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“Heritage of Power” is a series of science fiction and fantasy novels by Lindsay Buroker. It was a long road for Lindsay before she became a published author. She worked as a soldier in the US Army, network administrator, fast food flinger, and lifeguard. For seven years between 2004 and 2011, she was an affiliate marketer and blogger which seems like a dream job though she never did like it. While she has always wanted to do something to do with writing, instructing people on the best gym equipment or home security system to buy was not something she loved doing. She decided to get serious in 2009 and finished some manuscripts she had laying around her hard drive. Buroker wrote a few titles the “Emperor’s Edge” series but never did submit it since she did not think it was good enough. Moreover, the idea of chasing agents was not that exciting to her. But “Encrypted” the novel that she chose since she thought it would be easier to sell was rejected by agents. It was a combination of high fantasy, steampunk and a Cross-genre mess that the agents could not make sense of.

In 2010, she got a Kindle and while reading JA Konrath’s blog, she stumbled upon a guide on self-publishing. Within weeks, she decided to go the self-publishing route and started publishing online. She has never looked back since going on to publish several bestselling titles and series such as the “Star Kingdom,” “Agents of the Crown,” “Heritage Power,” “Dragon Blood,” and “Flash Gold Chronicles” among many others.

The “Heritage of Power” series by Lindsay Buroker is set in the same universe as her other series the “Dragon Blood” novels. However, it starts after the events of the Dragon Blood series and comes with its own characters though some heroes from the previous series also make an appearance. The heroes of the series are unconventional and quirky heroines and heroes that are misfits and unusual in all manner of ways. The lead in the series is Trip, who starts out as an underdog and goes on to develop his potential and become one of the most accomplished persons in his role. Trip discovers that he possesses magical abilities though he struggles with the control of these powers. His biggest struggles are with the ability to manipulate the minds of others and know what they are thinking. Trip also thinks that his dragon father may have been a horrible person and dreads finding or meeting him. Trip’s deputy is Rysha, a noblewoman that rises to the level of lieutenant. She is one of the strangest recruits to the team as she is short-sighted and scholarly, though she knows dragon lore inside out. The team also includes the explosives expert Captain Kaika, the soul blade Jaxi, a morose Cofah soldier, Duck, and Major Blazer.

“Dragon Storm” the first novel of the series introduces Telryn “Trip” Yert, a man that has always been thought of as odd, as he gets a lot of accurate hunches that even he cannot explain. He lives in Iskandia, a place where magic is forbidden and feared and hence he has had to hide his eccentricities for as long as he has been alive. Moreover, he does not want to suffer the fate of his mother who he had had to watch being executed for the crime of witchcraft. Of course Trip hates that he has magical powers that always threaten to come out into the open. Instead, he commits himself to be an officer serving in the King’s army, fighting against imperial conquerors and pirates. He lives to become a renowned and respected as Zirkander the legendary General. But Iskandia needs more than a soldier as it faces bigger problems. After an absence of more than a millennia, the dragons are back and just as before, some are willing to work with mankind for the greater good while the majority prefer to enslave or destroy the human race and take all that is left for themselves. There are not that many people that have the magical powers to defeat the dragons except for a few like Trip. But if he decides to learn more about the power he can wield and his heritage, he may risk losing everything he has worked for and everyone he loves.

“Revelations” the second novel of the series sees Trip embarking on his most important mission yet. Working with the noble-born officer and scholar Rysha Ravenwood, the sentient soul blade Jaxi, and Captain Kaika, they need to close a portal through which the dragons are entering their world. If he fails in the mission, the dragons could become too many to fight against. To make matters worse, he has spent his entire life hiding and is now afraid that his powers will be discovered if he uses them. He cannot imagine what Rysha and his superior officers will think or do once they discover what he can do. The good thing is that he has managed to get two soul blades to aid him in his work. The team has also found three legendary dragon killing swords, which just complicates matters even further. The swords make anyone who wields them want to kill anyone with dragon blood or who uses magic. Trip is in a very difficult position as he needs to tell his team members of his magic powers particularly since some of them wield the dragon killing swords. The swords will, of course, influence them to try to kill him and he needs to let them know that he is on their side. But Trip will soon learn that the reality is more incredible and that he never knew himself as he thought he did.

“Origins” the third novel of the series had ended with some devastating news to Trip. Trip had always thought he was a little odd until he learned that he was the son of Agarrenon Shivar, the elder gold dragon. He does not know if he is still human but he must learn to use his powers and fast, even if that would make him an alien to the woman he loves and his magic fearing colleagues. Enemy dragons are threatening to enslave or kill every human in his world and he is left with no choice. But even if he embraces his nature to become a sorcerer, the dragons in Iskandia are too many to be beaten by one man. They need to find General Zirkander and Trip teams up with Lieutenant Ravenwood and together they set out on a mission to find Agarrenon Sivar. His sire had once been feared and respected by the dragons and his influence may come in handy, particularly if Trip is successful in getting him to side with humans. But there is a complication, the dragon has not been sighted for millennia and Trip does not know how to find him.

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