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#SexyMistakes(2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
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HelenKay Dimon is an American award-wining novelist, whose writing career began after working as a divorce lawyer for twelve years. She began with writing after moving with her husband from Maryland to California. It took her three years of writing to publish her first book in 2006, but has since written over thirty novels, novellas and short stories. She started to write romance novels after watching relationships end on a daily basis. Inspiration didn’t come only thanks to her former occupation, but everyday life as well, and while some writers struggle with the inspiration, she admitted that the harder part for her is to actually sit down and write the novel.

Despite that, HelenKay Dimon has successfully been working with numerous publishers, including Kensington, Harlequin and Pengui, Samhain, Carina Press and HarperCollins. Her first success came when she was picked in an online contest as a finalist by a fellow author Lori Foster. Since then, her books have been translated into several languages, and her first single title, a fun romantic romp, “Your Mouth Drives Me Crazy” was featured in Cosmo as a “Red-Hot Read” for August ’07. For the same title, which features Annie Parks who comes to Hawaii to gather information and settle a score, but rather ends up most of the time handcuffed to a sexy stranger’s bed, she has won Bookseller’s Best Award as the best single title of 2007.

HelenKay Dimon is also involved in teaching and passing on her knowledge and experience, as an award-wining bestselling author, through workshops, discussions and exercises, which are beneficial to the writing process, plotting and characterization of the participants.

Books she has written

Most of the titles from HelenKay Dimon’s bibliography are a part of anthologies, such as Men of Hawaii, Hanover Brothers or Bad Boys Undercover. Even though she admits that writing anthologies is something she does by editor invitation, creating intriguing characters for such anthologies is something she does best.

One of those characters is Becca Ford from the story “Mercy” which is a part of “Holton Woods” series. She’s a disavowed CIA agent who was infiltrated in the business and life of a millionaire Jarrett Holt . After all the other agents have been eliminated under strange circumstances, she has only Jarrett to rely upon. With her life in his hands, she has no choice but to accept the fact that he only wants her body, because she can only be safe under his terms.

“Mercy” has received positive reviews with praise of HelenKay Dimon’s style, powerful plot, compelling and provocative characters such as Becca and Jarrett. The story’s balancing act fit perfectly with an unsettling and profoundly compelling romance, and was accompanied by excellent storytelling from Dimon. On one side there is Becca who had the courage to come back to a man she loves after she had betrayed him, while at the same time she approached him with the right amount of humility. Jarrett is a man who doesn’t let anybody in his life, so it was interesting to see him try to punish the woman that he loved despite his true feelings for her. Even tough the setting in which the story was placed was out of the ordinary, there a lot of emotions in this novel, such as betrayal, anger, hatred and love, which can be seen in everyday life.

Although romance novels tend to have a lot of common features, HelenKay Dimon has shown the ability to make her characters different in their own way, which makes them interesting and keeps the readers craving for more. Such is the case with the story “Only”, also from the “Holton Woods” anthology.

It’s a story about Sebastian Jameson, who solves problems for his clients, but the things starts to fall apart for him after his wife has decided to write everything there is about their private life and their bedroom activities. While distancing from his wife, he becomes a magnet for women who thrive on risky fantasies, but his biggest concern becomes Kyra Royer who will try to do anything to seduce Sebastian. The problem lies in the fact that the main protagonist knows Kyra’s brother who happens to have a rough past and sniper abilities, which puts Sebastian in a tough position. While his job becomes more deadly, he realizes that keeping Kyra near might be the only way to keep her alive. With here nearby, there is no way he can avoid to get closer to her than he ever intended…

HelenKay Dimon’s other notable anthologies include “Hanover Brothers” and “Bad Boys Undercover”, amongst others. In the stories about the Hanover brothers, she has inserted the family role in the life and love of main protagonists. Not only did the family played a role, but marked the lives of the Hanovers, since their father was a professional con-artist, so they had to find ways to deal with his long lasting legacy. Still, it is a story not only about love, romance and drama, but also a fact that one can only blame somebody else for his decisions in life to a certain point.

“Bad Boys Undercover” is, on the other hand, a much more straight-to-the-point series. Strong, silent type characters related to the Alliance, such as Weston Brown and Josiah King, are determined to do everything to save the woman they love, who is in life-threatening danger coming from professional killer. While most of the folks won’t find themselves in those kind of life situations,
the image of a man who would do anything to protect his woman, is the scenery common for everyday life, so it’s easy to keep the readers involved, while at the same time offer them an interesting environment in which the stories take place.

Romance is the centerpiece of HelenKay Dimon’s stories, but it often happens in very different circumstances and to diverse characters, which makes her stories so interesting and keeps the readers wanting for more. Relating to the romance stories can only be strong as are the characters involved, and the portrayal of intriguing characters in intense life situations is the reason why HelenKay Dimon has been so successful as an author.

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