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Few authors are as prolific or versatile urban fantasy writer Helen Harper.

The former educator brought English Literature to the UK, Japan, and Malaysia. She left the academic world behind after the success of Blood Destiny, her first series of novels.

A member of the Alliance of Independent Authors, Helen is a full-time writer. She manages to squeeze creative writing workshops into her busy schedule. A true humanitarian, she teaches reading to groups of Myanmar refugees.

The Scottish native grew up with a love of urban fantasy books. The strong, heroic female characters in these novels inspired her to write her own.

Reviewers have given her books an average of 4 to 5 stars on Goodreads. Their feedback is glowing, with many of them saying that they could not put her novels down. The talented authoress now resides in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with her pet cats.

Her Novels

First published in 2013, the Blood Destiny books have delighted urban fantasy lovers everywhere. Gripping, they are gems for lovers of the paranormal.

Set in rural Scotland, they give readers a glimpse of Scottish life. This alternate rural world is refreshing. Too many urban fantasy novels take place in the city.

1. Bloodfire

The first book in this attention-grabbing series, Bloodfire surrounds the wilful Mackenzie Smith. Her history is the stuff of a drama series. Her mother abandoned her on a proverbial front porch in Cornwall.

A pack of Shapeshifters takes her in but despises her for being human. The group, named the Cornish pack, has not contacted the supernatural world for years. Isolated, it lives at the square center of a medieval castle.

Mack wants more than anything to gain its acceptance. Her human blood does not allow her to transform herself into a Shapeshifter. But with her fiery temper and wild red hair, she proves useful in a fight. Helen creates a wide variety of supernatural characters. John, Anton, and Thorn are paranormal animals that are central to the novels.

The joy Mack feels after the group accepts her does not last for long. After the brutal murder of Thorn, her pack leader, Mack swears vengeance.

Her activities draw the attention of the Brethren, the leaders of the Shapeshifters. Vicious, they will murder her should they find out her true identity. Mack faces challenges trying to escape Corrigan, the Brethren’s savvy and sexy Lord Alpha.

The novel draws readers because it has a gutsy heroine and a host of engaging supernatural beings. What is most extraordinary is how some of them profess to hate humanity but take on human qualities.

2. BloodMagic

Mack’s adventures continue in BloodMagic, the second book in this set of novels. In it, Mack, who has escaped from Corrigan, tries to lead a quiet existence in Inverness. She tries to avoid anybody who resembles a Shapeshifter. Mack accepts her humanity, although she still has regrets about not being able to alter her form.

She gets a job in a bookstore owned by a mysterious old woman who has an uncanny knack for herbal lore. This elderly lady also seems to know more than she should.

Mack finds herself deeply involved with the Ministry of Mages, first introduced in Bloodfire. The Ministry of Mages is a group that solves the problems of everyone in the supernatural world. It plays a bigger role in BloodMagic.

To complicate things further, the Fae, a group of Faeries, seeks her. It does not help that the Brethren is still after her. She goes on the run.

Helen teases readers with the possibility of romance. Lord Corrigan is as alluring as ever, and Mack finds herself questioning her feelings for him.

The second book is as action-packed as the first. As with Bloodfire, it has a plethora of characters that tease the senses of paranormals lovers.

An overview of the Blood Destiny novels

These stories appeal to a reader who has a rebellious streak. Watching Mack resist the pack’s chain of command is enthralling. That the seductive, brawny Corrigan is at the top of this chain makes the novels even more exciting.

The blend of a feisty heroine and an alpha male makes these books a draw. Throw in a host of scary, yet fascinating characters and you have a set of winning reads.

The Characters

Helen has a definite talent for developing well-rounded characters. They leave readers wanting to know more about them.

1. Mackenzie Smith

The lead character in this novel series is one who is hard to dislike. Her defiance of authority draws readers into the story. One feels that she can create change.

Her background elicits a reader’s empathy. Her rejection by the Cornish pack is a situation that many of them will find relatable.
Abandoned by her mother, her resilience and fearlessness makes her admirable. She becomes more so as the novel progresses.

2. Corrigan

Corrigan is a svelte and attractive were-panther who has keen senses. Nothing escapes him. He comes too close to Mack after the elimination of her pack leader.

This character is one that draws conflicting emotions. Though his persistence in going after Mack may be hard to swallow, it is also hard to dislike him. He expresses concern for his underlings and those close to him. He and some of the other brethren are characters that readers will love.

3. Alex

Alex is a fun character with a surfer type persona. His purpose is to balance the seriousness of the novels. The Ministry of Mages deploys him to find out who killed Mack’s pack leader. He agrees to help Mack with her plans for revenge if he does not have to do the killing himself.

4. John

A were-tiger, John is a father figure for Mack. His belief in her will touch hearts. Although Mack has conflicts with the rest of the pack, he has faith in her and tries to transform her.

5. Thorn

Thorn the werewolf functions as a reliable sidekick that is indispensable to all novels. He becomes Mack’s best friend.

6. Anton

Anton, the were-bear is the ultimate protector and cynic. His instinct to protect the pack stops him from trusting Mac. Although readers may dislike him for being a stickler for rules, they may empathize with him.

With an always-moving plot and intriguing characters, Helen Harper’s books are killer reads.

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