strength, as more and more readers discover her work every day.

Queen of Coin and Whispers
This would be the debut novel from Helen Corcoran as an author, introducing her to the reading public at large for the first time. Initially released in 2020, it would come out on the 1st of June through the ‘O’Brien Press’ publishing imprint to much acclaim. It would also begin a series of the same name, with more planned to follow afterwards, continuing in the same world. There is also a short prequel novella with ‘Queen of Coin and Whispers: Prequel Stories’, which would come out just a few months later on the 26th of May free online.

Looking to avenge her own murdered father, Xania takes on the job of spymaster given to her by the young teenage queen Lia. Having inherited more than just a corrupt and bankrupt kingdom, Lia is faced with a number of hidden enemies, which her and Xania must face together. Learning that they may have to make a sacrifice for their country, they must navigate the many pitfalls of love, war, and treason. Will they be able to save themselves and the kingdom? Who are their friend, and who are their enemies? What will become of the Queen of coin and whispers?

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