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“Hell on Earth” is a series of horror novels by respected novelist Iain Rob Wright. He is the author of more than twenty bestselling titles in the thriller and horror genre. The previous Kindle All-Star author has been a mainstay in the horror genre charts ever since he wrote his debut novel “Animal Kingdom” in 2011. Since then he has become a prolific author with more than two dozen novels to his name. He is known as a producer of original and unique stories from his claustrophobic revenge thrillers in “ASBO” to his apocalyptic “The Gates” saga. Rob Wright’s work has been adapted for foreign audiences, audiobooks, and graphic novels and he is deemed one of horror fiction’s fastest rising stars. He is an active member of several writing associations including the Horror Writer Association. When he is not writing his bestselling horror and suspense novels, he is a family man and massive animal lover.

Iain Rob Wright started out as a phone salesman and during his teenage and young adult years, he was a bit of a wreck. Over several years, he dropped out of the university, the Army, and pretty much logged out of life. The only thing he had going for him was his girlfriend who would later become his wife. The support and belief she had in him were what motivated him to go after his dreams. She knew that he always wanted to become an author and goaded him into writing during his spare time. She ensured he stayed the course and finished writing the manuscripts rather than stop halfway as he was always doing. Several years later, he has more than twenty-five novels and finally quit his job when he started making more than double what the 9-5 got him. He has said that self-publishing horror novels have made him less stressed, happier, and richer and pretty much changed his life.

The “Hell on Earth” series of novels by Iain Rob Wright is a fascinating set of horror novels that was launched with the publishing of “The Gates” in 2015. The multi-setting story takes place across the world though much of it is in the United States and England. At the opening of the series in the novel “The Gates,” Hell Holes start appearing as black slates all over the world. From these portals, demons have been entering the world and killing anyone they may find. While the attacks are devastating, there are pockets of survivors that are determined to take the fight to the invaders. “Legion” the second novel of the series is a story that tells of the happenings in the first novel but from the perspectives of different characters that those of the first book. It is a close-up look into how the environment affects people and events and allows an inside look into other perspectives, gives answers, and shows how new villains as well as heroes rise. In “Extinction” the third novel of the “Hell on Earth” series, the story that started in the first two novels carries on. The gates of hell are still open and Hell is finally taking over. There are a few pockets of resistance across the world but will they be enough to fight against the numerous demons and take back the Earth?

“The Gates” the debut novel of the series starts with the opening of black portals into Hell, something that demons have been waiting for centuries to happen. The strange portals have appeared all over the world and anyone who goes near one or tries to shut them up will die. Not even the best scientists in the world know what these portals portend though now that they are opening, humanity will have to deal with whatever comes out of them. On the East Coast of the United States, Captain Granger goes on a long and desperate quest across the Atlantic to find and reunite with his children. Photojournalist Mina Magar takes pictures of the horrors happening on Oxford Street, one of the busiest in London. Meanwhile, a fading pop star named Rick Bastion is losing all hope and steadily continues his deterioration that had begun even before the start of the apocalypse. For all these characters, survival is a priority and they need to fight back or else humanity will go extinct.

In “Legion,” the second novel of the “Hell on Earth” series by Iain Rob Wright asks what would you do if the demons of Hell invade and take over the Earth? The apocalypse is almost total as humanity fights a merciless and smart foe. Vamps is a man that had never thought himself anything but a kid living in the streets until what he called home was turned into a war zone. He is forced to become a hero just like many of his peers and friends. Things are not made any easier by the fact that they have to deal with a rival gang that wants them dead. On the other side of town is a US Navy Lieutenant who believed he had a neat and bright future until he meets a Coast Guard Captain gone rogue and all his plans go to shreds. It will take a lot of manipulation, planning, and hard work to get his destiny back on track and get vengeance against those that have done him harm. For police officer Richard Honeywell, being a police officer at such a time is a death wish. He still must protect the citizens of the UK, even if everything is burning all around him. But it will be difficult to perform his vows since his family is in danger too. The world needs to unite to fight the Legions of Hell whose monsters will not stop unless humanity steps up.

“Extinction” the third novel of the series starts from where the first two left off. The portals into hell are still open and the legions of Hell reign supreme. There are many pockets of resistance and the survivors are working hard to shut up the portals, banish the legions, and finally take back the world. The tale builds up to a crescendo as humanity fights hard. Rob Wright is an expert at making the case for the underdog and one cannot help but pray that everything will turn out well for humanity. However, the story still has the gory details familiar in a horror novel. Still, while there is a lot of hope, real-life sucks and there may not be a happily ever after for the lead characters.

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