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Publication Order of The Kiss Quotient Books

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Helen Hoang is a reputed American writer, who is popular for writing romance and chick lit books. She gained prominence with her first book called The Kiss Quotient, which came out in 2018. Later, she followed it up with a sequel called The Bride Test, which also became widely popular. Author Hoang was born and brought up in Minnesota. After her schooling, she moved to California. There, Hoang obtained a degree in business administration and started working in a finance company. After working for a few years, Hoang quit her job to focus on her writing career. In 2016, Hoang was diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. She was 34 years old at that time. Hoang did not lose hope and underwent treatment. Later, she used her story as an inspiration to write her debut book. During its initial run, the book sold close to 100,000 printed copies. Within a few months, it had multiple printings and sold many more copies in various parts of the world.

Hoang’s second novel also received a similar success and was liked by a large number of readers all across the globe. The movie, TV, and other media rights for Hoang’s first book has been acquired by the Pilgrim Media production company. This company has collaborated with the Lionsgate production company to come up with a domestic release. They are expected to release the work soon. In January 2019, author Hoang started working on her next book, which is expected to be the third installment of her successful Kiss Quotient series. Hoang considers herself a shy person. She does not like to talk much, but when she does, she becomes unstoppable. She was introduced to romance novels at an early age. In fact, she was just 8 years old when her parents bought her her first romance book. Since then, Hoang has been addicted to this genre. She has read a number of books of popular romance authors and has gained inspiration from each one of them. Her journey of getting diagnosed with ASD along with Asperger’s Syndrome to her subsequent treatment is quite inspirational. She was the most inspired by it and ended up writing a story based on her life, which she used in her first novel. As of today, Hoang resides in San Diego, California. She is married and has two kids. Her husband motivates her to focus on her work and encourages her whenever she feels a lack of self-confidence. Hoang’s has a fondness for fishes. She has a mini-aquarium in her house that allows her to keep her favorite pet fishes in front of her eyes all the time.

The Kiss Quotient series written by author Helen Hoang is comprised of just two novels released between 2018 and 2019. Hoang has mentioned the essential characters in both the books in the form of Stella Lane, Michael Phan, Khaie Diep, Esme Tran, etc. The debut book of the series is entitled ‘The Kiss Quotient’. It was released by the Berkley publication in 2018. This book offers a refreshing and heartwarming story revolving around the fact that there is not enough data in this world that can predict what can make a person’s heart tick. Initially, Stella Lane is introduced as a woman in her mid-thirties. She works in finance and prepares algorithms for predicting customer purchases. Stella Lane’s job has provided her enough money to live the rest of her life without having to worry about anything financially. However, one negative point about her job is that it hardly allowed her to have any experience in the department of dating.

Stella keeps herself glued to her work most of the time and thinks that the universe is united by only one thing, that is math. Her inexperience in dating is also due to the fact that she has Asperger’s Syndrome. Whenever she indulges in a French kiss with someone, she feels as if pilot fish is cleaning the teeth of a shark. In order to overcome the dating problem, Stella thinks of undergoing a lot of practice. And for this purpose, she decides to hire an escort named Michael Phan so as to get professional help. On hearing Stella Lane’s offer, the Swedish and Vietnamese stunner could not turn her down. He agrees to help her and teaches her every lesson to make her a pro in dating, starting from foreplay to different intercourse positions. The more Stella spends time in Michael’s company, the more she begins to fall for his charm. She appreciates his kisses and all the other things that he makes her feel. Before long, they realize that their professional commitment has turned into a romantic relationship. Stella begins to cherish Michael’s love as it makes her overcome all her fears and doubts about romance. Michael too feels that he has not seen a customer as committed as Stella. He seems amazed by her desire to learn how to love and get lost in someone’s love. Her experience with Michael makes Stella realize that love is the best form of logic.

The second volume of the series is known as ‘The Bride Test’. It was published in 2019 by Berkley. This book features Esme Tran and Khai Diep as the central characters and its story is set in San Francisco, California. The novel opens by introducing Khai Diep has an autistic man. This disorder makes him process his emotions in a different manner. Usually, he doesn’t have feelings about anything. Sometimes, he becomes irritated when he doesn’t find his things where he had kept them. He also feels contentment when his balance sheet turns out to perfect. However, he doesn’t feel important emotions like grief and love. Khai thinks he is defective, but his family thinks he is just different from others. When his mother realizes that he has been avoiding relationships for a long time, she decides to find him a bride as per her own choice. For this, she takes him to her hometown in Vietnam.

Esme Tran is introduced into the story as a girl of mixed-race living in Ho Chi Minh City. She feels that she doesn’t belong there and looks for an opportunity to move out. When she learns that Khai’s mother is looking for a bride for her son, she sees it as an opportunity to move to America and also find a potential husband. Esme jumps at the offer, thinking that it might just be the break needed by her family. However, she finds it very difficult to seduce Khai. She realizes that her lessons in making love are not working on her husband. Esme Tran becomes sad to know that she is offering all her love to a man, who is convinced that he won’t be able to love her back. Later, Khai learns that there are other ways to express love to someone. His efforts develop a feeling of hope in Esme, who starts to feel that she needs to give time to their relationship to blossom.

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    Are you planning a new book soon? I’m so looking forward to reading another of your well developed stories. Your characters are very interesting and believable. It’s a pleasure getting caught up in the images you develop.


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