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Publication Order of Helen Grace Books

The Helen Grace series is a series of detective fiction and mystery novels written by well known British author named M.J. Arlidge. It comprises of six novels in total published between the years 2014 and 2016. All the novels of the feature Helen Grace as the main protagonist, who is depicted as a detective inspector living in the southern region of England. The character of Helen Grace was first introduced as a British police officer in the novel titled ‘Eeny Meeny’. When author M.J. Arlidge first met with the Penguin publishers, he pitched his ideas about his first 7 novels. Soon, the other novels of the Helen Grace series followed. After finishing the writing work of the first six books of the series, author M.J. Arlidge is scheduled to release a few more books in the Helen Grace series in The United Kingdom and several other international markets, such as Germany, U.S., Italy, France, and The Netherlands. Detective Inspector Helen Grace is described as the main heroine of the serial killer thrillers written by author M.J. Arlidge.

The various books of the series are set in and around the coastal city of Southampton in England. Helen is described as a tough and determined police officer, who prefers to live her life alone and rides on a motorbike. In spite of living a lonely life, she is beset by her own demons. The fact that she was the victim of a troubled childhood can be easily seen through her frequent mood swings and depression tendencies. For getting over her pains through mood swings and depression, Helen does not consume any drug or drink. She just expiates her changing moods with the help of the controlled use of her pain, which is frequently administered into her by her the loyal dominator named Jake. Whenever Helen Grace feels the urge to lay with someone, she takes on occasional lovers. For the rest of the time, she prefers to stay alone and remains committed towards her work. Mostly, she pursues the criminals who are extremely violent, sadistic, and determined. In order to bring such dangerous criminals to justice, Helen is required to put her life in line and she has done so on a number of previous occasions. There are many colleagues at the Southampton Central who assisted Helen in her work. The most notable one among them is her loyal friend named DC Charlene Brooks, commonly referred to as Charlie.

One of the initial books written by author M.J. Arlidge in the Helen Grace series was titled as ‘Eeny Meeny’. This first in the new thriller series and the New York Times and International bestseller was published by the NAL publishing house in the year 2014. The main story of this book is set around the lives of the primary characters, including Mark Fuller, Charlene Brooks, and Helen Grace, and takes place in Southampton, England, The United Kingdom. At the beginning of the plot, it is shown that a couple of people get kidnapped and imprisoned, and given guns in their hands. They left alone in the prison with growing thirst and hunger. Only one of them will walk away alive as their hunger and thirst begin to take a toll on their minds, forcing them to kill the other as soon as possible.

The case appears in the form of a more twisted game than Detective Inspector Helen Grace has ever witnessed in her police career. She gets a chance to meet and interact with the shattered survivors of the deadly game herself and begins to believe that whatever is said about the game is really true. If this would not have happened, they she would have never believed it. Being a dedicated and tough police officer, Helen Grace was very well familiar with the horrifying sides of the human nature. One was happening in her personal life as well. But, the case was an extremely baffling one to her especially because of the seemingly random victims that the kidnapper used to pick up. As more and more people keep on getting disappeared, the case becomes even more terrifying. Soon, Helen Grace gets an important clue, after which everything about the case begins to make a sense to her.

One of the other books initially written in the Helen Grace series by author M.J. Arlidge was released under the title ‘Pop Goes Weasel’. This book was published by the Penguin Books (The United Kingdom) in the year 2014. With the story of this thrilling book, DI Helen Grace returns to her detective work and electrifying plot set up. At the start of the main story of this novel, a dead body is discovered from the red light district of Southampton, which is believed to be of a middle aged man. The sight of the dead body seems very much horrifying as the face of the victim is extremely mutilated and his heart taken out of the body. After a few hours, the killer sends the heart of the victim by courier to his wife and children. When one more dead body of a middle aged man is discovered, killed in a similar manner and whose heart also removed and sent to his family by courier, Detective Inspector Helen Grace manages to draw a pattern in the style of eviscerated murders by a psycho killer.

Later, it is revealed that all the victims used to lead a double life as all of them used to visit prostitutes quite often in the red light area of Southampton. And when the news of the brutal murders spreads in the local media, they label the case similar to that of Jack the Ripper, but in reverse. These things do not matter much for Helen Grace. The only thing that she certainly knows is that there is a vicious serial killer roaming freely at large and he must be stopped as early as possible and all costs. She also knows that she needs to act very quickly in order to stop the brutal murderer from claiming the life of one more victim. Being an electrifying thriller and written in a unique manner by author M.J. Arlidge, the book went on to become a grand success all over the world. This allowed the author to become very much popular and eventually continue to write a few more thriller novels in the series. Almost all the novels of the series became successful worldwide and entertained numerous readers with their unique thriller and mystery plots.

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  1. Jeff: 2 years ago

    Just finished Little Boy Blue but we are left hanging. What book is next. Need to find out what happens to Grace and how she escapes prison. Thanks

    • Graeme: 2 years ago

      As per the list above – the novella No Way Back follows it, and Hide and Seek is the next full length novel.

  2. Mary Long: 3 years ago

    Really enjoying these books. Have just read Hide and Seek and at the back it says next book”Follow my Leader” I can’t find this anywhere listed, was the title perhaps changed? Mary

    • Graeme: 3 years ago

      That one ended up becoming Love Me Not.


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