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Publication Order of Hendrik Groen Books

The Secret Diary of Hendrik Groen, 83 1/4 Years Old (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
On the Bright Side (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Two Old Men and a Baby (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

Hendrick Groen is the pseudonym of Dutch Writer Peter de Smet. The mystery surrounding the identity of the author had puzzled fans for several years.

This was not helped by the fact that Meulenhoff his publisher never released any information regarding the identity of one of his most popular clients. For years, he hid under a pseudonym as he published several literary passages in “Torpedo Magazine.”

His bestselling book might have offered some clues, even though the only thing it asserts is that it is the diary of Henrick Groen, which most fans rightly guessed was a pseudonym.

In 2016, several Dutch publications such as “The Parool” and “The Volksrant” announced that they had solved the mystery. Still, Smet wanted to keep his identity secret, as he was not interested in getting into the spotlight.

His blockbuster work “The Secret Diary of Hendrick Groen” achieved a lot of success and even won the Dutch Book Audience Award. Given his predilection for anonymity and privacy, he never collected his award in person.

When Hendrick Groen’s novel “The Diary of Hendrick Groen” was published in 2014 it quickly went up the charts to become an international bestseller in more than 21 countries.

The work would spend more than 30 weeks on the bestselling lists in the Netherlands. The work was written as the diary of a man in his eighties who is fed up with the indignities of aging.

Since he lives in a retirement home, he starts documenting the daily grind against which he rebels and in the process writes a very juicy and nearly scandalous expose.

Hendrick Groen was the listed name of the author while the cover had the carelessly sketched picture of an elderly man. The author then said that since he did not want publicity and cherished his peace and quiet, he kept his identity carefully guarded.

In doing so, he developed a reputation of being an octogenarian in the mold of Elena Ferrante, even though no one still knows if he is a man, woman, or even an octogenarian.

However, he clarified that he is neither a 46-year-old hairdresser nor is he a 24-year-old model.

Hendrick Groen’s “The Secret Diary of Henrick Groen” is a hilarious, uplifting, and heartrending story. It introduces a curmudgeonly and elderly octogenarian similar to Adrian Mole named Henrick Groen.

The man lives in a nursing care home in Amsterdam and tells a blow-by-blow account of the lives of the many eccentric characters living at the home. He also documents the many stupid rules that they are forced to follow in his diary.

Hendrick is a politically incorrect, cynical, and grumpy man that is also a funny, full-of-life rebel without a cause. He is best friends with Anja the assistant to one of the administrators and another man named Evert.

The work opens with Hendrick getting bored and making the decision that he will start writing in his diary. After all, there is nothing he is looking forward to except the end of his life and he would rather have fun.

Soon after, there is an incident at the care home’s Aquarium that results in a clash with management and several dead fish. Things get very interesting when Eefje a new resident arrives at the home and captures Hendrick’s interest.

Before long, he is searching for love and in his quest, he starts sprucing himself up. With the spark of rebellion already lit, the group of elderly residents supports each other through tragedies, declining health, and all manner of difficulties.

“As long as There is Life” by Hendrick Groen continues to follow the life and times of the octogenarian that was introduced in the debut. While he is one and a half years older, he has not let his age prevent him from posting his diary entries.

He is having a lot of fun and making plans for the future. The eighty-five-year-old Hendrick is a founding member of the “Old But Not Dead Club” at the Amsterdam-based care home.

Despite their age, the members of the club are a determined bunch as they sample themed and very fine dining establishments and arrange day trips. Their care home is also not spared as they also have some very hilarious incidents there too.

Evert and Hendrick are akin to what you would find in a school house as they behave like two naughty schoolboys. They are a huge pain and inconvenience the home manager every chance they get.

Evert is the ultimate naughty boy that does not care what others think of him and often has some of the most amusing and outrageous comments.
Conversely, Hendrik displays a charming personality and is more caring and gentle which has become a rarity in today’s society. Hendrik pledges to try to be more assertive but he cannot help but be a more giving and thoughtful person.

While the work has its own share of moving and sad moments but the main message it shows is that despite octogenarians having a short life expectancy, they can still enjoy and live life to the full.

Henrick Groen’s novel “Raised to the Finish Novel” sees a change in the dynamic of the book. Hendrik Groen’s Amsterdam-based nursing home was shut down and he was sent to the Bergen aan Zee facility.

His old club fell apart but every now and then there is a reunion where the former residents get to enjoy some beer and catch up.

Hendrik believes that time is no longer on his side as he has begun losing perspective and is more forgetful overall. Given that he has developed a tendency to bumble, he starts keeping his diary once again so that he can reread anything he forgets.

Soon after the coronavirus sweeps through the home in Bergen aan Zee. Unluckily for Henrik, Evert is no longer there to make lewd comments and Hendrik cannot come close to him even though he does try.

Fortunately, he still has Miss Jansen, Frida, and Leonie to keep him company. With these companions and Evet’s dog, he can cheerfully head to the finish line.

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