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Before he became a published author, Thomas Enger used to work as a journalist. Thomas Enger made his debut with the novel Burned, which became an international bestseller. Burned eventually went on to become the first book in the book series revolving around one Henning Juul, who is the protagonist. The book series delves into Oslo’s underbelly depths, impaling through the corridors of dirty politics and also highlighting the first moving world of 24-hour news. Rights to this book series have been sold to more than 26 nations. In the year 2013, Thomas Enger published his very first young adult dark fantasy thriller known as the Evil Legacy. The Evil Legacy ensured that Thomas Enger was awarded a U-Prize for the best Young Adult book. Ever since he was 18 years old, Thomas Enger has composed music and penned several books.

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Burned is the first installment in the Henning Jull book series by the Nordic author, Thomas Enger. In Burned as an exceedingly young woman is found stoned to death and half buried in a tent. One of the woman’s hand has been cut off. It does not take long before the police decide to look into the investigation. The police suspect the details of the young woman’s killing are somehow related to the honor killing, which was a draconian method of punishment under the Sharia Laws. This, in turn, implied that there was a Muslim connection. It also happens the boyfriend to the young woman is a Muslim. The young woman has left behind two messages for her boyfriend. As the police come to question the boy, he is found just before he destroyed his computer. The young man and boyfriend to the girl are quickly arrested. As luck would have it the killing, coincides with the return of the well-established author, Henning Juul. Henning Juul is a renowned investigative journalist, who works for 123 News.

Due to a tragedy that left him emotionally scarred and physically scared, Henning Jull had left the town more than two years ago. After what had happened to him, Henning Juul is not so excited about his return to the small town. However, Juul’s feelings eventually begin to change when he becomes directly involved in the case that has left the entire town talking. On his first day back in the town, Henning Juul is sent to cover a press conference. Upon hearing what the police say, Henning Juul becomes exceedingly certain that the police officers have it wrong. After the press conference, Henning Juul heads directly to the University where the young girl used to be a student. Henning Juul is more than certain that there was more than what met the eye. Assisted by a police informant, whose identity Henning does not know since they only engage through text messages, Juul heads on a journey to discover the truth. He eventually can find the truth behind the killing but at the same time places his life in great danger.

With that said, there are so many reasons, why the reader is going to fall in love with this novel. One of the reasons is the protagonist, Juul, who finds himself back once again into the world of journalism only to discover that the world of journalism has ended up becoming more dependent on sensitization, titillation, and celebrities instead of the antiquated reporting. Now, the most important newsdesk is the gossip and sex columnist. The number of websites that the news hits are the real determinant of success. It is also exceedingly thrilling to watch Juul transform as the excitement of finding the truth begins to assist him to get back to his feet emotionally and carry away all the baggage as well. In this book, we are also introduced to Henning Juul’s mother who is lost in cigarette haze and alcohol, Juul’s estranged sister who happens to be an advocate for justice and Juul’s ex-wife who is now in a serious relationship with one of the people who work with Juul.

Overall, this is an excellent book with a tight plot that has been paced exceedingly well. It is also brilliantly written, humorous and believable as well. Pierced is also another excellent, addictive and gripping story of loss, loyalty, and revenge as well. In this installment we meet once again with Inspector, Henning Juul, who has is now settled in his job. It is now more than two years ever since Juul’s son died in a fire, which left the protagonist mentally, and physically scarred. The protagonist’s frustration of not being able to remember the events before the fire not only adds to the plot but also to the interest of reader as well. Henning strongly believes that this memory loss is stopping him from being able to remember the events and the person who started the fire that claimed his son’s life. However, as the story progresses, Henning Juul receives a phone call from one, Tore Pulli, who informs him that he knows something about the fire which claimed his son’s life.

However, Tore Pulli will only give Henning the information only if he will be willing to do a little bit of investigation for Tore Pulli. Tore claims that he had been wrongfully convicted of a murder that he did not convict. Thus, he wants the protagonist, Henning Juul to assist him in gathering all the necessary evidence that will be used to set him free. Pulli is more than convinced that he has been set up especially because he has made several enemies as an underground enforcer. In the beginning, Juul’s work proves to be a little bit repulsive, seeking the evidence that will set free a man who had spent his entire life breaking jaws and several other body parts for his bosses especially when the clients failed to pay up. As Henning continues to dig deeper into the investigation, he eventually comes to the discovery that Pulli’s case lacked conclusive evidence and fact as well.

In this book, it is evidently clear that the author is at his personal best, especially when he highlights the parent/child relationship. Reading Juul’s situation is not only unbearable but sad as well.

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