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Henry Turner was born and raised in an exceedingly old neighborhood in Baltimore, Maryland. While living in Baltimore, Henry Turner attended public schools and was always impressive in storytelling. During his teenage years, Henry began making films with the assistance of his brother and some of his friends. Henry Turner managed to write and produce five feature films. It did not take long before his films began to gain popularity with some even being nominated and winning several awards. After his films had become popular, Henry decided to move to Los Angeles. This was after he received a call from an L.A based movie production company, which was constantly looking for high-quality movie scripts.

After moving to L.A, Turner became actively involved in the movie industry; thus he was even involved in the creation of a fledgling film festival. Apart from working on movie scripts, Henry has also been involved in freelance entertainment journalism, where he managed to interview high profile film-makes such as Quentin Tarantino, George Lucas, James Cameron, Brian Grazer and many others. After spending more than a year in Greece, Henry Turner made a commitment to authoring fiction. Upon returning to L.A, Henry met up with his future wife who from time to time, encouraged him to go and learn more about fiction from an author he truly admired, John Renchy. For several years, Henry Turner remained a part of Renchy’s writing group. He also studied in private with one, Hubert Selby.

Ask the Dark

Before the death of his mother, Billy used to be a mischievous kid. However, after the death of his mother, Billy has transformed completely, turning into a kid whom his mother would be so proud of. Things were absolutely great; however, it does not take long before things begin to change. The boys disappear, while at the same time his father is about to lose the house. As if losing the house is not enough, Billy’s sister is in danger. Thus, when Billy is forced to take a much darker path, he decides to follow the path because he believes that being an outstanding kid is not going to solve anything. The language and the tone used by the author in this book may deter a few readers; however, it does not take before the tone falls into a rhythm. Furthermore, the tone and rhythm suited the book’s characters. There are times when the accents and dialects will throw you away from the book; however, the accents and dialects make Billy sound more real.

In this book, the author has clearly portrayed the animosity that is between the police officers and Billy, It is clear that Billy cannot take the evidence that he has to the police officers. The theme about people being seen as waste is not only painful, but it is also a backward way of thinking. Henry Turner has done an excellent job of clearly portraying this vice which was exceedingly common in Billy’s community. Ask the Dark is a book about labeling and judging and refusing to comprehend what led to the behavior. The characters in this book are multi-faceted and exceedingly complicated. Another theme which has also been highlighted in the book is on parenting and its importance. Most of the flaws portrayed by the characters in the book can be traced back to their childhood days. Furthermore, parenting is not affected by the socio-economic classes.

The characters in this book are what make it stand out from the majority of the thrillers. The author is a master at developing individual and highly interesting characters. Billy’s behavior of sneaking around was partly caused by the death of his mother. Furthermore, the death of his mother also made him develop ADHD. Despite the fact that the ADHD affected him negatively in school, Billy’s ability to observe and move was greatly improved. With that being said, the entire book is about Billy. Billy’s accent and tone are clearly portrayed by the character. Thus it is going to take a little bit of time before the reader gets used to the accent. Upon reading the book you will realize the accent in a way strengthened Billy’s sweetness and innocence; thus this could be the main reason why the author decided to use it.

It is exceedingly interesting to see how the author managed to capture Billy’s mind especially when he was solving problems or relaying the clues when trying to catch the killer. Unlike most protagonists, Billy is not a hero. Many at times he is constantly teased by the other kids. He has never won any fight. No person trusts Billy especially because he has an exceedingly bad reputation. As more and more kids end up missing, Billy tries so hard to follow the lead by himself since he has lost faith with all the adults in the village. Is Billy going to be able to bring the monster responsible for the heinous crime to justice, or are his investigations and attempts going to prove that Billy is not capable of doing anything productive?

All in all, this is an excellent story. With that being said, Henry Turner has managed to capture the soul of a young and humble boy. The dialogue in the book is home quaint, as Billy comes across as a young boy who was never presented with a chance to enjoy his childhood. The trip that Billy goes on and the town are going to feel real and in the process will capture your protective side and your imagination as you cheer Billy on so that he can find acknowledgment and acceptance of the great man that he is finally turning into. His sense of humor and blushing humility often gets him in trouble. However, he always tries to do the right thing all the time and many at times he finds it second to nature. The book’s climax was great and will leave you the reader fully satisfied.

This is an exceedingly fascinating read which is ideal for YA especially for anyone looking for adventure, action and a little bit of scare at the same time.

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