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Henderson’s Boys Books In Order

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Publication Order of Henderson's Boys Books

An English writer, Robert Muchamore is well known for writing spy and thriller novels, creating adventure stories that are gripping and compelling in equal measure. Writing fast paced action adventure novels, he’s able to draw the reader in, keeping them hooked constantly throughout the entire narrative. With a number of series in his backlog of work too, he’s well known for creating franchises that are renowned worldwide on a universal level. This is especially the case with his long-running series titled ‘Henderson’s Boys’, which has been running for quite some time now. Aimed at a Young Adult audience, they consist of a set of spy novels set firmly within the espionage and spy thriller genre mold. Set during the Nazi occupation of France between the years of 1940 and 1945, they maintain a fast and suspense fueled pace throughout.

With the first book published in 2009, this particular series made its debut with the title ‘The Escape’, which was first brought out on the 5th of February. Running for a total of seven books, they charted the effort of children being used in the war effort against the German’s during the French occupation. Finishing in 2012 this was a conclusive series that essentially captured a moment in time, thus providing readers with an exciting and informative look into the past.

The Escape

Initially published through the ‘Hachette Children’s Group’ publishing label, this was originally brought out in 2009 on the 5th of February. Setting up the first in the ongoing series of ‘Henderson’s Boys’ novels, it would establish the style and the tone of the franchise overall. Introducing the characters for the first time too, it manages to provide the reader with their backstory, giving them a clear idea of who they actually are.

Set firmly in the action adventure mold, this first installment really works at creating a fun filled action packed adventure. Not only that, but it is also relevant to the times that it’s set within, paying great attention to period detail, depicting a highly realistic portrayal of Nazi occupied France. Taking the readers on a journey, it manages to capture the ambiance of the era, as well as providing a suspense fueled narrative. With characters that are each skilled in their own way, this story has a whole cast of different characters to root for over the course of the novel. Then there’s the leading protagonist of Charles Henderson himself, as he must take charge of his respective troop and ensure that the mission is completed. Gradually introducing them throughout the novel, this sees them for the first time, allowing them develop and progress in the following books to come. The city of Paris and France are also well realized, as they’re brilliantly brought to life for the reader, giving them a clear idea of what it was like to be there at the time, almost becoming characters in of themselves.

Taking place in the summer of 1940, this starts out with the Nazis advancing on France, with the German occupation soon imminent, as Paris will very soon be taken over. With everything and everybody descending into chaos, it seems that German agents are looking to hunt down two specific British children. It is then up Charles Henderson, the British spy, to locate them first and get them to safety, as he soon finds that the assistance of a young twelve-year-old orphan could be instrumental to his success. Will he be able to find the children before the enemy get to them, or will the German forces succeed in their most nefarious of plans? Is the use of children as spies the way forwards for British intelligence efforts, with these unnamed children who apparently do not exist to all intents and purposes? Who will win and who will fail, as two nations clash in battle, with only one emerging victorious, as those in peril look to make the escape?

Eagle Day

Released through the ‘Hodder and Stoughton’ publishing outlet this time, this would follow on directly from the last novel in the ‘Henderson’s Boys’ series. Continuing on from the previous book, it was first brought out on the 4th of June in 2009, not long after the first one’s release. Carrying on in much the same vein as before, it works at developing the series overall, whilst also taking it forwards in new and interesting directions.

Once again using many themes and ideas relevant to its genre, this jumps straight into the action, with its heroics and bravery driving the story. With the premise and the setting already firmly well established, this manages to further elaborate upon the time and period that it’s set within. It also takes the suspense to another level, taking the reader even further than ever before, with more character development than ever before.

Set in the aftermath of the German invasion of France and Paris, this sees Hitler having just conquered France, with it only just happening, this taking place in the late summer of 1940. All set to invade Great Britain next, Hitler has plans to cross the English Channel and attack the United Kingdom, all before the arrival of winter. Stepping up to stop him is one Charles Henderson of the British intelligence services, as he faces a choice between heading south into neutral Spain, or heading north to stop the Germans. How will his team of young refugees now known as Henderson’s Boys fare in this difficult time, and can they really rise to the occasion? Where will their journey take them and will they make the right choice when faced with this most difficult of decisions presented in their path? Who will emerge victorious and who will fail when the time comes and they need to fight, as they come to deal with Eagle Day?

The Henderson’s Boys Series

A quality collection of classic adventure stories, these are great examples of not only their genre, but all that Robert Muchamore has to offer as an author. Providing action and thrills on every page, this is an exciting and confident series that carries itself and its narrative along extremely well. With more and more discovering the series every day, this is a series that will continue to be discovered on into the foreseeable future for some time to come.

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