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Publication Order of Herne The Hunter Books

Herne the Hunter is a popular book series written by John Harvey. The writing team of John Harvey and Lawrence James had the pseudonym John J. McLauglen.
White death is one of the most popular books featuring the famous character Herne the Hunter written by John J McLauglen.

Character and book series

White Death by John Harvey

The writer has used very beautiful locations and describes the natural beauty in an enthralling manner. In this book, it shows the rising of the snow and how it melted the snow fast. Moving on it shows the rays of the sun entering the door and touching Louise. As she moved further the rays of the sun touched her due which Jed was able to see her face fully for the first time.

Moving further we are shown that Jed is desperate to get hold of Louise but he is self –disciplined and stops himself. We see that Louise had been injured and there is a bruise just below her eye and her nose is also bleeding. Then we see the blood flowing from the mouth of Louise and there are scratches on her throat which are clearly visible.

After this Jed comes to know that Yates has seen the entire episode as he heard the gasp of strangulation. At this point, we see the grand entry of Herne who caught hold of Jed from his arms and crushes him with all his muscle power.

Laurence James started his career in the year 1974 when he happens to publish his first novel. This novel was published in the popular science fiction series Simon Rack: Earth Lies sleeping. In the same year, Laurence James published the fantasy saga which was based on Hells angels in Wales& England.

Introduction to John Harvey

John Harvey was a teacher for English and drama that made a great contribution to Herne the Hunter series with his second book by the name of “River of Blood”. According to John in this series he is interested to find the balance as far as the comparison between the myth of the western culture and the reality of history is concerned. He also wanted to make a better place for women in the west which has been the place dominated by male.”
The character of John Herne is not a very promising character in this series as he never got rich or lived happily.

The Black Widow

The Black Widow by John Harvey is yet another amazing creation which touches us in a very deep manner.

This book is based on the character of Whitney who had a scuffle and she jumps like a panther on a boy. She swings her pistol behind the boy and gave him a good blow on his head. Then we see Whitney flashing her gun for the second time where she happens to crush the skull to a pool of blood.

Shadow of the Vulture

The Shadow of Vulture is an awesome book written by John Harvey. This story is about a man known as Ed and his fight with a woman. Ed attacked this girl with a bottle before she could realize what was happening. Then we see this woman looking for Herne with open arms. After this, we see that blood is coming out of the wounds of this woman. She tries to stop the blood with her other hand but could not do so and blood continues to flow through her spread fingers. Now we see the stunning entry of Herne who looked fearlessly at Ed and warns him by telling him to drop the bottle.

Apache Squaw

The Apache Squaw is “A Herne the Hunter Western Book 5” written by John Harvey. This book is yet another intricate creation by John in which we see the amazing thrill and action. The location and atmosphere in this story are very catch which keeps us involved throughout the execution of the scenes in this book.

In The Apache Squaw, the main character is Elisha Parsons who is a tough guy. On the other hand, we have Emmie – Lou, the wife of Elisha Parsons who is very warm and just opposite to her husband. The problem here is that Emmie wants to get away from her husband but Elisha Parsons wants to be with his wife. In this story, we see that as the nature of the husband is rude and rough it is a good relief when we see the wife being captured by One Eye and his Apaches.
As far as the character of Jed Herne is concerned he is very particular about his contract. He wanted to get Emmie-Lou no matter what all the problems he has to face. The characters of Emmie-Lou, the Mexican bandit men are known as El Captain and the group of savage Indians are simply great in this story which gives us the temptation to read on and on.

Death in Gold

The Death in Gold is one of the greatest creations of John Harvey which has always been able to attract the readers in a great manner.

This story is about Whitey who had thrown the bottle and fell on his right side. Then we see that Whitney happens to hear the roar of the gun in the confined location of the cantina. He just pushed himself and banged on one of the tables. After this, we see that the Mexican has been shot on his crotch. Later we find that the Mexican is severely injured as there is blood coming out through his shirt and flowing over is a belt.

The writing style of John Harvey

The Herne the Hunter series is an amazing crime fiction series written by John Harvey. The locations and the scenes depicted in this series are very beautiful and catchy which gets the reader involved and makes him more and more curious about the next incident. The situations created in this series show the creativeness and ability of the writer to add events at the exact time.

John Harvey is one of the greatest crime fiction writers of England who had made a niche for himself by writing some of the most prolific and incredible crime fictions. The characters and incidents used by John Harvey leave a deep message on the hearts of the readers.

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