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Publication Order of Hell's Handlers MC Books

Publication Order of Hell’s Handlers MC Florida Chapter Books

The “Hell’s Handler’s MC” Series is a set of novels by Lilly Atlas, who is best known as an award-winning and bestselling contemporary romance novelist.

Outside her exploits in the writing world, she is a proud mother to three daughters who usually drive her insane and a proud Navy wife.

Early on in her life, Atlas used to be a physical therapist before she went on to achieve a lot of success as an author of fiction.

While she loved practicing as a physical therapist, writing is something she always dreamed about. For many years, she used to spend a lot of her time daydreaming about all manner of plots and characters in her head.

During this time, she used to be obsessed with writing and was thinking about it anywhere and anytime. Atlas ultimately decided that she needed to do something about her dreams and started writing, even while she was still working her day job.
In 2008, Lila published “Journey to the Deep Woods” her first novel, and has never looked back since. She has now become a prolific author churning out at least two novels every year.

Atlas has said that she could not be any happier now as a full-time author. She gets to do what she loves best while having the time to spend wrangling with her kids too. When she is not too busy pouring out her heart onto the page, she is quite the reader.
Over the years, she has penned so many novels, that she nearly believes her Kindle will protest when she downloads yet another novel.

She is lucky that her trusty Kindle is yet to give up on her and she continues to download and read all manner of romance fiction novels whenever she can.

When Lilly Atlas is not busy reading or writing, she can usually be found online keeping in touch with her readers and fans through her mailing list. Through her newsletter, subscribers can usually get access to a lot of fun bonus content.
Sometimes she can be found on her social media profiles on TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram, where she usually provides her followers with exclusive early cover reveals and giveaways.

The “Hell’s Handlers MC” series is a set of beautiful romance fiction novels that tell the stories of women and men who would have vowed that they would never fall for each other.

These are broken men and women who have gone through some very tough trials in love and life that they have given up on life and love. For the most part, they reject everything to do with love and normal ordinary living.
Our men have all been hurt by women in their past who have betrayed them and trampled upon their love that they become rakes, who only engage in relations to blow off steam.

As members of the “Hell’s Handlers MC,” they live a life of violence, women, and motorbikes and at least find loyalty from their brothers at the MC.

The women have also been hurt by people in their lives, taken wrong paths in life, or believe in black and white. But then they meet some gorgeous and breathtaking men of the MC.

Once these men and women meet, there are fireworks as they just cannot fight the attraction they feel for each other. But romance is never easy for these men and women given how different their outlooks in life are.

“Zach” is the first novel of the “Hell’s Handlers MC” Series by Lilly Atlas that tells the beautiful romance story of Toni and Zach.

Toni knows all about making mistakes as she has experienced firsthand how life can spiral out of control when one walks down the wrong path. Luckily, she has someone that will help set things right and get her out of the gutter.
As penance for her past, she makes a vow to focus on finding a dependable and steady connection with a man and suppress her baser desires, even if that means subjecting herself to what she thinks is a very boring lifestyle.
But Zach is anything but dull as he is the Hell Handler’s MC Enforcer, who embodies the outlaw lifestyle with motorcycles, violence, and women at the center of it.

When Toni becomes her neighbor, he tries his luck only to find she is not the easy lay he thought he had grown accustomed to.

He tries his best to convince her that she belongs with him, even as his life is complicated when a local gang comes against his MC family.

On her part, Toni does her best to resist the attraction she is feeling for Zach, even as she deals with demons from her past. With enemies new and old barreling down on them, they come together and things are about to become very steamy.

The second novel of the “Hell’s Handlers MC” Series “Maverick” is an interesting romantic fiction novel that tells the story of Maverick and Stephanie.

The latter works for the FBI’s cybercrime unit and is a firm believer in black and white since she was born to a father who was a cop even though he is now in prison.

Her world does not have any shades of grey until her partner who had been working undercover with the Gray Dragons MC does not check in. As his handler, she has to go check in on him only to be taken hostage by her former partner who has gone rogue.
She is tortured, beaten, and almost raped and only survived due to the intervention of a member of the Hell’s Handler MC who is also being held hostage.

He had grown up in some very bad circumstances and ultimately ended up on the streets surviving any way he could. He had ultimately found his way to club life where he at last had a sense of belonging.
Over a few years, he had been known as a carefree and fun manwhore and never imagined he would ever be in a serious relationship.

But he is captivated like never before by the feisty woman he is imprisoned with and cannot help but be strongly attracted to her.

“Jigsaw” by Lilly Atlas is the intriguing romance story of Izzy a woman who has been disappointed by her family more times than she can count.

She is now convinced that she needs only herself as she forsakes a relationship and moves to a small town in Tennessee leaving behind the bustle of the city.

However, her plans for a life of solitude and quiet do not last long as she soon gets adopted by the women and men of the Hell’s Handlers Motorcycle Club.

On the other hand, is Lincoln, a man who once had the perfect life with an enviable career, a beautiful daughter, and a loving and sweet wife. However, things changed when one night he lost everything, leaving him physically and mentally scarred.
He joined the MC and became a tough enforcer known as Jigsaw of the Hell’s Handlers MC. He is no longer interested in dreaming or women unless it is to blow off steam.

Both Izzy and Jig had resolved to avoid entanglements but with each encounter their resolve is tested to the limit.

Things get very interesting when the enemies of the MC target Izzy and the Handlers pull her in. Everything she ever believed about family being bad is now being challenged by Jig and his MC brothers.

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