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Publication Order of Standalone Novels

This Changes Everything (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
In Just One Day (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
This Is Us (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Island of Dreams (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Non-Fiction Books

A Very Nice Glass of Wine: A Guided Journal (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Helen McGinn's Teetotal Tipples, for January and Beyond (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Knackered Mother's Wine Club (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Homemade Cocktails (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Knackered Mother's Wine Guide (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Helen McGinn is a wine blogger and award-winning novelist who is best known for her general fiction works. Before she made her name as a renowned blogger and author, she was once a supermarket wine buyer and spent more than 10 years sourcing wines from across the globe.

She would then spend about five years pregnant before she started blogging. McGinn works for “Femail Magazine” of the “Daily Mail” and “Waitrose Food” as a drinks writer and is also an international wine judge. He has regularly appeared on TV as a wine expert on the likes of “This Morning on ITV” and “Saturday Kitchen” on BBC1.

She published an updated version of her original work “The Knackered Mother’s Wine Guide” in 2020 and “This Changes Everything” her first fiction work also came out in the same year. Helen regularly posts on her award-winning “Knackered Mother’s Wine Club” blog, where she gives recommendations on wines.

She is married with three kids and makes her home in New Forest alongside her needy feline and too many dogs.

It was at university that Helen McGinn became a member of the “Wine Society” for the most part because it was the easiest way to get four half glasses of wine in the middle of the week. But she soon realized that she loved wine, the places, and the people, and thought why not make a career of it?

She was fortunate to get invited into a big supermarket’s graduate training scheme, where she ultimately started working as a buyer. Much of her inspiration came from books that she read from the likes of Hugh Johnson and Jancis Robinson who remain her favorites.

Over the years, she did a ton of exams but mostly learned by tasting which she believes is the best way to learn about wine. It was after she had her first baby and started reading advice from other women that she came to be introduced to the world of parenting blogs.

Back then, she used to send emails to her friends with news on many offers on wine in supermarkets since she was a buyer. She would then start thinking why not start a blog and she did, as she began posting several wines each week and things blew up from there.

Helen McGinn had been working on her blog for about two years and has become very successful with her following constantly on an upward trajectory. It was at this time that an editor sent her an email saying she loved the blog and believed it would make a great work of nonfiction.

For the next six months, she spent her Saturdays writing since she was still employed at a wine company. After she published and achieved much success with the work, she decided to get into fiction.

She had always wanted to be an author ever since she was fifteen as she always loved writing. At that time, she had an idea that just refused to go away and she decided to put it down on paper when she found time when she was not working her usual job.

Just before the first lockdown, her agent got her a meeting with Boldwood Books and they offered her a two-book deal. Her first novel novel was inspired by a love story of sorts and she set in her two favorite places in the world – Cornwall and Rome.

Helen McGinn’s novel “This is Us” introduces Simon and Stella who are a couple that has been married for several years and together, they have a ten-year-old son Max and Isla and Millie who are twin daughters aged eight. Stella is kept pretty busy keeping up with her job, her children, their dog, cooking, and the house.

Recently, she has been giving her all to a new company she created that has been doing very well since her husband left and joined her. One day, Simon tells her that he can no longer be married to her and moves out without much of an explanation.
Unable to get in touch with her husband and dealing with hurt and shock, she struggles to keep her life together. Caroline her sister and several of her book club friends support her in the difficult time as she deals with her pain.

After a reasonable time has passed, they take her to Florence Italy for a long weekend where they enjoy some delicious food and the sights. While she is reenergized to some extent, she soon learns that her husband did something unforgivable, and all she wants is to find who the man she married really is.

“This Changes Everything” by Helen McGinn is the story of a woman named Julia, who is the mother to Jess and Annie who are all grown up. The girls struggle with Julia’s spontaneity and are shocked when she says that she is going to Rome to meet Patrick an old friend whom she has not seen for many years.

Julia and Patrick intend to hang out in Rome and while at it, scatter the ashes of an old mutual friend. Jess is having none of it and tells her sister that they will have to follow their mother to the eternal city and stalk their mother so that no harm can befall her.

They believe she cannot look after herself and the worst thing is they believe she could end up getting hitched to Patrick who was her first love. About to check into their hotel, a sinkhole appears and the building develops a vertical crack.
Everyone has to be moved including Julia and her two stalker daughters who now have no idea where their mother is being housed. By some fluke, they manage to find her and spend the next 56 hours enjoying delicious food and visiting ancient ruins and sites across Rome with plenty of vino stops.

But beneath it all there is a secret lurking and they may just go back home as very different people.

Helen McGinn’s novel “In Just One Day” is a fascinating work of fiction that tells the story of Flora. Born eighteen months apart from Billy her brother, she has always adored him since they had been inseparable as children.

Now adults, they are best friends as Billy is always available to lend a hand and help Flora as she is immersed in family life. However, everything changes one day as her life falls apart and she has to learn how to live again.
From the breathtaking beauty of Venice to nostalgic Britain, it is a joyful, uplifting, and emotional story about love in all its guises.

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