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Helena Coggan
Helena Coggan is a young adult fantasy writer who wanted to write novels since she was six. The author’s debut novel The Catalyst was completed by the time she was thirteen, but it took two more years before it was published. Coggan’s writing is spectacular, and from her novels, it is easy to see that her future in this field is very bright. This young author lives with her parents in London and splits her time between school and writing.

The Catalyst
The Catalyst tells the story of a teenage girl and her father in a highly segregated world. Many years ago, the world was overrun by angels, and now two populations live in it. On one side are those with magic abilities, otherwise known as the Gifted. Then there are those without magic known as the Ashkind. Humans have evolved and now own two souls. The second soul determines who gets magical power. Within the society are Leeched citizens who didn’t pass their Testing during teenage and their powers are stripped. Lastly, there are the Hybrids, unpredictable, dangerous, and illegal.

It has been eighteen years of these divisions, and a looming war is about to disrupt the peace the people have been enjoying for years. Rose Ellsworth holds a big secret that she and her father, David, would kill to protect. Unlike everyone else, Rose’s identity is far dangerous. At just 15, Rose works in the Department, a law enforcement agency that brutally controls the Ashkind. Rose works beside her adoptive father, and while these two are morally-grey, they enjoy a beautiful relationship. Thanks to her father’s training, Rose can fight using physical skills and magic, which makes her a kick-ass who is not shy to show her prowess. The only problem is that David has been hiding a lot from Rose, which will lead to several betrayals in the story.

An old enemy wants to start a catastrophic war, and Rose doesn’t know which side to choose. How far will the Department go to ensure that peace is maintained? How much does Rose discover about her father and his past? Will Rose opt to safeguard her secret or protect her loved ones in the course of this war? Find answers to these and more in this intriguing story. Other notable characters in the story include Loren, James, and Aaron.

Rose is a lovable character. It is incredible just how much she has accomplished at such a young age. Even after her betrayal, it is easy to forgive her and understand where she is coming from. David is one wholesome character. His love for Rose is admirable, and it is sweet that he protects her to the end. James is Rose’s love interest, and while there is no much romance in the story, whatever they share is endearing. Aaron is such a pain, and the author makes it so easy for the reader to hate him.

The Catalyst is an action-filled dystopian story with numerous twists and turns. The storyline is unique, and the London setting gives it quite an edge. The characters are a joy interact with, even the villains, and by the end, you will be wishing the good guys the best of luck. This is a perfect read if you like magic stories that are grounded in reality.

The Orphanage of Gods
The Orphanage of Gods tells the story of two teenagers on the run as they try to save one of their own. Twenty years have passed since the bloody revolution that wiped out all the gods. Their children were put in an orphanage where they are watched day and night. If any of these children show divine power, they disappear in the night, never to be seen again. Those with special powers know what awaits them if discovered so many hide their abilities from the Guard. While no one has ever escaped from this captivity, seventeen-year-old Hero finally manages to escape.

Hero’s escape comes at a price – her sister was captured by the Guard. Hero’s sister is currently being confined in the northern sea, and she is desperate to save her. As Hero gets to the north, she will discover that other gods survived the attack, so there are others with magical powers. The gods have a plan for Hero, one that could change the world. What will Hero do now that she has a new task while still hiding from the murderous Guardsmen and working to save her sister? How far is this teenage girl willing to do to accomplish the tasks at hand?

This story is told from three perspectives. First, there is Hero’s voice. Hero is half-god, and she has been in captivity for long, together with her brother and sister. When the Guard captures her sister, Hero comes up with a plan to escape and find her. Hero is smart, resourceful, and it is sweet that she cares so much for her siblings. The second voice is that of Raven, a likable ten-year-old girl. Lastly is Kestrel, Hero’s sister. While Kestrel is a complex character, the bond she shares with Hero is admirable. It is also refreshing to read about two girls who do not obsess over a boy who discards them. There is some female to female romance between Kestrel and Eliza, which adds an exciting twist to the story.

The Orphanage of Gods is one action-packed story. All characters are well developed, and they add a lot of depth to the story. If you like stories with rapidly changing settings, hints or mythology, and a bit of magic, you are going to love this book. Follow Hero on her adventurous journey and read about the discoveries she makes along the way. Hero and Josh’s dedication to their mission is admirable, and it is sweet that two siblings would go to such lengths to save Kestrel. The rest of the cast is just as impressive. This, together with the pace and rising tension, will keep you glued to the pages.

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