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Step into the life of Henry Bins. If you have ever wondered what it would be like to be a super detective, solving mysteries and saving the world, you might want to take a ride with him. Henry Bins is a fictional character from the short story 3:00 AM written by Nick Pirog. Being afflicted with a disease that is named after him, Henry Bins can only stay awake for one hour each day. The disease allows him to stay up only from 3:00 AM to 4:00 AM. Therefore Henry Bins lives his life one hour at a time. He performs all his feats in this given period that range from normal and mundane activities like socializing to feats that require intelligence like solving mysteries. Henry Bins spends his time well and how the book and the writer portrays his character can guarantee laughs, especially with the well placed wit and humor. Henry Bins’ moments and dialogues with his cat, Lassie, will make you laugh until your stomach hurts. In the book Henry Bins finds out that his mother, who left him with his dad when he was around six years old, was found murdered. Determined to solve this case, Henry Bins will take you on an amazing joyride filled with horror, suspense, and laughter as he tries to solve the case and of course like every short story hero, save the world. With the help of his dad, Lassie, his cat, Murdock, his dad’s dog, Ingrid, his girlfriend, and of course his friend, the President he might just actually do so.

In book 1 of the series, titled 3:00 AM, Henry Bins awoke, during his peculiar sleeping pattern, to the scream of a woman. He looks out the window of where he lives only to see the sight of the most powerful man in the world. It was his friend the President of the United States of America coming out of his neighbor’s house where the screams originated and turns out that a murder has taken place in the premises. This is where Henry Bins becomes a super sleuth. He uses his imagination to get from point a to b and works wonders with the limited timeframe his disease can permit him. Book 2 will take you even deeper into Henry Bins’ silly and ridiculous world. He will figure out the real reason why his mother walked out on him. He will learn that the reason was not his condition. He will also learn the true nature of his mother’s work that will lead to her demise. The book still combines the action and suspense present in the first book. It is delightful to read but like the essence of short stories will be over quickly. The story will engage and captivate you that the pages will just pass by and you won’t realize that you have already finished the book. Include the humour and the ridiculous antics that he, his cat, and dog will perform in the story and you will have a complete book that can make the most veteran readers take a good look at the book and settle down.

The book is a series of short stories written by Nick Pirog. The series is composed of four books that tell the adventures and mystery solving prowess of Henry Bins. From mass murder to simple frame-ups, Henry Bins will use his skills to save the world while being awake for one hour at a time. The books are available for download via kindle, amazon’s e-book reader which enhances the reading experience. A good story combined with the amazing capability of the kindle to promote the authentic reading experience will take you deeper into the persona of Henry Bins. Reading the book will let you appreciate your life more. By taking a look at the life of a person who can only wake up for one hour every day, you will realize how fortunate you are to have so much time in your hands. This book may be a short story but it can also serve as a wake-up call to people so that they can budget their time more. If a normal person can wake up at 3 AM to 4AM in the morning and save the world before breakfast, then people who have a full twenty four hours on their hands can definitely achieve much more. Though there is a warped reality in the life of Henry Bins, you can definitely see the complex undertones and the wit that the author is trying to impart.

Henry Bins the super sleuth and crime solving hero who only has an hour of life available can make your entire day worthwhile and entertaining. Though the book is only 100 pages long, Henry’s character and the way the author tells the story will leave you gasping for air and craving for more. The story was equally amusing and full of suspense and action yet it was sprinkled with a generous serving of wit and humor. His conversations with his cat will not only leave you laughing your heart out but it will give you an insight at the character of a person who has a disease named after himself and how he spends his one hour while trying to live normally despite everything that is happening. It is a contrast of seriousness and the slice of life that makes the entire story engaging yet light hearted. In fact, some fans thought that the book was only a “one and done” kind of deal. They did not expect that the author, Nick Pirog, would create a sequel which is titled 3:10AM. The book is certainly an interesting take on short story writing, the concept is unique and made everything about the story and character very intriguing. This is definitely a good read for lazy afternoons or when you want to read something adequate but without having to change sitting.

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4 Responses to “Henry Bins”

  1. Kathy B.: 1 year ago

    Ugh!!! I can’t put this book down!! I read until my eyes twist…I loved Thomas Prescott, now it’s Henry Bins!! When I read Nick Pirog’s books I’m transported to his world. Excellent read!!

  2. Steve: 2 years ago

    I really like this series. The books are amazing. But how can I get 3.53 am and 4.00 am? I would be very grateful if someone helps me.

  3. Catherine Corey: 2 years ago

    I binged this series and can’t imagine living a life in one hour segments. Nick Pirog writes thoroughly enjoyable, humorous and fascinating story lines. I’m looking forward to reading what happens to Henry’s father.

  4. N Wilson: 3 years ago

    Read all five in the 3 a.m. series. Would love to read more about the characters. Hopefully more are coming soon!


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