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Publication Order of Hellcat Released Books

Michael Anderle is a published author of fiction.

He was born in 1967 in Houston, Texas. He says that he was curious as a child and as a result he got into trouble quite frequently. This proved to be a good thing as he was in trouble quite a bit but still had an inquisitive mind, so he used the time while he was grounded to read. So at least something good came out of it!

For the first twenty years of his life, he says that he mostly stuck to reading stories that were in the genres of either science fiction or fantasy. In the past ten years, he has expanded his tastes a bit and also incorporated military fiction and urban fantasy into his reading lists. He has also come up with his series The Kurtherian Gambit, which is popular among his fans and has sold well. He says that the fans have taken the stories and made them go forward to an extend beyond his wildest dreams and gives them all of the credit for sharing his works with family and friends.

Michael Anderle is the creator and the author of the Hellcat Released series. The series begins with the debut novel released, which is titled Dauntless. The second novel in the series is titled Defiant. It is followed by the third novel, Destined. That is followed by the fourth novel, Ferocious, and the fifth novel, Fearless.

Dauntless is the first book in the Hellcat Released series by Michael Anderle. If you want something new and different to read, check this book out!

Earth may have died, but even though she is dead, there is still much that she has to offer. As for giving those gifts out easily, however, that’s just not going to happen. Besides, there’s no one out there that is likely insane enough to leave the comfort that the Atlantica Stations offer to go hunt for treasure on a world that is dying.

Except for maybe Dante Shale. Dante is a professional when it comes to plundering. Others may be good, but when it comes to him, he is the best when it comes to doing what he does. It also helps that he constantly remains cool and is always as efficient as possible. If he finds that he can’t run away from something or it would not be worth it, he’s simply going to choose to fight it and be good at doing so. The bottom line is that if you’re someone that requires something from Earth, you are in need of his services. The answer is to go to Dante.

Getting to the top of the hill in his field means that he also tends to attract a lot of enemies. They’re always coming his way, so he can’t ever afford to let his guard down. He needs to constantly be watching his own back. Go into the future of the Atlantica universe and find out that just because Earth started powering down, it doesn’t mean that the adventures have ceased too. What will Dante Shale do and will he come out on top? Read this book to find out!

Defiant is the second book in the Hellcat Released series by Michael Anderle. If you liked the first book in this series, check the second one out too!

Dante may have made it through treachery, but just surviving is not going to be enough at all. The Marauder only wants one thing, and that’s to get revenge. He’s teamed up with Nasreen Joelle, a master spy and his new partner. He may be hunting for his revenge, but those who decided that they were fine leaving him for dead also have their own powerful connections. Is revenge even worth it if you’re not alive to enjoy it?

Dante is going to have to be patient and wait until the time is right to make a calculated strike. That does not mean that he’s just hanging out and taking it easy, though. After all, revenge requires you do your research and you have a little cash to burn. Whether it means going to the earthside to get some more money or going into the criminal world of the Stations, Dante is not sitting around doing nothing.

An outsider might call it obsession or psychosis. However, only Dante understands what it really is. Here he may be able to kill two birds with one stone, even though he’s never had much of a preference for multitasking. He wants revenge and also justice, for himself and for all of those hit by the corruption that nearly killed Dante.

The people who came for his head are about to find out that the shot at his life wasn’t free. Will he survive all of this and get his revenge? Read this book to find out!

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