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Publication Order of Heretic Of The Federation Books

The Heretic Lives (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Young Apostate (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Time to Fear (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Beast Rises (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hope But First War (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Angel of Armageddon (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

The “Heretic of the Federation” is a series of fantasy fiction novels by Michael Anderle a horror, urban fantasy, mystery, science fiction, young adult fantasy, and fantasy fiction author.

Michael published “The Heretic Lives” the debut novel of the “Heretic of the Federation” series of novels in 2020. The author now has more than half a dozen novels in the series that have all been very popular.

However, this was not Michael’s first rodeo as he first introduced himself when he published “Death Becomes Her” his debut work in 2015.

Since Anderle is an avid reader he had a very good idea of what makes a series very successful. According to the author, readers usually get hooked to a series when books are released in quick order.

As such he used to release his novels quickly and in fact, his first three novels were released only a few days apart.

The first half a dozen novels of the “Heretic of the Federation” series of novels were all released within two years. He has somewhat slowed down in how fast he produces his works as he now takes more time with the proofreading and editing of his novels.

As for his history, Michael Anderle was born in Houston Texas in 1967. He remembers being a curious child and hence he often got into a lot of trouble.

Since he just could not tame his inquisitive mind even when his parents and teachers grounded him, he had to find something to do. It was this that would result in his lifelong relationship with reading.

In his earlier years, he for the most part read fantasy and science fiction, even though he would later gravitate toward military and urban fantasy fiction. Making use of those influences, he would ultimately publish his debut novel.

“The Heretic of the Federation” series of novels is a spinoff from the very popular “The Witch of the Federation” series of novels by Michael Anderle. It continues with the story of the witch twenty-seven years later. Nothing seems to have changed in nearly three decades as government lies and greed has continued unabated.

The successor to the once-ruling federation is the “Regime,” which rules with an iron fist and has been hunting down and enslaving magic users who are forced to work in their naval forces. They also have a burning hatred and fear of aliens and treat ordinary humans as slaves to the elite working for the government.

The only person who can save the world is John, an untrained boy that has been using magic. John had found one of the friends of the Witch and thereafter went on a journey of enlightenment.

He is the perfect hero, a strong, humble man with a heart whose character is very similar to the prophet John from the bible that prophesied the coming of the Messiah.

This is a different series with its own intriguing rewriting of history, mass brainwashing, and brilliant coverups, that is best read alongside “The Witch of the Federation” series also by Michael Anderle.

“The Heretic Lives” is the first novel of the “Heretic of the Federation” series of novels by Michael Anderle. The main character is introduced trying to convince his friends not to go up against the regime.

They live in a world run by one computer, which means defeating it like trying to kill a person who does not and has never existed.

People that had once been heroes have now been declared villains and the Dreth and Melagorns who had at some point been good friends have turned into fierce competitors.

The Regime has been determined to instill loyalty in the humans they rule and wants everyone to be loyal to the state and to the brotherhood. Every night the Regime preaches loyalty to truth and to humanity.

However, the truth is that the elite are tainted and it is these that are the most loyal to the corrupt and evil regime. These same elites are seeking to harm humans but there is one man that knows the real truth and they cannot stop him.

John Dunn is something of a prophet-like character who had escaped the clutches of the regime and would rather die than work for the corrupt and evil government. What he learns living in the radioactive wasteland is going to change the world forever.

The second novel of Michael Anderle’s series “Heretic of the Federation” is “Young Apostate.” It tells the story of one apostle being hunted by a corrupt worldwide government and a heretic lost in space.

It has been twenty-eight years since John and Stephanie lost their homeworld and their very lives. The big question is, how far can they run when the whole world is looking for them and how will they fight when they have no training for it?

It is going to be impossible for John to live out the rest of his years in the radioactive wasteland and hence he got out of hiding to go find a way to bring down the government. Luckily, he soon finds an unexpected ally and heads across the globe seeking both answers and sanctuary.

On the edge of explored space, the Heretic works hard to repair a ship so that she can go to check up on the state of the universe that had been held prisoner for decades. John has faith that a mythical figure will return to save them all but it is not clear how that will help in his present predicament.

Will the savior return in time to save the world and John even if the former now takes her name in vain?

“Time to Fear” the third novel of the “Heretic of the Federation” series of novels sees the action increase as Ivy, John, and the Admiral are joined by AIs Ted and Remy. The latter two are working in their android bodies as they get down to work preparing for the return of the Witches.

In the meantime, Stephanie who is in deep space has managed to bring back the sister ship of the Knight, which needs major updates and repairs. Her biggest priority is to rescue her old and new friends from the tyrannical Regime.

It makes for an awesome story with carnage, battle scenes, and all-around action which to be honest is lacking in the writing of most modern authors.

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