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Publication Order of Hell Squad Books

Hell Squad series authored by Anna Hackett. After a deadly alien invasion on earth, a group of survivors is prepared to fight and eliminate the intruders. Marcus Steel is the toughest leader in a team named Hell Squad. The team is made of hardened soldiers, both men, and women, who seem to stop at nothing until they complete the mission. Many heroes rise after realizing there is someone to stay alive for.

This is the debut novel in Anna Hackett’s action and romance-packed Hell Squad series. In this installment, the author introduces new earth. The earth population was living a peaceful life before the dinosaur-like alien invasion. The aliens start exterminating humans, and a large group of survivors has gathered underground a military facility near the remains of Sidney. They’ve killed many people, and those left are uniting to come up with a way to terminate the invaders.

It’s now a war and humanity’s last chance to stay on earth. Military soldiers help the survivors look for a safe place while attacking the invaders using guerilla tactics. Elle Milton is one of the survivors, and she was known as a typically beautiful, sweet, and innocent girl in society. After being rescued, she became a communication officer for a tough group of soldiers where most of them were trained for special operations before the invasion.

Marcus Steele was their leader and the roughest of all. His juniors would beat the Vietnam vet without any trouble while he would fight with his right hand tied on the back and still win; that’s why they were named Hell Squad. Marcus is used to wars and is loyal and attracted to Elle, an earlier party girl who’s now a communications officer.

He thinks he could be worthy and tries his luck by approaching Elle. As the war heats up, Elle is fundamental to defeat the monsters roaming on earth. Anna Hackett vividly describes how the tough Marcus felt about her, and sometimes, his words are poetical to make the reader smile.

Elle is braver, genuine, and caring, with strong feelings just like him. When a mission brings them close, the spark is ignited between them. She is used to living a sheltered life and now realizes going to malls and having good cars isn’t the embodiment of life. Marcus is a protective character and is scared on the inside, fighting his feelings for Elle for some months and now can’t ignore her anymore after their mission together.

Despite being badass and tough, he still has a kind and caring heart for Elle, and whenever she doubted herself, Marcus was on her side, reminding her of all she had accomplished. The two are everything one could want to be in heroes and heroines.

The fast pace in this first installment marks a good start for the series. The romance action is well drafted to leave the reader wanting to know more. The author creates a believable dialogue with a lot of teasing amongst Hell Squad. The storyline is decent with a lot of action, interesting characters and good world-building. The storyline of the book is unique to this genre, and aliens are extraordinary too.
The characters are captivating, intriguing, fascinating, and engaging for any reader to fall in love with. Hackett has done a superb job of creating fascinating worlds for the readers to get absorbed fast.
Cruz is the second in the heart-pounding Hell Squad series. In this novel, Cruz is slowly losing himself and has lost the drive to continue fighting until his path crosses with a beautiful lady in Sydney. The lady saves him and his team and immediately leaves.
She goes by the name Santa Kade and has only one motive of revenge and seems to stop at nothing until she puts down the leader, who’s responsible for the death of her sister. She has been surviving on her own in Sydney, slowly fighting the aliens whenever they come her way.
Now a loner warrior for a year, Santha is a former SWAT officer and does well in fighting and keeping herself alive. Her sister was killed violently by the aliens and now nothing can stop her on her way to vengeance. She’s a lovable, strong, and deadly character and Anna Hackett does an excellent job of creating kickass heroines that the reader can’t resist loving.

Cruz has been slowly struggling and is losing himself as days pass. He sees no reason to keep fighting, and his passion for music has gradually faded away. When he meets Santha, he slowly comes back to life and now has a reason to fight for the world once more. He is a great hero, and it’s fascinating how he finds himself again at a time when he thought his world was over.

Even though Santha thinks Cruz is a great guy, she wants to remain focused on her mission against the alien commander who killed her sister as she watched, leaving Santha paralyzed by the poisoned weapon. She doesn’t want to get emotionally confused by an intimate relationship.

In this installment, the author gives information on various types of aliens, alien movements, and the real horror of their activities in the human world. Santha has no interest in being a part of hierarchy at Blue Mountain Base despite the fact that it comes with safety from a hideout. But they are in need for her after the resistance learnt that aliens have held a group of scientists and resistance wants a team to rescue them.

However, to rescue someone, you must know the exact location to find them. Santha has a good intelligence concerning alien operations because she has one year of experience dealing with them.

They want her Intel, and when she gets wounded, she now realizes she needs their help. However, she still wants revenge badly when Blue Mountain is planning a strike to bring the people out of prison. The aliens want to perform experiments on different types of humans, be it age or size. The experiments were torturous as the Gizzida aliens want to see what makes us function.

After going to the laboratories, Hell Squad uncovers the worst nightmares they’ve never imagined and is determined to get the prisoners out.

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